Monday, November 21, 2005

Watch out for him whose name can not be mentioned.

Saying for the day: If it ain't broke don't duct tape it. (somebody's grandfather)
----2(very good) night. Will be putting duct tape sayings all this week if you have one send it to me. I did my 50 losing spins at named web site on the net), that's 1300 spins without a win. I also enter their lottery every day and have never gotten more than two right. Oh well, the losers party is shaping up. I think we will play backward Jeopardy where you only get credit for wrong answers. Got E-mail today from both Les Niemi and the Bishop. I have been corresponding concerning the state of the ELCA. Theology these days is a tough business and one looks for allies wherever you can find them. I recommend the blog that is number 7 on my list of good places on the web
That pastor not only shares her insights into the theological problems facing the ELCA as it slides into the morass of liberal Protestantism and ceases to be Lutheran but points you to others as well.
Just as I thought the day was all planned out Betty said "Let's go see Harry Potter". So right after lunch we jumped in the car and drove to Iron Mountain. The web said the movie started at 2:00 but when we got there we discovered that was only on Saturday and Sunday. So we had to kill time until 5:15 when it started. We made the mistake of going to Walmart where Betty suddenly decided we needed a new outside manger scene. We can not go into Walmart without spending money. She also bought a hat. Well Harry Potter was great. Loved the entire picture.
I hope they make another one I want to see the dark Lord get his. At least then the good guys would win sometime. In the ELCA that doesn't seem to happen very often. Perhaps someday the Confessional Scriptural people will TAKE BACK THE CHURCH but don't count on it.When we got home we discovered my sister was going balastic trying to get hold of us. She even called Peter. When she made her daily call and we didn't answer she began to worry that I might be back in the hospital.Well I called her and told her everything was fine.Well I need a breathing treatment.


Blogger Pennie said...

Glad to here that you liked Harry Potter. I also loved it. Well I have to make this short as it is late.


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