Saturday, December 31, 2005

A new year coming.

Saying for the Day:He who hesitates is probably right.
-----Good night.@@@I did my fifty losing spins, for a total of 3400.See I'm still trying.*** Spent early morning getting ready to go to Green Bay. Packing for me is like taking half a hospital. B-paps, oxygen, breathing machine, tubes , oxygen checker etc. Then of course we needed to pack cameras, poratble computer, and clothes. We finally got on our way and ate breakfast in Iron Mountain. On the way to Green Bay I watched Burns and Allen and Betty listened to her new gospel cds.In Green Bay we went to New Hobby, always a good experience. The owners are really nice people. Then we went to Big Lots. Here we called Peter on our new cell phone. From Big lots we went to PJ's and looked for more animation for the train table. Then we went to Peter's. Pat and Pennie came a little later. It was good to have the family together. Lori hade a nice fondue meal for us. We watched some football and then went to the motel. It took some time to unload all of my medical stuff. Well I need a breathing treatment.

Friday, December 30, 2005

In the basement-treasure

Saying for the day:Confusion not only reigns, it pours.
----Good night last night@@@ I did my fifty losing spins. That's 3350 spins without a prize. Can I keep this up ?*** We hurried everything this morning so we could get Betty to Iron Mountain and the doctor by 10:00. She dropped me at Walmart. I didn't buy much because I forgot the basket for my walker. The doctor didn't tell her much she didn't already know. When she finished with the doctor we went looking for Apria. Neither of us could remember where it was. Finally we stopped at a gas station and asked directions. The man was very helpful. We got the light weight oxygen concentrator to take on the trip. When we came home she went to a Christmas party. I started the saffron buns using half of the family recipe in the bread maker. The only problem was I forgot to half the sugar . The buns turned out alright but a little on the sweet side. While the bread machine was raising the dough I went to the basement. There I found more Eztrack and five more engines. Four of them work. A real treasure from the basement. When we get back from Green Bay we will work on the Ho layout . It looks as if Pennie has found us a motel for the two nights we will be there. She may have a ticket for Betty to go to the Green Bay game Sunday. Betty came home and helped with the buns and then finished the washing. She is making a list of what we need to take tomorrow. Well I need a breathing treatment.

Thursday, December 29, 2005

Another day Another train

Saying for the day:For every action, there is an equal and opposite criticism.
----Good night. @@@ I did my fifty losing spins at That's 3300 without a prize. Just your normal morning.*** Betty went to therapy in the morning. I cut boxes for recycling. Betty came home and we called Apria about Oxygen. They seemed to have forgotten the call we made two weeks ago and the request we made then. They are not the most user friendly company in the world. Betty has to stop there tomorrow and they will loan us a lighter concentrator. The plumber came and stopped the dripping in the new tub. He also left us an estimate on a new energy efficient furnace. It will cost around $ 4000. Then I finally got to the train room and began the task of visioning the new layout. I ran some test track and the trouble started. My engines didn't like the switch tracks. The one engine that worked well doesn't have a coupler. Betty went about cleaning the house and washing clothes. I opened one of the two new engines. It ran well but the box car it was pulling jumped track and snapped the engine coupler. I don't know if it is replaceable. I will take it with me to Green Bay and ask the man at New Hobby. Pennie is arranging for Betty and Pat to go to the Green Bay game Sunday as well as her and Peter. Well I need a breathing treatment.

Wednesday, December 28, 2005

Back to normal ?

Saying for the day:Always remember you're unique, just like everyone else.
-----Good night.@@@ Did my fifty losing spins at That's 3250 without a prize. @@@
In the morning we got Pennie packed up and ready to go and then sat down to a game of three handed canasta. I was winning but Dawn and Paul came and we quit playing. We showed Dawn and Paul our gifts. ( When I was a kid people used to visit and the hosts would show the Christmas gifts. They don't do that any more, too bad.) Then Dawn and Paul took us out for lunch at Fob's. Soon after we got back from Fob's Pennie left. Betty took a nap. I went looking on the net for the last bit of track I needed and found it. Then Betty and I went to Ebay and found the curio table we had looked everywhere else for. It is a coffee table that will house Pennie's Z scale train. We called Pennie had her look at it, pick a color, and then we ordered it. It will be shipped directly to her. If you read the comments on this blog you know that our mystery has been solved. The old chess table that was never worth anything was broken by an adult not one of the kids. Now we can in good conscience throw it out. It seems so quiet with everybody gone except Betty and I. Well I need a breathing treatment.

