Friday, November 11, 2005

Trains and other Marvels

Saying for the Day: Mum taught me about STAMINA:"You'll sit there until all that spinach is finished."
-------Good night last night.. Felt better this morning and breathing was better. I did my morning spins on .Thats 800 without a win.Continued to work at setting up new web page.Then I transfered more VHS tapes to DVD inculding " The Adventures of the Masked Marvel" That's three hours long and is an old movie serial. Betty went back to getting the train room ready to paint. Another Lionel Engine came from UPS. The yard man came and cleaned up the leaves (gee we have a yard man).I made some more transfers for the train cars.The DVD machine broke down.This is the second time. I guess the Masked Marvel was too much for it. Betty painted another wall except for the window.Life is returning to really dull. I didn't need any oxygen today , so that was good. It was Veteran's day so no mail. That means no new catalogues.Lots of junk telephone calls , all trying to sell something. Its even worse now because the voice you get is recorded and pays no attention to you. Well I can hang up and I do. Betty tends to listen but even her patience is running down. Well I need a breathing treatment.


Anonymous Terry Langenberg said...

Dear Dr. John,
Grandma Fannie would once tell us, "There is something fishy about this and it sure isn't the lutefisk". We couldn't get away with much around her!! I think we have discovered our need for oxygen, or at least fresh air, if you remember our lab Chloe. We've traced it to the new "Cheese Pups" treats from WalMart. They look like those styrofoam packaging popcorns, only yellow and supposedly with a cheese flavor. I'm not brave enough to taste one so I'll take the manufacturer's word for it. After all, if I tried one, my wife Chris might be the one looking for oxygen or fresh air!! Glad to hear that you had a better night. Will watch for future reports.

7:54 PM  
Blogger Patrick said...

Very glad to here you did not need to take oxygen sounds like what ever was causing the stumack issues has gone away . Lutefisk I dont like lutefisk had some a while back and it did not taste like anything.


10:53 PM  
Blogger Sister Chris said...

we have a yard man too--his name is George, but he hasn't been by in awhile. he must be waiting for the wind to blow all the leaves away so he won't have to rake or mow them. But I've told him he still has to get his fall chores done before the snow flies--put the grill and the swing in the garage, but I don't know if he hears me. I'm glad you are feeling better, and Betty too.
Are we eating in or out???

7:37 AM  

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