Thursday, December 22, 2005

Shop till I drop.Whew

Saying for the day: Your the reason God made Christmas.(sign on a church)
------Good night@@@ Did my fifty losing spins on That's 2850 spins without a prize.What can I say?***In the morning Betsy came with a gift for Betty. UPS brought the last of the fastrack and I added it to the layout. Mail brought a coca-cola Christmas car that we added to the layout. Betty and I cleaned the train room which is beginning to come together. She did her exercises for her arm and put on the ice pack as instructed. Then we went to Iron Mountain to shop. We started at the big dollar store looking to see what Santa had for Christmas stockings. $45 later we went on to Wal-Mart. There we found a beautiful church for the outside layout at a very reasonable price. We looked through the Christmas stuff but didn't see anything. Bought some wood glue for the mountain we are going to build. Betty picked up some candy. Then we went to the grocery store and got the Christmas meal. I swear she bought enough to feed all of Crystal Falls. She is always afraid that we won't have enough. We bought pies, and vegetables, and ham, and turkey, and beef and buns and cereal and etc.(Lots of etc.) I was so tired when we finished. Betty had to drive home (even though she hates driving at night) because I left my wallet at home ( no driver's license). Coming home Betty had to unload everything as I can't carry and push the walker. It is good to be home. We have decided to close our christmas letter contest as of mail delivery next Tuesday. We already have some interesting entries. We will see who loses and wins the first prize ( an 8x10 picture of me). Well I really need a breathing treatment.


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