Tuesday, December 27, 2005

Christmas pictures

Almost alone again

Saying for the day: If at first you don't succeed quit.
-----Good night..@@@ Did my fifty losing spins at That's 3200 without a prize. I also lost at canasta and in chess to my 8 year old grandson (helped a little by his father). ***In the morning I made saffron buns in the bread maker. My son was a bit disappointed in how they turned out so he made a batch the old way. Neither his nor mine rose well and we think the yeast which I just bought was not so good. In the afternoon the Holmes came and visited while Pat and the boys packed to go home. Right after the Holmes left Pat and the boys left. The house is so quiet. I looked over the house kits we got for Christmas.We will have seven new houses on the outside layout next spring. These include a Dr.'s office, a toy store, and an Inn. I sent e-mail to a number of Lionel dealers looking for some 1 3/4 inch fastrack. Then Pennie, and Betty and I played Canasta. Betty won ( you didn't think I would did you). With everybody but Pennie gone we are left with a mystery. Somebody knocked over the chess table downstairs and broke the glass top. None of Pat's boys seem to know anything about it. Somebody had to do it because the pieces were picked up and put inside the top. It was a very unstable table which is why it was downstairs. We probably will never know how it happened.
Well I need a breathing treatment.

Monday, December 26, 2005

Water, Water, everywhere

Saying for the day:All I want is a warm bed, a kind word and unlimited power.
-----Good night last night:@@@Did my fifty losing spins on That's 3050 without a prize. I suppose the next goal is 4000. I will make it. My packers lost again. Their my kind of team.*** It was great having the kids here. We had french toast for breakfast made from Ralph Valine's homemade bread. It was great. I was taking my morning breathing treatment when Betty started screaming that the pipes had broken and there was water everywhere. In reality my son had opened the door of the bathtub while it was still full of water. It holds a lot of water and it all came flowing out. It took every towel we had to mop it up. But no pipes had burst and everything turned out okay. In the morning Pat took the kids out to the ski hill to sleigh ride. They had a great time. I worked on the church web site for next month. Betty started cooking a special dinner. Which turned out great. Peter and Pat put together the coat stand that Betty and I got for Christmas. It is everything we wanted in a coat stand . It has a seat and storage. Then Pete and Pat cut a piece of plywood for me. It was too big for me to handle. The kids continued to play together well. Peter and family left about 3 o'clock. I miss them all ready. I played with the Grab-it machine with the boys. They really seemed to enjoy getting the little prizes that the machine has. Pennie helped Betty and then worked at bringing her laptop into our house network. Well I need a breathing treatment.

Sunday, December 25, 2005

Christmas day:What else can you say?

Saying for the day:" And the Word became flesh and dwelt among us."
-----Good night.@@@Did my fifty losing spins on Couldn't even get a prize on Christmas. That's 3000 spins without a hit.***We had a great Christmas morning breakfast. The kids opened their stockings and the gifts from Santa Claus . Everything else had to wait until Peter and family came. We pulled them all together and went to 9:00 church. The sermon was okay. The coffee afterward was nice. Peter and family arrived around one o'clock. We had a great dinner with ham, turkey, and roast beef. Then we opened a mountain of gifts. The kids were in heaven. I got five buildings for my outside layout (wow), really nice gifts from my two sisters, and surprising gifts from my wife. Everybody seemed happy. We gave each of my children an ornament with $1000 check inside. Why wait until we die to give them what they would inherit. The kids played all afternoon without a fight. The adults talked all afternoon without a fight. Then we did some chocolate fondue with cherries and marshmallows . All in all it was a great Christmas. Well I need a breathing treatment.

