Wednesday, December 07, 2005

It won't work !

Saying for the day:If it can't be fixed with duct tape and a crowbar, it can't be fixed
------Very good night. I did my fifty spins at I still didn't get a hit. That's 2100 pulls of the lever. I am now aiming at 3000. Just think it might be a world record losing streak. I'm becoming afraid I'll win something and have to start from zero again. Betty and I went up to the church early for Ray Pfeiffer's funeral. She went to work in the kitchen and I went because I considered Ray to be an old friend. Pastor did a good job. I miss the opportunity to preach the good news of new life after death in Christ but I'm glad we have a pastor who does. I ate too many ham buns at the coffee afterward and felt really full all afternoon, bloated even. Betty came home tired and took a nap. She is trying to get ready for the ELCW Christmas party at 6:00 tomorrow. She has such an odd assortment of door prizes . They range from a beautiful manger scene t0 various odd things. I spent the afternoon working on the family web site. Got some things from X10 that were supposed to light when you pushed a button but I couldn't make any of them work. I sent an email letter to the company asking for help. Not much done on the Christmas village today. Well I need a breathing treatment.


Blogger Peter said...

Pete has x-10..I will try to remember to tell him to call you to offer suggestions. The only thing is Thurs. night he has his office Christmas party and Friday, he, Pennie and Breanna are going to see Narnia.

Regarding St. Nick, it is a Belgium/Dutch tradition to put your shoes out Dec. 5th and St. Nick will fill them. They always did it around here in Green Bay when I was a kid (except my family)so when Breanna came home from preschool at age 4 and told us all the kids were visited by St. Nick, he stopped in while she was taking a bath that night and left something by her door and has come ever since. I bet you are sorry you asked, aren't ya? -Lori

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