Friday, December 30, 2005

In the basement-treasure

Saying for the day:Confusion not only reigns, it pours.
----Good night last night@@@ I did my fifty losing spins. That's 3350 spins without a prize. Can I keep this up ?*** We hurried everything this morning so we could get Betty to Iron Mountain and the doctor by 10:00. She dropped me at Walmart. I didn't buy much because I forgot the basket for my walker. The doctor didn't tell her much she didn't already know. When she finished with the doctor we went looking for Apria. Neither of us could remember where it was. Finally we stopped at a gas station and asked directions. The man was very helpful. We got the light weight oxygen concentrator to take on the trip. When we came home she went to a Christmas party. I started the saffron buns using half of the family recipe in the bread maker. The only problem was I forgot to half the sugar . The buns turned out alright but a little on the sweet side. While the bread machine was raising the dough I went to the basement. There I found more Eztrack and five more engines. Four of them work. A real treasure from the basement. When we get back from Green Bay we will work on the Ho layout . It looks as if Pennie has found us a motel for the two nights we will be there. She may have a ticket for Betty to go to the Green Bay game Sunday. Betty came home and helped with the buns and then finished the washing. She is making a list of what we need to take tomorrow. Well I need a breathing treatment.


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