Saturday, December 24, 2005

Almost Christmas-almost

Saying for the day: Merry Christmas and happy new year.
-----Good night last night.@@@Did my fifty losing spins at That's 2950 without a prize. No Christmas gift here.*** Busy day. Pat and family, and Pennie are here. Pat and Elijah went to Iron Mountain for some last minute Christmas shopping. Before he went Pat worked his magic so that all three of the computers are now on the internet. Betty ironed names on Christmas stockings and she and Pennie watched "Revenge of the Sith". Alex and Caleb went out and played in the snow. I tried ho train engines to see which ones work (most did). In the afternoon Pennie, Alex, Caleb and I played a game that Pennie brought. I lost ( are you surprised ?) My sister Dawn called twice. Once to check up on me and once to thank us for the gifts which she opened early. I spent some time working on the Church web site while most of the others watched " Charlie and the Chocolate factory". Betty and Pennie went to Church. I played chess with Elijah (of course I Lost). Everybody got to open one gift. I got the three Christmas figures from Scrooge. Betty got an electric shaver. Pat and Alex got clothes. Pennie got a cute little Teddy bear, and Elijah and Caleb got tops. I won't be inviting the Lions to my losers party because they won today. I do need a breathing treatment.

Friday, December 23, 2005

In just a little while!!!

Saying for the Day:Budget: A method for going broke methodically.
------Rough night.Slept poorly. @@@Did my fifty losing spins on That's 2900 spins without a prize. Is this really possible?***In the morning Betty went to her therapy. I made some muffins to test the other oven. It worked so we have two ovens for the Christmas meal. That is good news. Betty came home and took me up to the church so I could connect my computer to the church computer. That took five minutes. I went home and Betty went to Iron River to get a prescription filled. I then worked at adding the new top ten list to the church's web page as well as the Christmas bulletin. When Betty came back we started on the study , getting the beds ready for tonight's guests. Then Terry Langenberg came and we visited for a bit. His life seems to be going well. After he left it was back to the study. Betty took a quick drive to the dump with our recyclables to get them out of the way. It looks like the study will be ready tonight. Betty also worked at getting the basement room ready for two of the boys. We plugged in the electric heater and redid the downstairs bunk bed. In just a liitle while Pennie, Pat, and the boys will be home. Well I need a breathing treatment.

Thursday, December 22, 2005

Shop till I drop.Whew

Saying for the day: Your the reason God made Christmas.(sign on a church)
------Good night@@@ Did my fifty losing spins on That's 2850 spins without a prize.What can I say?***In the morning Betsy came with a gift for Betty. UPS brought the last of the fastrack and I added it to the layout. Mail brought a coca-cola Christmas car that we added to the layout. Betty and I cleaned the train room which is beginning to come together. She did her exercises for her arm and put on the ice pack as instructed. Then we went to Iron Mountain to shop. We started at the big dollar store looking to see what Santa had for Christmas stockings. $45 later we went on to Wal-Mart. There we found a beautiful church for the outside layout at a very reasonable price. We looked through the Christmas stuff but didn't see anything. Bought some wood glue for the mountain we are going to build. Betty picked up some candy. Then we went to the grocery store and got the Christmas meal. I swear she bought enough to feed all of Crystal Falls. She is always afraid that we won't have enough. We bought pies, and vegetables, and ham, and turkey, and beef and buns and cereal and etc.(Lots of etc.) I was so tired when we finished. Betty had to drive home (even though she hates driving at night) because I left my wallet at home ( no driver's license). Coming home Betty had to unload everything as I can't carry and push the walker. It is good to be home. We have decided to close our christmas letter contest as of mail delivery next Tuesday. We already have some interesting entries. We will see who loses and wins the first prize ( an 8x10 picture of me). Well I really need a breathing treatment.

Wednesday, December 21, 2005

A real turkey for Christmas

Saying for the Day:Depression is merely anger without enthusiasm.
---------Good night.@@@Did my fifty losing spins on That's 2800 spins without a prize. Just think of how much I would have lost at $.25 a spin.*** In the morning Betty went to therapy on her arm.I made saffron bread French toast for breakfast. It was okay but not wonderful.
When Betty came home we packed up the doll and sent it to the high bidder. Betty went to Tops. I met with the furnace man about the leaking in the attic ( he repaired that), the dripping in the bathtub (he will fix that next week), and the lack of heat in the train room (he made some changes in the vents that may help. He is also going to give us an estimate on a new furnace. I got a call from somebody who said he wanted to talk to me about a government grant. I said " are you da people up on da hill". He said what? I repeated the statement. He said "no we aren't". I said ,Oh , then your the wrong people. You have to be up on da hill". He said ."Yes we are up on the hill. I said. "Then you lied to me and I don't talk to people who lie to me". I hung up. When Betty came from Tops we went grocery shopping. We used our free first five pounds on a fifteen pound turkey. We don't need a fifteen pound turkey so we gave it and a few other things to St. Vincent De Paul for someone who does.Then we bought the ingredients to make saffron buns (except for the saffron). We intend to ask my son( who was a baker) to make some buns when he is home for Christmas. I sent the recipe for the buns to Betty's sister. When we came home Betty put ice on her shoulder and took a nap. I worked in the train room (It needs lots of work). Talked to Peter who was in a train store talking on a cell phone. He picked up a magazine I wanted and checked to see if they had any 1 3/4 fastrack. They didn't. Well I need a breathing treatment.

