Friday, November 18, 2005

My kingdom for a title

Saying for the day: Stop licking your chicken.Lori Linna
------2 night last night. If you want to understand the quote above your need to go to my son Peter's blog
I did my fifty losing spins on thats 1150 without a win. Get those suggestions in for my big losers party. This morning I listened to music videos in Russian, Korean, and Italian. It was a different experiece. Then I added a new diatribe to personal diatribes. I then went bloging through Lutheran blogs which was a great experience. Lutherans are such a varied lot. One of the blogs decribed a new book on the problems of children in a divorce and I may get a copy. If your looking for a fun blog goto . It offers fun doctor's degrees and a chance to help a good cause. I just love the questions and answers section. If you go there make sure you click on the pictures. Betty painted some of the fine detail on the railroad cars.In the afternoon Betty and I went through four storage bins of clothes and decided to give a lot of them to St. Vincent De Paul. That took a lot of time and it was hard to let go of some even though we know we'll never wear them again. I warched some old Abbott and Costello shows on the web tv. I still haven't decided if I am going to pay the $20 and get a year's worth or not. In any case I have ninteen more free days to use. I did a little cleaning up of the study ( I know we did that a couple of weeks ago but it keeps collecting junk). Dawn called and said she is coming on Sunday.
I am hoping to be healthy on Thanksgiving so I can enjoy the time in Green Bay. I am so tired of being stuck in the house but with my lungs I am afraid to go out in the cold. Well I need a breathing treatment.


Blogger oldhall said...

To think- when I was a kid I ENJOYED that feeling of frozen air filling my lungs... born to laugh at tornados, indeed! Or, as Roxy Music says, "throw your precious gifts into the air. Watch them fall down- when you were young"

3:47 PM  

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