Sunday, November 20, 2005

Here comes the Dawn

Saying for the Day: Better to have tried and lost than never to try at all.(Bunk)
-----4 night or maybe 3. I started the day by trying to get the source of a quote I sent to Pastor Niemi who sent it to Bishop Skrenes. Then I did my fifty losing spins on Am now up to 1250 spins without a win. Another loser that comes to mind is Richard Nixon he won a second term only to go down in disgrace. Come on send me some losers. Read the comment on yesterday's blog from my daughter. What a nice thing to say. We spent a good part of the morning breaking down boxes so they can go for recycling. I am becoming a master at boxology (the science of breaking down boxes). So if you know anyone who wants to hire a boxologist I am available-part time. Betty went grocery shopping. We do have to eat you know. I found the baptism pictures and added them to the church web page. They turned out very well I might add.We went back to trying to get the train room ready so we can paint the last wall. Just as we were making good progress along comes Dawn and Paul. They brought Christmas gifts to bring to Chris and George at Thanksgiving. They also brought some little dogs and animals for the train layout. She sure is one nice sister. Then we went to Fob's for super. Dawn told us a joke she heard from Andrew which was sort of funny. We did a little remembering. Dawn said she can't remember me having a train. I had a train set up that ran the length of the house in the upstairs closet off of her bedroom. Strange how we remember some things and not others. Well I need a breathing treatment.


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