Tuesday, December 20, 2005

Night In Betty's Village

This is what Betty's Village
looks like at night.

A visit from Ralph (who's Ralph)

Saying for the day:I have wondered at times what the Ten Commandments would have looked like if Moses had run them through the US Congress.-- Ronald Reagan
-----Good night.@@@Did my fifty losing spins on That's 2750 without a prize. What can I say. I lose a lot. I feel like a Packer backer(come to think of it I am a Packer backer).*** Betty went shopping with Lilian and was gone until 3:00. I worked in the train room, sorting trains. You won't believe how many HO engines we have. One full shelf and half of another. We have two and a half shelves of train cars and there may be more I haven't found yet. Ralph Valine stopped in around one o'clock and brought a loaf of bread he baked. I had a chance to show off the trains and Betty's village. He was kind and ate two of the muffins I made yesterday. I promised to send him some web addresses. It was a very enjoyable visit. Betty got home before he left so she had a chance to visit a little as well. I thanked him for his contribution to our top ten list on the church website. We talked about the ELCA and its problems. Betty went to the bible study at the church. Well I need a breathing treatment.

Monday, December 19, 2005

New Living Room Layout

Now I'm cooking

Saying for the day:If all the world is a stage, where is the audience sitting?
-------Good night last night.@@@Did my fifty losing spins at That's 2700 without a prize. I might make 5000.*** Betty went to therapy in the morning. I continued to clean the kitchen. When she came home we worked until lunch. We filled two more garbage bags but the cupboards are fairly clean. We got rid of some old cook books and I put some recipes that were on slips of paper into the computer. Betty went to get her hair done. I cooked three batches of muffins and a loaf of saffron bread. Discovered you can't just add saffron to a boxed bread mix in the bread machine. You also have to add sugar. Pat Bjork came and brought some saffron buns. While Betty was gone the mail came. The tracks needed to expand the layout came an I installed them. My medicine came from express scripts .Another one of Betty's Christmas gifts came and I wrapped it. When Betty came home she looked beautiful (not that she doesn't always look beautiful). She helped me move a table in the train room and move the big shelf to the corner . This was done so that I can work in there tomorrow while she is out shopping with Lillian. Then it was back to the kitchen. I ate a couple of my muffins (very good) and a piece of saffron bread (not so good) . Then we put everything nicely in the cupboard.
Well I need a breathing treatment.

Sunday, December 18, 2005

Now we are cooking

Saying for the day:Thou, whose purpose is to kindle: Now ignite us with thy fire.(old hymn)
-----Good night.@@@ Did my fifty losing spins at That's 2650 spins without a prize. I keep trying.*** Today we worked on the kitchen. You can not believe the amount of things we threw away.(Old non working blender, long outdated food, notes from four years ago, broken cutting boards, empty boxes, etc.) We found we had five boxes of instant potatoes, three boxes of pancake mix, multiple packets of muffin mix, a big bag of non-fat flour (whatever that is), two boxes of instant apple cider(tastes pretty good) , enough cans of tomato soup to feed a small army, enough tea to make tea time in England, and a grill to install in the stove. We sent the grill downstairs. We cleaned everything. Tomorrow we start on the other side of the kitchen and who knows what we will find. With everything looking so nice we hope people will stop in to see the train and have a cup of coffee, coco, tea, or cider. In a day or two we'll have some saffron bread as well. The two Christmas trains look great. So feel free to stop in. We'll be home every day except Thursday. On Thursday we'll be gone until five o'clock.
I found a place on the net where you can listen to old time radio shows. As I write this blog I am listening to Charlie Mc Carthy and Edgar Bergen ( A childhood favorite) well I need a breathing treatment.

Saturday, December 17, 2005

The little light in the box.

