Saturday, December 03, 2005

Still no table!!!

Saying for the day.If duct tape isn't the answer, then you must be asking the wrong question!” –The Duct Tape Guys
----Good night last night. Did my fifty losing spins at That's 1900 without a hit.Just think of how many quarters I would have lost if I was in a casino.(Of course in a casino I only play nickel slots). We spent the entire day working on the train table. Nothing went right. If we had a video of the highlights we could send it to one of those funny video televison shows. The holes didn't line up. The legs wouldn't lock. One problem after another. So the table isn't finished yet. We went to Church and God must have been seeing our stress because the sermon was on patience. It was a very good sermon. Pennie sent us an e-mail with a song in it. She keeps finding these new things. My sister called while we were working on the table . She hopes to visit us on the 15th. Well I need a breathing treatment.


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