Thursday, December 29, 2005

Another day Another train

Saying for the day:For every action, there is an equal and opposite criticism.
----Good night. @@@ I did my fifty losing spins at That's 3300 without a prize. Just your normal morning.*** Betty went to therapy in the morning. I cut boxes for recycling. Betty came home and we called Apria about Oxygen. They seemed to have forgotten the call we made two weeks ago and the request we made then. They are not the most user friendly company in the world. Betty has to stop there tomorrow and they will loan us a lighter concentrator. The plumber came and stopped the dripping in the new tub. He also left us an estimate on a new energy efficient furnace. It will cost around $ 4000. Then I finally got to the train room and began the task of visioning the new layout. I ran some test track and the trouble started. My engines didn't like the switch tracks. The one engine that worked well doesn't have a coupler. Betty went about cleaning the house and washing clothes. I opened one of the two new engines. It ran well but the box car it was pulling jumped track and snapped the engine coupler. I don't know if it is replaceable. I will take it with me to Green Bay and ask the man at New Hobby. Pennie is arranging for Betty and Pat to go to the Green Bay game Sunday as well as her and Peter. Well I need a breathing treatment.


Blogger Bubbster said...

This summer we WILL make every effort to come by and see your trains in operation. We've read about them last summer but never made it in person. This summer for sure. I wonder if the Packers will have a full house for their last game. If I still drank beer I would go down and have a beer and a brat and watch. Thank goodness I don't drink any more.

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