Wednesday, November 23, 2005

And Away we Go

Saying for the Day: Tell Harry Potter we muggles don't need magic we have duct tape!
------2 night. Well I did my fifty spins at with the usual and expected results. That's 1400 losing spins. I may be moving toward some sort of world losers record. There is a funny side to this . When I finnish the spinning I go to's monthly prize drawing and if you have entered all the contests it spells out in great big letters TURKEY. Of course it could be for Thanksgiving but it could also describe the player. Well this turkey will keep trying. There may be no blogs till Saturday as we leave for Green Bay today. I put Sunday's bulletin on the church web page. Sent out some Thanksgiving internet cards. I am a bit afraid of this trip as I got so sick on the last one but am excited about seeing my kids and grandkids.Well we got to Green Bay after almost not making it up the hill next to the house. The road was good the rest of the way. We checked in at the Best Western Motel. It doesn't have an elevator but when the clerk saw my walker she made sure we got a room on the first floor. Then we went to New Hobies and shoped. After that on to Peter's where we gave them an early Christmas gift.Then Peter set up my laptop for the internet so I could do this blog. Well I need to go back to the motel for a breathing treatment.


Blogger Patrick said... needs some duck tape. Or should I say to be reinstated it has expired. :( Glad to here you made it to GB safe and well.


12:13 PM  

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