Saying for the day:Mark Twain:If you tell the truth you don't have to remember anything.
---------Good night last night.@@@Did my fifty losing spins on a badly named website.) That's 2600 without a prize.*** In the morning I cleaned off the cupboard in the hall. It was one of those things that didn't move so it had accumulated lots of garbage. We took out a full bag. I found a program given to me last Christmas and never put in the computer. This cleaning is an adventure. Betty worked at cleaning in the kitchen. With the dining room and living room done and holding we are doing well. Our order from Disney came with the platter for Christmas dinner and some more Christmas gifts.We went to church . Sermon was fairly good. Esther Kivimaki turned in one of my Christmas contest blanks. That's two I have now. Come on folks get um in. Our doll didn't sell on Ebay so we improved the title and relisted. We went grocery shopping . That's always an ordeal because Betty has to study everything before putting it in the cart. So it takes twice as long as it should. We bought the little light for the refrigerator and Betty put it in but it doesn't work. WE have a dark refrigerator. Well I need a breathing treatment.

Friday, December 16, 2005

Make the trains run on time

Saying for the day:When everything's coming your way, you're in the wrong lane.
------Good night last night.@@@ Did my fifty losing spins on's 2550 without a prize. At this rate I will reach 3000.(Please note the Iwon information is now found after @@@ and ends at *** so you can skip it if you want)***In the morning we continued cleaning the dining room. We found things that were piled there when I got out of the hospital. The rule in this house is this " If it doesn't move put something on it." We store things on any avaiable flat surface. We have bags of garbage to go out on Monday. Betty hauled stuff upstairs and downstairs. The Dinning room is now ready for Christmas as long as we don't forget and store something else in it. We were going to go grocery shopping but we haven't been plowed out yet so we put it off until tomorrow. Got the first of the Christmas contest blanks back. It was from Pastor Roberts in Ishpeming who did fairly well. I look forward to many more coming in. I also got a Christmas letter from my sister Chris. Now I know why I have no luck . Chris has it all. She won $800 and $600 at casino's in the last year and she doesn't go that often. Speaking of luck somebody from Crystal won five million dollars at the casino. Its my luck that I don't even know them. We got the second set of fastrack installed today. Now we have two trains running around the village. We need some short expansion pieces to loosen it up a little bit but otherwise its fine.Well I need a breathing treatment.

Thursday, December 15, 2005

Fast Track Paul

Saying for the Day:You can't have everything....Where would you put it?
-------Fairly good night. Did my fifty losing spins at That's 2500 without a prize. ( If your tired of reading about my losing streak just jump over this part. You know its coming.) Betty went to therapy at 8:30 this morning. When she came back we finished getting the living room ready for Christmas. We started on the dining room . Then the fastrack came and we worked on the train layout. We couldn't get it together tight enough but then Paul came and he got it all together. Dawn brought small pasties which were very good. She also brought early Christmas gifts which she made us open today. They were figures for the layout and two needle point train pictures. Now we have to decide where to hang them. The train runs very well on the new fasttrack. When Dawn and Paul left Betty took the clothes to St. Vincent De Paul. We put the prizes in the grabbit . It is ready for the grandkids. Tomorrow we will finish the dining room. Checked on Ebay and there are no bids on the doll. Well I need a breathing treatment.

Wednesday, December 14, 2005

the Ebay Doll

This the doll we are trying to sell on Ebay.

Don't stand the doll on the saffron buns.

Saying for the day:The right train of thought will take you to a better station in life
------Good night last night. Did my fifty spins at first thing in the morning. I still didn't get a hit. That's 2450 trys without a prize. I may very well make 3000. After losing Betty and I put and old doll up for sale on Ebay. We took a picture and tried to describe it as best we could. We'll see if anybody wants it. Betty went to the Tops party. I wrapped her Christmas gifts, moved the oxygen tanks to the closet, and cleaned off the couch. When Betty came home we put all the gifts under the tree and took the boxes downstairs. We hung a few more ornaments on the tree. Then I went downstairs and made a base for the St. Lucia doll. What I thought was a base, and I had been trying to get it to stand on, turned out to be the plate of saffron buns she was supposed to carry. Betty figured out how to get batteries into it so the candles on its head light. We put it on the doll stand next to the couch. I went to Large Trains on Line and took their survey of the week. It was on inventorys for your train collection. Our train collection is all over the place and other than engines we don't know what we have. I downloaded two freeware inventory programs that I may put in the laptop and start the task of doing the inventory. Or I might buy Pack Rat plus which allows pictures as well as verbal descriptions. Well I need a breathing treatment.

