Wednesday, November 30, 2005

What happened to the party?

Saying for the Day: God made the world but its held together with duct tape.
-----Good night. Did my fifty losing spins just after I got up (back to losing early since I didn't do any better in the afternoon). That's 1750 spins without a hit. Boy am I on a roll. I did the December web site for United. It has a new look with snow and a new top ten list. The top ten reasons to go to church. Betty went to Tops and then to Iron River to get a prescription. I got the outdoor light problem solved and Betty finished it when she got home. I made the top of the first module for the train table . That leaves three more to go. Betty put out the lighted train display and it works. Both sets look okay. We might add a few more lights. Betty changed a lightbulb in the computer room. I started pulling together the storage boxes to put upstairs until after Christmas. I called the Bible Camp to see if the workshop I was supposed to teach at on Friday was still on. The camp didn't know anything about it. I wonder what happened to the party. I had a great lecture ready too. Now I've gone and lost an entire workshop. How many people can make that claim? Well I really need a breathing treatment and some antacid .
God Bless You All

Tuesday, November 29, 2005

But the light didn't shine !!

Saying for the day: A man without duct tape is like a fish without water.
-----Good night. In the morning Betty brought down everything for the outside Christmas (not holiday) display. I opened the new manger scene , the big lights, and the little trees. We then got everything ready to go out. After lunch we took the recycle material up to the city hall, went to the Post Office, brought clothes to St. Vincent De Paul, and went to Slivensky's for some power cords.Coming home I did my fifty losing spins on That's 1700 spins without a hit. I wonder what the world record is. Then Betty started putting out the display. The six little lighted trees went along the sidewalk. On the same side she put the wisemen. On the other side she put the manger scene. I worked at getting the spiral trees set up and she put those around the manger scene. She tried putting the big lights on the porch railing but that didn't work so she ended up putting them along the other side of the sidewalk. She then tried to get some power to the trees but the light cover wouldn't come off so we left it until tomorrow. I programmed the timers that everything will be plugged into and they seem to work. Well we are about two thirds done but nothing is lit yet. I need a breathing treatment.

Monday, November 28, 2005

So much to do.So little time.

Saying for the day: Feeling dirty ? Wrap yourself in duct tape and peel the dirt away.
--------Good night. Did my fifty losing spins at That's 1650 without a hit. I see the Packers pulled another defeat out of the jaws of victory. I think I'll invite the entire team to my losers party. We can play drop the football(Maybe I'll invite the Lions too or at least their former coach.). Mail came with another load of catalogues. I went to the church to get my picture taken as part of the giving of the last of the bookstore money to a group that helps people in Iron County who don't have medical insurance. Saw some old friends including Father Gondeck. Betty went grocery shopping. It was so foggy that when I came out of the church I could hardly see the car. Spent all afternoon sorting stuff from the closet. Some we kept, some went to St. Vincent De Paul, and the rest we threw away. It was hard for Betty to make decisions on things but we did end up with two bags for St. Vincent and two bags of garbage. I ordered some wood from Crystal Lumber so I can start building a modular train table. I canceled the GM card as we aren't planning on buying any more new cars. We are hoping for a break in the weather in the morning so we can get the Christmas decorations out. It rained all day today. We have so many things to do and so little time left before Christmas. We have decided to invite the kids home this Christmas or the day after, whichever works best for them. We'll talk to Peter about going there for New Years. Well I need a breathing treatment.

Sunday, November 27, 2005

Paint and ???????

Saying for the Day: Jesus said to his disciples:(Be watchful! Be alert! )Mark 13:33
-----Good night.Did my fifty losing spins in the morning. That's 1600 now. Ah but tomorrow it will hit or perhaps the day after. Betty and I moved furniture in the train room and then she painted for most of the day. The painting is done. I took and cleaned off the dining room table which my son Pat says is always a mess. Then I put the table down (It slides into the cabinet). If it's not there it can't get messy. Dawn called to check on me. We looked for an e-mail from Chris saying she got home okay but we didn't get one. We are getting things ready to put up the Christmas tree. I moved the outdoor things to the hall way so if we get a half decent day we can put them out. We are giving some thought to how to move furniture in the living room to put in a tree. We have one too many chairs. We watched pieces of the Packer game which was not over when I wrote this blog. I need a breathing treatment.

