Friday, December 16, 2005

Make the trains run on time

Saying for the day:When everything's coming your way, you're in the wrong lane.
------Good night last night.@@@ Did my fifty losing spins on's 2550 without a prize. At this rate I will reach 3000.(Please note the Iwon information is now found after @@@ and ends at *** so you can skip it if you want)***In the morning we continued cleaning the dining room. We found things that were piled there when I got out of the hospital. The rule in this house is this " If it doesn't move put something on it." We store things on any avaiable flat surface. We have bags of garbage to go out on Monday. Betty hauled stuff upstairs and downstairs. The Dinning room is now ready for Christmas as long as we don't forget and store something else in it. We were going to go grocery shopping but we haven't been plowed out yet so we put it off until tomorrow. Got the first of the Christmas contest blanks back. It was from Pastor Roberts in Ishpeming who did fairly well. I look forward to many more coming in. I also got a Christmas letter from my sister Chris. Now I know why I have no luck . Chris has it all. She won $800 and $600 at casino's in the last year and she doesn't go that often. Speaking of luck somebody from Crystal won five million dollars at the casino. Its my luck that I don't even know them. We got the second set of fastrack installed today. Now we have two trains running around the village. We need some short expansion pieces to loosen it up a little bit but otherwise its fine.Well I need a breathing treatment.


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