Tuesday, December 13, 2005

One card and then another

Saying for the day:Time flies like an arrow. Fruit flies like a banana.
------Good night. Did part of my fifty spins in the morning the rest off and on during the day. I got the same result no hits. That's 2400 without a hit. Somebody suggested I should quit spinning on the web and go to a casino. The difference is -in a casino I lose money-on the net I just lose. Just losing is better. Put a new cartridge in the printer and in the process I broke off the locking clip. I locked the cartridge down with (you guessed it) duct tape. It makes noise but works well. Spent most of the day on the Christmas cards. Betty went to therapy on her shoulder. The therapist said she might have a torn rotator cup. ( Must be all that tennis). We did get most of our Christmas cards, pictures and all, out today. That is something of a relief. I got to bed so late last night that I have been tired all day. Tomorrow we have to finish the living room. Betty is supposed to go to a Top's party but we are supposed to have a blizzard. I hope it holds off so she can go. I need to wrap her Christmas gifts while she is gone. Well I need a breathing treatment.

Monday, December 12, 2005

Narnia, at last!!

Saying for the day:When the chips are down, the buffalo is empty.
--------Good night. In the morning I printed the Christmas letter. Then Betty and I had our picture taken for the Christmas card. We began printing the cards but we had to quit to go to Iron Mountain. We went first to the Post Office and bank. Then we went to Iron Mountain and Shop Ko. It was wonderful the figures we wanted were at 40% off. We saw them described on Large Trains on Line. We bought a basketful. Then we went to K-mart and got another Christmas gift ( and I thought we were all through). From their to Wal Mart. We did our grocery shopping and got some ink for the printer. Then we went and had coffee. After that, what we really went to Iron Mountain for. We went to Narnia. It was wonderful. they couldn't have done a better job of bringing C.SLewis's book to the screen. I drove home with visions of Narnia in my head. Then I did my fifty spins at course I didn't get a hit. That's 2350. Spinning at night is no better than in the morning. Perhaps I should try noon. Well at least the Packers won on Sunday. But if two losers play one has to win. Well i need a breathing treatment.

Sunday, December 11, 2005

Now we're there. Wherever there is.

Saying for the day: Do not despise the words of prophets, but test everything; hold fast to what is good; abstain from every form of evil. I Thessalonians 5:20
-------- Good night. Did my fifty losing spins on That's 2300 without a hit. It has to come up win sometime, doesn't it? I just keep spinning the dial. Almost got scamed in the morning. Got an email that supposedly came from Pay Pal where I have an account. It said that somebody had charged a $350 watch to my account and if I wanted to dispute it I should click on the link in the letter. Well I ordered no watch so I clicked on the link. A perfect replica of the PaY Pal website came up and asked me to log in. I did using my Pay Pal password. Then it asked me to verify my credit card by typing in the number. Well Pay Pal already has my credit card number and a key word for checking in. So I got out of there and went to Pay Pal directly. Then I changed my password so that if they took it it won't work. I went back to the fake Pay Pal and entered the password Snidley and the email address of It left me in so it was a not so obvious fake. I reported it to the real Pay Pal. We put the lights on the tree in the morning. The tree rotates so we can just hold the string and the tree goes round while we put them on. In the afternoon we added the ornaments. No balls this year but lots of train ornaments. My sister gave them to us sometime ago. I called Dawn to see when she was coming. She is coming on Thursday. After the ornaments we added red bead garland. The tree looks nice. We have it set so we can push a button which turns the lights on and rotates the tree. Betty and I are wondering if its worth going to Green Bay on New Years. There are no motels. I have to lug all my breathing equipment which includes two oxygen tanks. We will have just seen the entire family at Christmas . We are thinking we'' wait and go down in February. Well I need a breathing treatment.

Saturday, December 10, 2005

Not there yet: Wherever that is.

Saying for the day:Is this Duck Tape I see before me?"(Shake a Sphere) Last duct tape saying..
-----Good night last night. Did my fifty losing spins at That's 2250 spins without a hit. I will keep trying as long as ants have trousers and tiny little shovels. We carried the old train table down to the train room. Got the tree up but not trimmed. I got the x10 light things to work thanks to some help from their web site. We went to Saturday night service. Good sermon. The good news well proclaimed. Sent an email to Pat and Pennie. Worked on our Christmas card and letter. Now all we need is a picture. Will take that tomorrow. Well I need a breathing treatment.

