Wednesday, December 21, 2005

A real turkey for Christmas

Saying for the Day:Depression is merely anger without enthusiasm.
---------Good night.@@@Did my fifty losing spins on That's 2800 spins without a prize. Just think of how much I would have lost at $.25 a spin.*** In the morning Betty went to therapy on her arm.I made saffron bread French toast for breakfast. It was okay but not wonderful.
When Betty came home we packed up the doll and sent it to the high bidder. Betty went to Tops. I met with the furnace man about the leaking in the attic ( he repaired that), the dripping in the bathtub (he will fix that next week), and the lack of heat in the train room (he made some changes in the vents that may help. He is also going to give us an estimate on a new furnace. I got a call from somebody who said he wanted to talk to me about a government grant. I said " are you da people up on da hill". He said what? I repeated the statement. He said "no we aren't". I said ,Oh , then your the wrong people. You have to be up on da hill". He said ."Yes we are up on the hill. I said. "Then you lied to me and I don't talk to people who lie to me". I hung up. When Betty came from Tops we went grocery shopping. We used our free first five pounds on a fifteen pound turkey. We don't need a fifteen pound turkey so we gave it and a few other things to St. Vincent De Paul for someone who does.Then we bought the ingredients to make saffron buns (except for the saffron). We intend to ask my son( who was a baker) to make some buns when he is home for Christmas. I sent the recipe for the buns to Betty's sister. When we came home Betty put ice on her shoulder and took a nap. I worked in the train room (It needs lots of work). Talked to Peter who was in a train store talking on a cell phone. He picked up a magazine I wanted and checked to see if they had any 1 3/4 fastrack. They didn't. Well I need a breathing treatment.


Blogger Peter said...

How much did the doll sell for?

4:19 PM  
Blogger Pennie said...

Wow you have been busy. Can't wait to be home for holidays.

10:21 PM  
Blogger Sister Chris said...

Well just catching up on your posts..I also left a message for Pete and Lori--wondering if you all figured out when you were going to the Tundra Lodge?? I hope you all get to go and enjoy!! Oh, if and when you go--please take alot of pictures for us, we want to see everyone having fun!! I'm glad you enjoyed the Christmas Card and letter. Dawn said it must me nice to be so rich that we get to go everywhere all the time!!
(No not rich, just works ALOT !!!)
Chris and George

6:31 AM  

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