Wednesday, December 14, 2005

Don't stand the doll on the saffron buns.

Saying for the day:The right train of thought will take you to a better station in life
------Good night last night. Did my fifty spins at first thing in the morning. I still didn't get a hit. That's 2450 trys without a prize. I may very well make 3000. After losing Betty and I put and old doll up for sale on Ebay. We took a picture and tried to describe it as best we could. We'll see if anybody wants it. Betty went to the Tops party. I wrapped her Christmas gifts, moved the oxygen tanks to the closet, and cleaned off the couch. When Betty came home we put all the gifts under the tree and took the boxes downstairs. We hung a few more ornaments on the tree. Then I went downstairs and made a base for the St. Lucia doll. What I thought was a base, and I had been trying to get it to stand on, turned out to be the plate of saffron buns she was supposed to carry. Betty figured out how to get batteries into it so the candles on its head light. We put it on the doll stand next to the couch. I went to Large Trains on Line and took their survey of the week. It was on inventorys for your train collection. Our train collection is all over the place and other than engines we don't know what we have. I downloaded two freeware inventory programs that I may put in the laptop and start the task of doing the inventory. Or I might buy Pack Rat plus which allows pictures as well as verbal descriptions. Well I need a breathing treatment.


Blogger Sister Chris said...

what kind of doll did you put up for sale?? Was it one of mom's??Is it easy to find on e-bay??

4:10 PM  

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