Saturday, November 26, 2005

Home again Home again Jiggity Jog

Saying for the day: It used to be that a man's best friend was his dog but now a man's best friend is his duct tape. Contributed by Lori
-----Good night. Did my fifty losing spins (the last of the losing spins in Green Bay).Now I'm up to 1550. Sent a letter to Dr. Niemi and had a little trouble with my laptop so may have sent him five or six of the same letter. Betty packed the car and we have so much stuff that it took about an hour and a half. We went to breakfast with the family which was one of the bright spots of the whole trip. I have a wonderful family and everybody including my sister Chris was there. Only Pat and family couldn't come but they were missed. The conversation and remembrances were just great. I do want to say one other thing about the time in Green Bay. When we went shopping on the day after Thanksgiving we found people to be very polite and helpful. Even when standing in a long line in JoAnne's nobody pushed or cut in and everybody just seemed willing to wait to get out. At other stores people rushed to help me get through the door with my walker. These were not holiday crowds as one reads of them in other places where they trample people. Its good to know there are good, kind, people in this world. At the motel some young men helped Betty bring in my oxygen tanks and other equipment and wouldn't take the money she tried to give them for the help. After breakfast I drove back to Crystal. This is the first time since I was in the hospital in Marquette when I have driven that far. Arriving home we found packages and a pile of mail including a foot of catalogues.After working through the mail Betty took a short nap. We went to Saturday night service, good sermon. Sent an e-mail to Dr. Braaten and got a response. Well I need a breathing treatment.

Friday, November 25, 2005

Shop Shop Shop but not Shopko

Saying for the Day:If your relative won't shut up this holiday use duct tape.
------Had a good night last night.Did my fifty spins at I.won and of course(as if I have to tell you) I lost again. That's 1500 spins without a hit. Didn't do well on the pick seven either. Oh well there is always tomorrow.Betty and I and my daughter went shopping. We started at Jo Anne Fabrics. It was crowded beyond belief. We had to stand in a long line to check out. Next year if I decide to go shopping the day after Thanksgiving I told Betty to hit me with a stick.Then we went to Michael's where we spent far too much but we got $40 off. From there to a furniture store which didn't have what we wanted. Then to super Wal Mart and bought only one thing. We finished at Hobby Town where we got some track for Peter. We then went and ate leftovers at Peter's.Betty , Pennie, and Bree went back to the shopping battles. Peter , Luke, and I played with the trains, watched television, and fooled on the computer. About 7:00 Peter began to worry because the women hadn't returned but I told him that they were women shopping and we'd be lucky if they got back before midnight. At 7:30 Peter went to get Lori who had been painting walls at her mother's all day (safe from the shopping virus). Soon after two tired women and one tired girl dragged in. We waited for Peter to return and then went back to the motel. We all agreed to meet at Perkins at 8:30 in the morning. Well I need a breathing treatment.

Thursday, November 24, 2005


Saying for the Day: Nothing keeps stuffing in the turkey better than duct tape.
------Rough nite on strange bed.Got up with backache. Did my fifty spins on This proves that I can lose in Green Bay as well as in Crystal Falls.Now I'm up to 1450 spins without a win. Betty and I stopped at Big Lots and bought too much. Then we went to Peter's and found Chris and George already there. Peter had set up his early Christmas gift on a table in the living room and we played with that for a while. Then everbody except Lori (She was cooking} went through the paper for tomorrow's sales.We had a great dinner and everybody ate too much. After dinner the women played cards and the men ran trains and fooled with the laptops. We went back to the motel around 5:00. The grandkids and Peter and Lori came to swim. I worked on this blog. All in all a very good day. Well I need a breathing treatment.

Wednesday, November 23, 2005

And Away we Go

Saying for the Day: Tell Harry Potter we muggles don't need magic we have duct tape!
------2 night. Well I did my fifty spins at with the usual and expected results. That's 1400 losing spins. I may be moving toward some sort of world losers record. There is a funny side to this . When I finnish the spinning I go to's monthly prize drawing and if you have entered all the contests it spells out in great big letters TURKEY. Of course it could be for Thanksgiving but it could also describe the player. Well this turkey will keep trying. There may be no blogs till Saturday as we leave for Green Bay today. I put Sunday's bulletin on the church web page. Sent out some Thanksgiving internet cards. I am a bit afraid of this trip as I got so sick on the last one but am excited about seeing my kids and grandkids.Well we got to Green Bay after almost not making it up the hill next to the house. The road was good the rest of the way. We checked in at the Best Western Motel. It doesn't have an elevator but when the clerk saw my walker she made sure we got a room on the first floor. Then we went to New Hobies and shoped. After that on to Peter's where we gave them an early Christmas gift.Then Peter set up my laptop for the internet so I could do this blog. Well I need to go back to the motel for a breathing treatment.

