Monday, December 05, 2005

Too many trains ?

Saying for the day:Duct Tape can hold anything together!(and if it doesn't, you didn't use it right, or you didn't use enough!)
------Fairly good night .Woke up once with pain from the mask straps. Did my fifty losing spins at That makes 2000 spins with out a hit. But like a true gambler I keep trying for that big score that makes it all worthwhile. Betty and I finished laying the tract today and then put the shelves for the transformers and the electrical cords on the table. Betty took Chris and George's gift box to the post office along with a letter to Pat and a gift to her pen pal in Germany. We got a fed ex package that was sent to our address but with a different person's name on it. It contained a casserole dish which we didn't order. We called the telephone number on the package. It seems that there was some kind of mistake made and the wrong address got on the package. She is going to call with the right address so we can forward it. Betty also went grocery shopping. I got the old streetcar running on the layout. Betty went to her Board meeting and then to Bible study. I took some O27 engines downstairs and brought up some more track to replace some that seem to be shorting. Well I need a breathing treatment.


Blogger Patrick said...

hmm. very slow tonight several timeouts trying to get here and peters blog. I once used duck tape to stop a leak for my radiator. Still had no heat in that car. LOL Did the Casserole dish have a casserole in it? might not want to keep sending that around someone might get food poising.


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