Saturday, November 19, 2005

Music Music Music

Saying for the Day:When I was a kid I...........
------2 night I did my fifty losing spins at That makes 1200. I really have to work on that losers party. I wonder if I should compile a list of the great losers of history. It could even be the start of a new blog called something like "Losers Lists" or "Really great losers" . Send me your nominations for the list and I might start such a blog. Lets see we could have Adolph Hitler, Tom Dewey, Bishop Hansen to start us off. I worked on updating web pages . I found the bulletin for this weekend and got that out to the church web page. Now I have to find where the secretary put the baptism pictures. While I work on this blog I have music playing in the background from a web radio station. It's kind of nice. I added Spanglish to my Netflix list. It is a movie that my son Patrick really likes at least he says he does on his blog. Betty painted the railroad cars with clear flat paint. I set up a new blog called Ten Good Blogs .
It has places on the web that I like to go to and I invite you to go as well. I think Peter would really like number 10. We listened to Forest Park win and now it goes to the state championship game. It overwhelmed its opponent . We also watched the PBS train program which is always interesting. I decided that it was still too soon for me to go to church and run the risk of catching something that would keep me from going to Green Bay on Thanksgiving. Betty thinks she might go tomorrow. Dawn called to say she is still coming tommorow and wants to take us out to super. Because we didn't go to church I found some Christian music webcasts to listen to. Most of them have too much drum. I longed for some simple hymns. I received a copy of Dr. Braaten's letter to Bishop Hansen from Bishop Andersen and shared it with several other pastors. I listened to Prairie Home Companion on my computer. Betty remembered two more people she wanted to get Christmas gifts for so I ordered them for her off the web. I hope that is the real end. Well I need a breathing treatment.


Blogger Pennie said...

Hello Dad,

I cannot say that you should add me to the list because I really won when god gave me to you. I also would like to suggest WPFF for listening to Christian music. Q90 is awesome but has more rock than hymns.


7:11 PM  

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