Tuesday, November 22, 2005

Losing Leaving and Duct Tape

Saying for the Day: All a good repair man needs is a hammer, a wrench, and lots and lots of duct tape.
------2 night. I did my fifty spins at That's 1350 now without a hit. So why do you keep trying you may ask.(And why wouldn't you) For the same reason the rest of the losers buy lottery tickets. Just because once , just once, we might really hit it. Its the we might that keeps us losers going. At least I only play the lotteries and the slots that cost nothing. I lose but only time and at 6:00 in the morning I have lots of that. I need more suggestions of games for the losers party as well as some more names of great losers. We discovered we left the bag with the cherry chocolates, fresh bread, and breakfast toast at Wal Mart. Called them and they said we should stop in and they will give us a refund. If you haven't looked at United's web page for a while you are missing our new feature, a top ten list. Called the church office to get it put in the bulletin. It now lists the top ten cults in Crystal Falls. Betty wrote out some Thanksgiving cards and took them to the Post Office. I upgraded my personal diatribes page with a new diatribe (might even be worth reading). Betty and I finished up the Christmas train and tested it. Then we wrapped an early Christmas gift for Peter and Lori. We will bring it down on Thanksgiving. We went back to the train room and moved things around so we can finally get that last wall painted. A weather alert was issued for Wednesday night and all day Thursday so we changed plans and decided to drive to Green Bay tomorrow. I called the motel and extended our reservation. Then we called Dawn so she won't go ballistic when she calls tomorrow and can't find us.Betty set about cooking the pies that we are taking to peters. I fooled around on the computer and did the top ten list for United which I will post next week. Well I need a breathing treatment.

Monday, November 21, 2005

Watch out for him whose name can not be mentioned.

Saying for the day: If it ain't broke don't duct tape it. (somebody's grandfather)
----2(very good) night. Will be putting duct tape sayings all this week if you have one send it to me. I did my 50 losing spins at named web site on the net), that's 1300 spins without a win. I also enter their lottery every day and have never gotten more than two right. Oh well, the losers party is shaping up. I think we will play backward Jeopardy where you only get credit for wrong answers. Got E-mail today from both Les Niemi and the Bishop. I have been corresponding concerning the state of the ELCA. Theology these days is a tough business and one looks for allies wherever you can find them. I recommend the blog that is number 7 on my list of good places on the web
That pastor not only shares her insights into the theological problems facing the ELCA as it slides into the morass of liberal Protestantism and ceases to be Lutheran but points you to others as well.
Just as I thought the day was all planned out Betty said "Let's go see Harry Potter". So right after lunch we jumped in the car and drove to Iron Mountain. The web said the movie started at 2:00 but when we got there we discovered that was only on Saturday and Sunday. So we had to kill time until 5:15 when it started. We made the mistake of going to Walmart where Betty suddenly decided we needed a new outside manger scene. We can not go into Walmart without spending money. She also bought a hat. Well Harry Potter was great. Loved the entire picture.
I hope they make another one I want to see the dark Lord get his. At least then the good guys would win sometime. In the ELCA that doesn't seem to happen very often. Perhaps someday the Confessional Scriptural people will TAKE BACK THE CHURCH but don't count on it.When we got home we discovered my sister was going balastic trying to get hold of us. She even called Peter. When she made her daily call and we didn't answer she began to worry that I might be back in the hospital.Well I called her and told her everything was fine.Well I need a breathing treatment.

Sunday, November 20, 2005

Here comes the Dawn

Saying for the Day: Better to have tried and lost than never to try at all.(Bunk)
-----4 night or maybe 3. I started the day by trying to get the source of a quote I sent to Pastor Niemi who sent it to Bishop Skrenes. Then I did my fifty losing spins on Am now up to 1250 spins without a win. Another loser that comes to mind is Richard Nixon he won a second term only to go down in disgrace. Come on send me some losers. Read the comment on yesterday's blog from my daughter. What a nice thing to say. We spent a good part of the morning breaking down boxes so they can go for recycling. I am becoming a master at boxology (the science of breaking down boxes). So if you know anyone who wants to hire a boxologist I am available-part time. Betty went grocery shopping. We do have to eat you know. I found the baptism pictures and added them to the church web page. They turned out very well I might add.We went back to trying to get the train room ready so we can paint the last wall. Just as we were making good progress along comes Dawn and Paul. They brought Christmas gifts to bring to Chris and George at Thanksgiving. They also brought some little dogs and animals for the train layout. She sure is one nice sister. Then we went to Fob's for super. Dawn told us a joke she heard from Andrew which was sort of funny. We did a little remembering. Dawn said she can't remember me having a train. I had a train set up that ran the length of the house in the upstairs closet off of her bedroom. Strange how we remember some things and not others. Well I need a breathing treatment.

