Sunday, November 13, 2005

Onward to the wall

Saying for the Day:Jesus loves me this I know!! Because the Bible tells me so.Sunday school song.
------Pretty good night last night 4( This is the scale on which nights are judged, 1.Wow 2.Very Good 3.Good 4.Pretty Good 5.Okay 6. Fair 7. Poor. 8. Bad 9. Very Bad 10. UGH )Betty spent the morning taping the screen in the train room for painting. I did my fifty losing spins at that makes 900 now without a win.Onward and upward. Every day I push 100 points to try to win that day's ten thousand but I never win that either. Got an E-mail from Pam on a nice cruise but it was headed "For Georgia residents".Read Loris blog and let her know we would bring a pie for Thanksgiving. Cleaned out a pile of catalogues from the bathroom. Betty painted the screen. She starts on the last wall tomorrow. I sent an e-mail to my kids telling five of the tapes were getting rid of to see if they want them before I put them on free-cycle. I have had no responses to my attempt to give away 35 used but reusable VHS tapes. I guess everyone has gone to DVD. In the afternoon we watched the Packers and put transfers on Railroad Cars. . They are looking pretty good. We have, of course, lost the instructions for the decal pack . We guessed and went ahead, anyway.Neither of us has felt up to going out so were running out of groceries. Well Betty will go tomorrow. Used no oxygen today and the oxygen level in the blood was good every time I tested it.Well I need a breathing treatment.


Blogger Sister Chris said...

I also just posted a comment or two to Pete and Lori--I asked them to keep all the flyers/ads they get in the newpaper for the early morning shopping fenzy on Friday for us to look over when we get there. See you soon!! Chris and George

7:30 PM  

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