Friday, December 09, 2005

Almost There-Wherever that is.

Saying for the day:Duct tape is like the force: it has a light side and a dark side, and it holds the universe together.
-----Fairly good night. Got up once with a muscle cramp. I did my fifty losing spins at That's 2200 without a hit. Of course I also lost on their loto (got two numbers out of seven) and PCH loto where the best I did in seven trys was four out of seven (no prize for that). One of my two sets of losers will win this weekend since they play each other. I suppose they could play to a o to o tie. Betty went in the morning to the drug store in Iron River while I continued to work in the living room. When she came home we started to put a skirt around the train table but ran out of staples. Betty went to Slivensky's to get some. She also checked at Nelson's for some envelopes for our Christmas cards but they didn't have the size we wanted. We sent cards to the three kids in oversize envelopes. We got the skirt around the train table and it looks pretty good. We set up the manger scene by the door. Then we moved furniture and everything is ready for the Christmas tree. Betty did some picking up in the train room so we could move the old train table to that room. Betty put a timer on the outside train display which had been on all the time.
I tried to get this week's bulletin for the web page but the church computer was turned off. Well I need a breathing treatment.

Thursday, December 08, 2005


Saying for the day: "Spare the ducttape, spoil the job." - Red Green
-----Rough night last night. Woke up many times, paying for the ham buns at the coffee. Did my fifty losing spins at I think they should rename it That's 2150 on my way to 3000. All those spins are making me dizzy. We spent the morning working at getting the living room ready for Christmas. Betty added some street lights to her village. We took things to the train room or downstairs as the village is pretty well done. I called Dawn to test the living room phone and it worked. In the afternoon we mailed out the package we got by mistake. Then we went to the doctor's. Betty had her shoulder looked at and the Dr. arranged for her to see an orthopedic man in Iron Mountain. We both got flue shots (mine hurt). Betty pulled together what she needed for ELCW and left early. The old timer for the outside train display was tested and works well. Got a nice Email from one of Ray Pfeiffer's sons. That was a kind thing for him to do. Well I need a breathing treatment.

Wednesday, December 07, 2005

It won't work !

Saying for the day:If it can't be fixed with duct tape and a crowbar, it can't be fixed
------Very good night. I did my fifty spins at I still didn't get a hit. That's 2100 pulls of the lever. I am now aiming at 3000. Just think it might be a world record losing streak. I'm becoming afraid I'll win something and have to start from zero again. Betty and I went up to the church early for Ray Pfeiffer's funeral. She went to work in the kitchen and I went because I considered Ray to be an old friend. Pastor did a good job. I miss the opportunity to preach the good news of new life after death in Christ but I'm glad we have a pastor who does. I ate too many ham buns at the coffee afterward and felt really full all afternoon, bloated even. Betty came home tired and took a nap. She is trying to get ready for the ELCW Christmas party at 6:00 tomorrow. She has such an odd assortment of door prizes . They range from a beautiful manger scene t0 various odd things. I spent the afternoon working on the family web site. Got some things from X10 that were supposed to light when you pushed a button but I couldn't make any of them work. I sent an email letter to the company asking for help. Not much done on the Christmas village today. Well I need a breathing treatment.

Tuesday, December 06, 2005

Building Betty's Village

Saying for the day:"Magnetism is one of the Six Fundamental Forces of the Universe, with the other five being Gravity, Duct Tape, Whining, Remote Control, and The Force That Pulls Dogs Toward The Groins Of Strangers."
-----Good night.Did my fifty losing spins at That's 2050 without a hit. That has to be very close to some kind of record. My other losers , The Packers and The Lions kept their streak alive on Sunday. It is comforting to have others in your condition. Betty took the car in to be winterized and was gone for an hour. During that time I couldn't find my socks. I am so Betty dependant. My sister Dawn called and I discovered that one of her grand kids broke a window at her house on Thanksgiving. Life is so full of the unexpected. Betty spent the day putting together her Christmas Village which is beginning to shape up nicely. I helped where I could and got the trains running. We discovered that some Lionel trains will run on either Ac or Dc current. So now we have two transformers connected to the tracks. One for DC and one for AC. Betty cooked up some of what she is taking to the funeral tomorrow. Her circle is serving. Lori sent an interesting duct tape story but too big for the blog. Well I need a breathing treatment.