Saturday, November 19, 2005

Music Music Music

Saying for the Day:When I was a kid I...........
------2 night I did my fifty losing spins at That makes 1200. I really have to work on that losers party. I wonder if I should compile a list of the great losers of history. It could even be the start of a new blog called something like "Losers Lists" or "Really great losers" . Send me your nominations for the list and I might start such a blog. Lets see we could have Adolph Hitler, Tom Dewey, Bishop Hansen to start us off. I worked on updating web pages . I found the bulletin for this weekend and got that out to the church web page. Now I have to find where the secretary put the baptism pictures. While I work on this blog I have music playing in the background from a web radio station. It's kind of nice. I added Spanglish to my Netflix list. It is a movie that my son Patrick really likes at least he says he does on his blog. Betty painted the railroad cars with clear flat paint. I set up a new blog called Ten Good Blogs .
It has places on the web that I like to go to and I invite you to go as well. I think Peter would really like number 10. We listened to Forest Park win and now it goes to the state championship game. It overwhelmed its opponent . We also watched the PBS train program which is always interesting. I decided that it was still too soon for me to go to church and run the risk of catching something that would keep me from going to Green Bay on Thanksgiving. Betty thinks she might go tomorrow. Dawn called to say she is still coming tommorow and wants to take us out to super. Because we didn't go to church I found some Christian music webcasts to listen to. Most of them have too much drum. I longed for some simple hymns. I received a copy of Dr. Braaten's letter to Bishop Hansen from Bishop Andersen and shared it with several other pastors. I listened to Prairie Home Companion on my computer. Betty remembered two more people she wanted to get Christmas gifts for so I ordered them for her off the web. I hope that is the real end. Well I need a breathing treatment.

Friday, November 18, 2005

My kingdom for a title

Saying for the day: Stop licking your chicken.Lori Linna
------2 night last night. If you want to understand the quote above your need to go to my son Peter's blog
I did my fifty losing spins on thats 1150 without a win. Get those suggestions in for my big losers party. This morning I listened to music videos in Russian, Korean, and Italian. It was a different experiece. Then I added a new diatribe to personal diatribes. I then went bloging through Lutheran blogs which was a great experience. Lutherans are such a varied lot. One of the blogs decribed a new book on the problems of children in a divorce and I may get a copy. If your looking for a fun blog goto . It offers fun doctor's degrees and a chance to help a good cause. I just love the questions and answers section. If you go there make sure you click on the pictures. Betty painted some of the fine detail on the railroad cars.In the afternoon Betty and I went through four storage bins of clothes and decided to give a lot of them to St. Vincent De Paul. That took a lot of time and it was hard to let go of some even though we know we'll never wear them again. I warched some old Abbott and Costello shows on the web tv. I still haven't decided if I am going to pay the $20 and get a year's worth or not. In any case I have ninteen more free days to use. I did a little cleaning up of the study ( I know we did that a couple of weeks ago but it keeps collecting junk). Dawn called and said she is coming on Sunday.
I am hoping to be healthy on Thanksgiving so I can enjoy the time in Green Bay. I am so tired of being stuck in the house but with my lungs I am afraid to go out in the cold. Well I need a breathing treatment.

Thursday, November 17, 2005

Another day Lost

Saying for the Day:Grandma Fannie "There is something fishy about this and it sure isn't the lutefisk".
------2 night. Well I did my 50 spins at and lost . That's 1100 now. The losers party is starting to shape up but I still need suggestions as to whom I should invite and what losing games to play. I was thinking of "miss the bottle with the cloths pins. The one missing the bottle with the most pins wins. " While I was waiting for Betty to get up I went to a blog of a Lutheran Seminarian. He and I are on different sides in politics and some social issues but we have two things in common. We both love Christ. And we both are concerned about the poor. In a couple of months we will have a third thing in common we will both have been to Nicaragua. I pray his experience there will be as helpful as mine was. I also went to a blog of "beer drinking Lutherans" . From there I went to a blog of brewery and heard some beer drinking songs including " the Lutefisk Song in Norwegian and a horrible rendition of " Swing low Sweet Chariot" sung in an Irish bar. If you want to hear them goto
and click on the record.Betty went to Bible study. The city plowed in our driveway so she had to call someone to come and get her. I continued to look at video on the Pc. Well I only have a 21 day free trial. I discovered you can get the same video without the program but the advantage of the program is that all 800 channels are in one place. I still haven't decided if I want to buy it or not. If you want to see a Finnish newscast (and who doesn't) you can goto
For a general Finnish program goto
Our sidewalk is full of snow again and our arch for flowers has collapsed. The mail lady fought her way through to bring us the mail. We got our Netflix copy of "Batman Begins" and watched it this afternoon. It was dark and dumb. It might have been better on a big screen but on our television it was really hard to follow.Publishers Clearing House called and tried to convince me I was one of the top finalists in fact the top finalist in Michigan . I was entitled to a free watch and free subscriptions and a two day vacation. All I needed was to sign up for US NEWS and world report. I didn't so I guess I'm still a loser. I thought they weren't allowed to make claims like that and require a purchase. Of course I can't prove what the man said but I'm willing to bet I'm not the only top prize winner in Michigan. Same old scan in brand new clothes. Well I need a breathing treatment.

