Thursday, November 24, 2005


Saying for the Day: Nothing keeps stuffing in the turkey better than duct tape.
------Rough nite on strange bed.Got up with backache. Did my fifty spins on This proves that I can lose in Green Bay as well as in Crystal Falls.Now I'm up to 1450 spins without a win. Betty and I stopped at Big Lots and bought too much. Then we went to Peter's and found Chris and George already there. Peter had set up his early Christmas gift on a table in the living room and we played with that for a while. Then everbody except Lori (She was cooking} went through the paper for tomorrow's sales.We had a great dinner and everybody ate too much. After dinner the women played cards and the men ran trains and fooled with the laptops. We went back to the motel around 5:00. The grandkids and Peter and Lori came to swim. I worked on this blog. All in all a very good day. Well I need a breathing treatment.


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