Tuesday, December 27, 2005

Almost alone again

Saying for the day: If at first you don't succeed quit.
-----Good night..@@@ Did my fifty losing spins at Iwon.com. That's 3200 without a prize. I also lost at canasta and in chess to my 8 year old grandson (helped a little by his father). ***In the morning I made saffron buns in the bread maker. My son was a bit disappointed in how they turned out so he made a batch the old way. Neither his nor mine rose well and we think the yeast which I just bought was not so good. In the afternoon the Holmes came and visited while Pat and the boys packed to go home. Right after the Holmes left Pat and the boys left. The house is so quiet. I looked over the house kits we got for Christmas.We will have seven new houses on the outside layout next spring. These include a Dr.'s office, a toy store, and an Inn. I sent e-mail to a number of Lionel dealers looking for some 1 3/4 inch fastrack. Then Pennie, and Betty and I played Canasta. Betty won ( you didn't think I would did you). With everybody but Pennie gone we are left with a mystery. Somebody knocked over the chess table downstairs and broke the glass top. None of Pat's boys seem to know anything about it. Somebody had to do it because the pieces were picked up and put inside the top. It was a very unstable table which is why it was downstairs. We probably will never know how it happened.
Well I need a breathing treatment.


Blogger Peter said...

I forgot to tell you I knocked over the glass chess table when Luke and I were downstairs alone while the kids were sledding...I meant to tell you or Betty...can I get you a replacement somewhere? Let me know. I was also going to ask Pete to check to make sure I got all the pieces but forgot about that as well. Maybe you could ask Pennie to check because I would hate for someone to go down there and step on a piece of broken glass. Lori

6:49 PM  

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