Wednesday, November 16, 2005

Snow and more Snow

Saying for the Day:And most of all ..... Mum taught me THE CIRCLE OF LIFE:"I brought you into this world-and I can take you out."
------5 night. Got up looked out the window and our main tree had its branches down to the ground ,held down by heavy snow. Went on to discover that part of the town was without power. Dawn called too see how we were handling the storm. Betty's Top's got canceled. There is no way we were leaving the house today. I did my 50 morning losing spins on that's 1050 without a win. Let's get those suggestion for a losers party in. The way things are going I might invite President Bush who seems to be on a losing streak. I found a new internet thing that gives you 800 channels of worldwide TV on your computer for $19.99 a year. I took a 21 day free trial and looked at Finnish Television, Russian Television, British Television,Australian television and various American Religious channels. It was very interesting. If you want to try it the address is . We hired somebody to shovel our walk and plow our driveway. There sure is a lot of snow for just one nights worth. All those deer hunters were praying for snow and they got more than they wanted. You have to be careful what you pray for you might get it. WE had a yard man for a grass , do we now have a snow man for shoveling ? Or is he a plow man? Betty painted railroad cars much of the day. I spent a lot of time sorting VHS tapes. I also watched a lot of world television . I discovered the big item on BBC news today was the ban on hunting with dogs. It has all the fancy hunters up in arms and they are going to court to try to stop it. I watched a Finnish news broadcast but they only word I understood was the Finnish word for milk. Still it was interesting. I enjoyed seeing things around the world. Well I need a breathing treatment.

Tuesday, November 15, 2005

Just another Day

Saying for the Day: Mum taught me how to solve PHYSICS PROBLEMS: "If I yelled because I saw a meteor coming toward you, would you listen then?"
------Had a 3 night. Did my fifty losing spins at .That makes 1000. I am beginning to plan a losers party. If you have any suggestions on what to do at such a party please let me know. Of course we could all swap losers stories. I did win, once, a stuffed Santa Claus. My grandmother won a riding lawn mower and she had a lawn the size of a postage stamp. I think these may be examples of losing by winning.Betty and I continued to work on the train cars .She tried catching up on the laundry. I worked on the new web page and began the process of transferring the website to a new server. I also got out some mail which Betty took to the Post Office. I added some new thoughts to Personal Diatribes that's at . All of this was somewhat religious in nature but not designed to make people like me. I found a blog that lists blogs made by Lutherans and read some interesting blogs.The list is at Lutherans certainly are a varied lot as are people who write blogs. Dawn called and she is back from California. I hope to see her before Thanksgiving because I need her to take some VHS tapes home for someone to pick up there. I sent a list of five more VHs tapes to my kids . If I don't hear from them they go to Freecycle. Betty spent part of the afternoon watching "The Sixth Sense". Well I need a breathing treatment.

Monday, November 14, 2005

Food Food Food

Saying for the Day: Mum taught me about ENVY: "There are millions of less fortunate children in this world who don't have wonderful parents like you do!"
------Pretty Good Nighht last night (4) I did my 50 spins without a win. That's 950 now. One more day and I make a thousand. Maybe I'll have a losers party. Who should I invite ? Betty did laundry . She still isn't feeling good. I upgraded my Personal Diatribes blog. We both have colds and she thinks I should go to the doctor. But doctors can't cure colds. My oxygen level is well into the normal range so I'm guessing there is no pneumonia. I entered into an e-mail discussion about God and bad events. Betty went grocery shopping and brought home food, wonderful food, real food. We have enough now for a week. Betty felt punk all day and after shopping mostly rested. I continued to work on my new website. It was an even duller than usual day.

