Thursday, November 10, 2005

Paint and Paint but not a wall

Saying for the Day:"If you fall out of that tree and break both of your legs, don't come running to me':Fannie Leppiaho
------Didn't sleep well last night. No one thing but lots of little things like an itchy nose and no way to scratch it under the mask. Went to this morning and did my fifty that is now 750 spins without a win.(I forgot to mention yesterday's losses) My PCH loto attempts have gotten me only two right at most. I am not lucky. I transfered the two Holy Spirit conference VHs tapes to DVD in the morning. Betty went back to painting railroad cars. I ordered two more Christmas gifts off the net. I really think were done. Holmes came and picked up our cardboard for recycling and old catalogues (the shiny kind). Betty's ELCW speaker for tonight is sick so there goes the program. Betty is looking better. I started getting a place to host my new website. It is shaping up nicely. I feel better today but not really back full and the breathing has not rebounded to the old level. I took oxygen for 10 minutes in the afternoon. Betty went out into the cold to do a little grocery shopping. Now she has gone to ELCW but hasn't the slightest idea what they will do there. I will have to wait till she gets back to get a breathing treatment.


Blogger Sister Chris said...

I'm glad you are feeling better, although it seems you had a bit of a rough night. I was worried about your, with Dawn gone to California and all. I am also glad Betty is feeling better. Sorry I haven't posted in awhile, but I did get a second job and have been very busy-i have to do my laundry that has been piling up for two weeks tomorrow and go to a funeral--one of my good friends husband was killed over the weekend--he was a truck driver and had a bad wreck. Please remember my friend--Betsy and her family in your prayers--thanks! See you all soon! (what night did you plan on playing Canasta??)
George and Chris

7:02 PM  
Blogger Peter said...

Noses only itch when you cannot scratch them.

7:20 PM  
Blogger Patrick said...

Is that like the car only makes that noise when it not at the shop? Or like when you have to fart in a very important meeting with all vip people there and no dog to blame it on? Or like the itch you get right in the middle of you back one you cant get with either hand and thers no back scratcher around? LOL

1:15 PM  

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