Tuesday, November 22, 2005

Losing Leaving and Duct Tape

Saying for the Day: All a good repair man needs is a hammer, a wrench, and lots and lots of duct tape.
------2 night. I did my fifty spins at Iwon.com. That's 1350 now without a hit. So why do you keep trying you may ask.(And why wouldn't you) For the same reason the rest of the losers buy lottery tickets. Just because once , just once, we might really hit it. Its the we might that keeps us losers going. At least I only play the lotteries and the slots that cost nothing. I lose but only time and at 6:00 in the morning I have lots of that. I need more suggestions of games for the losers party as well as some more names of great losers. We discovered we left the bag with the cherry chocolates, fresh bread, and breakfast toast at Wal Mart. Called them and they said we should stop in and they will give us a refund. If you haven't looked at United's web page for a while you are missing our new feature, a top ten list. Called the church office to get it put in the bulletin. It now lists the top ten cults in Crystal Falls. Betty wrote out some Thanksgiving cards and took them to the Post Office. I upgraded my personal diatribes page with a new diatribe (might even be worth reading). Betty and I finished up the Christmas train and tested it. Then we wrapped an early Christmas gift for Peter and Lori. We will bring it down on Thanksgiving. We went back to the train room and moved things around so we can finally get that last wall painted. A weather alert was issued for Wednesday night and all day Thursday so we changed plans and decided to drive to Green Bay tomorrow. I called the motel and extended our reservation. Then we called Dawn so she won't go ballistic when she calls tomorrow and can't find us.Betty set about cooking the pies that we are taking to peters. I fooled around on the computer and did the top ten list for United which I will post next week. Well I need a breathing treatment.


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