Sunday, November 13, 2005

Onward to the wall

Saying for the Day:Jesus loves me this I know!! Because the Bible tells me so.Sunday school song.
------Pretty good night last night 4( This is the scale on which nights are judged, 1.Wow 2.Very Good 3.Good 4.Pretty Good 5.Okay 6. Fair 7. Poor. 8. Bad 9. Very Bad 10. UGH )Betty spent the morning taping the screen in the train room for painting. I did my fifty losing spins at that makes 900 now without a win.Onward and upward. Every day I push 100 points to try to win that day's ten thousand but I never win that either. Got an E-mail from Pam on a nice cruise but it was headed "For Georgia residents".Read Loris blog and let her know we would bring a pie for Thanksgiving. Cleaned out a pile of catalogues from the bathroom. Betty painted the screen. She starts on the last wall tomorrow. I sent an e-mail to my kids telling five of the tapes were getting rid of to see if they want them before I put them on free-cycle. I have had no responses to my attempt to give away 35 used but reusable VHS tapes. I guess everyone has gone to DVD. In the afternoon we watched the Packers and put transfers on Railroad Cars. . They are looking pretty good. We have, of course, lost the instructions for the decal pack . We guessed and went ahead, anyway.Neither of us has felt up to going out so were running out of groceries. Well Betty will go tomorrow. Used no oxygen today and the oxygen level in the blood was good every time I tested it.Well I need a breathing treatment.

Saturday, November 12, 2005

Three Walls Done

Saying for the Day: Mum taught me about BEHAVIOR MODIFICATION: "Stop acting like your father!"
------Good night. Breathing better this morning. Oxygen level almost back to normal. Will cut the oxygen to 1/2 liter tonight.Did my fifty losing spins at I That's 850 without a hit. I will make a thousand yet. Got my new website up and running but am still making last minute changes. Tried to find the bulletin for tomorrow but failed. I have no idea where they put it in the computer. Betty painted all morning and now three walls of the train room are done. she still feels kind of punk. We decided not to go to church tonight . Watched the PBS trains show which is always interesting. Am starting to sort the old comercial VHS tapes to see if my children want any of them, other wise they go to free cycle. Mail brought an armload of catalogues and some more trestles. I am beginning to feel like the lady in the Greatest Fourth Of July who got all those wash rags. The house feels cold.Betty brought the electric heater to the living room. I guess its cheaper to keep a small spot warm than to raise the whole house 2 or 3 degrees. I put the non-commercial VHS tapes up on freestyle tonight. I hope somebody can use them. I hate to send them to the dump since they are all usable but they take up space.Well I need a breathing treatment.

Friday, November 11, 2005

Trains and other Marvels

Saying for the Day: Mum taught me about STAMINA:"You'll sit there until all that spinach is finished."
-------Good night last night.. Felt better this morning and breathing was better. I did my morning spins on .Thats 800 without a win.Continued to work at setting up new web page.Then I transfered more VHS tapes to DVD inculding " The Adventures of the Masked Marvel" That's three hours long and is an old movie serial. Betty went back to getting the train room ready to paint. Another Lionel Engine came from UPS. The yard man came and cleaned up the leaves (gee we have a yard man).I made some more transfers for the train cars.The DVD machine broke down.This is the second time. I guess the Masked Marvel was too much for it. Betty painted another wall except for the window.Life is returning to really dull. I didn't need any oxygen today , so that was good. It was Veteran's day so no mail. That means no new catalogues.Lots of junk telephone calls , all trying to sell something. Its even worse now because the voice you get is recorded and pays no attention to you. Well I can hang up and I do. Betty tends to listen but even her patience is running down. Well I need a breathing treatment.

Thursday, November 10, 2005

Paint and Paint but not a wall

Saying for the Day:"If you fall out of that tree and break both of your legs, don't come running to me':Fannie Leppiaho
------Didn't sleep well last night. No one thing but lots of little things like an itchy nose and no way to scratch it under the mask. Went to this morning and did my fifty that is now 750 spins without a win.(I forgot to mention yesterday's losses) My PCH loto attempts have gotten me only two right at most. I am not lucky. I transfered the two Holy Spirit conference VHs tapes to DVD in the morning. Betty went back to painting railroad cars. I ordered two more Christmas gifts off the net. I really think were done. Holmes came and picked up our cardboard for recycling and old catalogues (the shiny kind). Betty's ELCW speaker for tonight is sick so there goes the program. Betty is looking better. I started getting a place to host my new website. It is shaping up nicely. I feel better today but not really back full and the breathing has not rebounded to the old level. I took oxygen for 10 minutes in the afternoon. Betty went out into the cold to do a little grocery shopping. Now she has gone to ELCW but hasn't the slightest idea what they will do there. I will have to wait till she gets back to get a breathing treatment.

