Sunday, December 18, 2005

Now we are cooking

Saying for the day:Thou, whose purpose is to kindle: Now ignite us with thy fire.(old hymn)
-----Good night.@@@ Did my fifty losing spins at That's 2650 spins without a prize. I keep trying.*** Today we worked on the kitchen. You can not believe the amount of things we threw away.(Old non working blender, long outdated food, notes from four years ago, broken cutting boards, empty boxes, etc.) We found we had five boxes of instant potatoes, three boxes of pancake mix, multiple packets of muffin mix, a big bag of non-fat flour (whatever that is), two boxes of instant apple cider(tastes pretty good) , enough cans of tomato soup to feed a small army, enough tea to make tea time in England, and a grill to install in the stove. We sent the grill downstairs. We cleaned everything. Tomorrow we start on the other side of the kitchen and who knows what we will find. With everything looking so nice we hope people will stop in to see the train and have a cup of coffee, coco, tea, or cider. In a day or two we'll have some saffron bread as well. The two Christmas trains look great. So feel free to stop in. We'll be home every day except Thursday. On Thursday we'll be gone until five o'clock.
I found a place on the net where you can listen to old time radio shows. As I write this blog I am listening to Charlie Mc Carthy and Edgar Bergen ( A childhood favorite) well I need a breathing treatment.


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