Monday, December 05, 2005

Too many trains ?

Saying for the day:Duct Tape can hold anything together!(and if it doesn't, you didn't use it right, or you didn't use enough!)
------Fairly good night .Woke up once with pain from the mask straps. Did my fifty losing spins at That makes 2000 spins with out a hit. But like a true gambler I keep trying for that big score that makes it all worthwhile. Betty and I finished laying the tract today and then put the shelves for the transformers and the electrical cords on the table. Betty took Chris and George's gift box to the post office along with a letter to Pat and a gift to her pen pal in Germany. We got a fed ex package that was sent to our address but with a different person's name on it. It contained a casserole dish which we didn't order. We called the telephone number on the package. It seems that there was some kind of mistake made and the wrong address got on the package. She is going to call with the right address so we can forward it. Betty also went grocery shopping. I got the old streetcar running on the layout. Betty went to her Board meeting and then to Bible study. I took some O27 engines downstairs and brought up some more track to replace some that seem to be shorting. Well I need a breathing treatment.

Saturday, December 03, 2005

Still no table!!!

Saying for the day.If duct tape isn't the answer, then you must be asking the wrong question!” –The Duct Tape Guys
----Good night last night. Did my fifty losing spins at That's 1900 without a hit.Just think of how many quarters I would have lost if I was in a casino.(Of course in a casino I only play nickel slots). We spent the entire day working on the train table. Nothing went right. If we had a video of the highlights we could send it to one of those funny video televison shows. The holes didn't line up. The legs wouldn't lock. One problem after another. So the table isn't finished yet. We went to Church and God must have been seeing our stress because the sermon was on patience. It was a very good sermon. Pennie sent us an e-mail with a song in it. She keeps finding these new things. My sister called while we were working on the table . She hopes to visit us on the 15th. Well I need a breathing treatment.

Friday, December 02, 2005

Tables at last

Saying for the Day: Duct tape is as helpful as Martha Stewart and far less irritating.
------Rough night, lots of leg cramping and I had to sneeze inside a full face mask.I did my fifty losing spins. That's 1850 without a hit (but whose counting). Perhaps we should hold my losers party at the Island Casino. Betty and I cut boards for the table legs in the morning which took some time.Got an e-mail from Chris saying we didn't bring any extra packages .So now we will send out the gifts we didn't bring with us to Green Bay for Chris and George. In the afternoon I drilled holes in table modules (all kinds of holes). I put legs together. I tried one leg on the table and discovered the bolt was too long. So there are no tables at last but perhaps tomorrow if I get to Slivenskys. Betty spent the afternoon cleaning the living room and running things to the basement.When we went to turn on the outside Christmas lights they wouldn't turn on. Its too cold to go out and find out why tonight. Well I need a breathing treatment.

Thursday, December 01, 2005

Indian Head Pennies?

Saying for the Day:Almost everything can be fixed with duct tape or WD40. If it moves and it shouldn't, use duct tape. If it doesn't move and it should, use WD40.
------Good night. Did my fifty losing spins on That's 1800 spins without a hit. I also did not win one of the five big prizes for last month or the ten thousand monthly prize. I just lose and lose. On their seven number loto I only got two numbers right. Betty and I went to the basement and cut boards for the framework of the last three modules. I spent the day making the modules. I am so thankful for the electric nailer. It sure speeds things up. Betty brought the boxes the outside Christmas stuff came in up to the attic and brought down the Christmas tree. She also went to the Post Office and the grocery store. We have a small blizard outside so we couldn't add anyting to the outside display and tomorrow promises to be just as bad. Bishop Anderson called and suggested we send the air cleaner back with Patrick when he comes up for Christmas. It seems like a good idea. I sent an E-mail to a Pastor that Bishop Anderson wanted me to. Dawn called and wanted to know the history of Indian Head pennies so I got it for her from the net. She also wanted to know what they were worth. Found out that the ones she has, in the condition they are in, aren't worth very much. She was a little disapointed. The person who had asked me to teach tomorrow at the Bible Camp called to tell me the program was moved to April. Gee I had a nice lecture on Biblical Preaching all prepared and by April I will forget the jokes. Well I need a breathing treatment.