Wednesday, November 09, 2005

Again a little better

Saying for the Day: Mum taught me about CONTORTIONISM: "Will you look at the dirt on the back of your neck!"
-------Fairly good night last night. My stomach is still acting up but not as bad and my breathing is a little better. Betty, however, has caught some kind of bug. She did go to Tops but then spent most of the day in bed. I transfered A youth musical, five choir numbers, and an adult Christmas program to DVD . that took all morning and part of the afternoon. I took oxygen twice. I worked on updating the church web site and added last sunday's bulletin which was overlooked when I felt horrible. I then worked on my new web project. Betty tried cleaning the drain that is stopped up downstairs with no luck. Got a nice card from Lori which reminded me of when we went to Florida and our suitcase broke.( Really this makes sense) The new Model Railroader came today with lots of good articles. One on DCC really interests me.Well I need a breathing treatment.

Tuesday, November 08, 2005

Better but Not Well

Saying for the Day: Mum taught me about the science of OSMOSIS: "Shut your mouth and eat your supper!"
-------Very good night last night. Was able to eat something today and breathing is a little better but I had to take oxygen twice. I spent most of the day on the computer including my fifty spins at I'm at 650 spins without a win. Betty spent the day cleaning the train room and getting it ready to paint the remaining two walls. Pat Bjork stopped in and said Ed was doing better. I transfered "Holy is the Lamb" from VHS to DVD. Betty is not feeling well either. Peter called to check up on me. This is a short blog because it was a do nothing kind of day. Well I need a breathing treatment.

Monday, November 07, 2005

Oxygen and more Oxygen

Saying for the day: Mum taught me IRONY: "Keep laughing and I'll give you something to cry about."
------Good night last night.I slept till 7:00. In the morning Betty went and picked up the mail and some sport drinks. We spent a long time opening packages that came while we were away.We now have more O scale trestles than we can ever use. It was also catalogue day. we must be on a list because we got new catalogues from companies we have never heard of. Betty and I took a nap in the afternoon which gave me a chance to use the breathing mask and take some oxygen. Because of the stomach gas I'm having trouble breathing so I used the mask several times during the day. The stomach was much better today but is still not well so I only took fruit juice and sports drink all day. The Holmes came and brought us a package that was left by UPS. We cut up empty boxes. Betty has gone to Bible study. Peter called to check up on me. Its nice to know that people care about you. Well I am going to take some oxygen.

Sunday, November 06, 2005

Home again

Saying for the Day:I can not believe in Jesus or come to Him on my own but the Holy Spirit calls me through the gospel. Martin Luther
------Had a good night but I wasn't much better this morning. Pat and the boys came to take us to church but I was too sick to go. So they went to church and I put the breathing mask back on and went to sleep. Betty said the preacher was a very good preacher and the servicve was very good. We packed all of our stuff into Pat's van and Pat drove us to his house where we moved everything to our car. WE said goodby to the boys and Pat and drove to Green Bay. There we left off the computer we brought down for Pennie. Then we drove home. If I feel this bad in the morning we will go to the emergency room and see if they can find out what is wrong. Well I need a breathing treatment.

Saturday, November 05, 2005

Bad night Bad DAy Bad Bad

Saying for the Day:If you think things can't get worse, they can. Murphy's Law 57
--------Had a very bad night the motel had horrible beds.Left from the motel for Pat's and got there without too much trouble. Then the problem started my stomach began to cramp and I had a really hard time breathing. So after Betty , Pat and The Boys went out and ate I had Pat take us back to the motel. I put on the breathing mask . upped the oxygen to 1 and went to sleep. Betty , Pat, and the boys went down to the pool and swam for two hours. I woke up to say good by to them and then put the mask back on and went back to sleep. It was a bad day all around. This blog was wriiten on Sunday as I was to sick to write on Saturday.

Friday, November 04, 2005

Here we Go!

