Wednesday, November 30, 2005

What happened to the party?

Saying for the Day: God made the world but its held together with duct tape.
-----Good night. Did my fifty losing spins just after I got up (back to losing early since I didn't do any better in the afternoon). That's 1750 spins without a hit. Boy am I on a roll. I did the December web site for United. It has a new look with snow and a new top ten list. The top ten reasons to go to church. Betty went to Tops and then to Iron River to get a prescription. I got the outdoor light problem solved and Betty finished it when she got home. I made the top of the first module for the train table . That leaves three more to go. Betty put out the lighted train display and it works. Both sets look okay. We might add a few more lights. Betty changed a lightbulb in the computer room. I started pulling together the storage boxes to put upstairs until after Christmas. I called the Bible Camp to see if the workshop I was supposed to teach at on Friday was still on. The camp didn't know anything about it. I wonder what happened to the party. I had a great lecture ready too. Now I've gone and lost an entire workshop. How many people can make that claim? Well I really need a breathing treatment and some antacid .
God Bless You All


Blogger Peter said...

It is good to know even God needs duct tape......Lori

7:47 AM  
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