Saying for the Day: If anything can go wrong it will. Murphy's law
-----Good night last nightbut woke at 5:00 and got up at 5:55 as I had to go to the bathroom (which is probaly more than you want to know). As I write this we are getting ready to go to Madison. Murphy's law is in full force. It looks like the blow up bed has been snagged and has a hole in it and we can't find the patches We are taking so much stuff it looks like half of Crystal Falls to be packed in our sort of small vehicle (How I miss the Montanna). We are taking a computer to Pennie, a computer to Pat's boys, two monitors, two suitcases a breathing machine, two oxygen tanks, a cpap machine, and who knows what else. Betty doesn't like the route the computer gave us. I probably won't blog again until we get back. If you need something to read, read my other blog "Personal Diatribes" . there is a link to it on this blog.
Well we drove down through Green Bay . We stopped at Iron Mountain for breakfast at the Great Northern Steakhouse and since we started late we got there ten minutes before they quit serving breakfast. Betty drove to below Oshcosh and then when we got gas I drove. While Betty was driving I watched the Silver Chair from the Chronicles of Narnia.We got to the motel without incident.We unpacked and left for Pat's it was v ery dark and of course we got lost. We drove past his house twice. The kids were happy to see us. We took Pat and family out for supper. Well its back to the motel for a breathing treatment.

Thursday, November 03, 2005

The leaves on the tree mock me

Saying for the Day: Mum taught me LOGIC: "Because I said so, that's why."
------Didn't sleep well last night. Oxygen level down slightly again this morning. If it goes up while I am in Madison I may turn off the air purifier when I come back and see if its causing the change. Did my 50 losing spins at that makes 550 on my way to a thousand. Betty had the train room ready for painting. I helped by taping window screens. Betty painted all afternoon and got two walls done, a very nice blue. I picked up the mail. I transferred the St Urho tape to DVD along with a Finnish Heritage program. I began working on a new web site that I will start up in a couple of weeks. The leaves are for the most part still on the trees in the yard. Only about one third have fallen. Next week the man is coming to rake them and if they don't fall pretty soon he'll have to do it again next spring. I keep watching out the window and every once in a while one falls. The dang leaves seem to be mocking me and saying we are going to stay here for a couple of weeks and you can't do anything about it. You see what a strange imagination I have. well I need breathing treatment.
God Bless You All -GBYA

Wednesday, November 02, 2005

Oxygen Down Pool Empty

Saying for the Day:Mum taught me about TIME TRAVEL:"If you don't straighten up, I'm going to knock you into the middle of next week!"-
-----Good night last night but again I woke at 5:00. When will my body learn that time has changed? I started the day with my 50 lossing spins at that makes over 500 losing spins.I think I'll try for a thousand. Betty painted a clear coat on the Christmas cars and they are finished. This was Betty's Tops day so she spent the morning getting ready and then went to TOPS. I checked the map for the driving to Madison on Friday. We still haven't decided which way to go. Dawn called and just sort of checked in. I checked my oxysgen level and it was down a bit again. I sure hope its not the new air cleaning machine and is just the weather. Betty drained the water from the outdoor pools and brought in the pumps. I feel so inadequate when she does all the real work. Then she continued moving things in the train room. I saw my grandsons Christmas want list and the gifts we bought them don't match. I hope they are good actors and will pretend to be happy with our gifts. I transfered three old VHS tapes to a DVD and the pile that needs transfering gets smaller. Well I need a breathing treatment.

Tuesday, November 01, 2005

Another day of losses

Saying for the Day: Mum taught me RELIGION: "You'd better pray that will come out of the carpet."
-------Good night but I woke up at 5:00 again. My body just does not understand that the time has changed. Took my breathing treatment early and watched the Christmas train go round . That was nice. Did my fifty losing spins at suppose I will never win but hope springs eternal. Then I went to E-bay where with fifteen minutes left I was winning with a $2.25 on and engine worth at least $100. The seller then canceled the auction because he said he forgot to put a reserve price on the train. I think he panicked when he saw I was going to get his train for $2.25 .In any case I lost a good deal. I got the results of yesterday's publisher clearing house lotto entries. I had seven entries and got one number right. So the day started. I transferred our 25 anniversary tape from VHS to DVD .It was a kind of sad experience since many of the people we saw on the tape have passed away. Betty wrapped gifts until she ran out of wrapping paper. We unpacked the Christmas decoration for outside that came yesterday. I transferred MY citizen of the year tape from VHS to DVD. The picture was very dark but you could hear all the jokes. Betty went upstairs to the attic and got some more wrapping paper. Almost everything is wrapped and out of the train room so we should be able to paint this week Thursday. The last VHS I transferred was of a church musical called " Singing the Red White and Blue". My daughter stared in it and Pastor Johnson directed it. It was interesting because many of the kids in the choir are now active members of United. Well I need a breathing treatment.