Wednesday, October 31, 2007


Saying for the Day-What kills a skunk is the publicity it gives itself.” Abraham Lincoln

As I sat in the bathroom this morning I looked down at the floor and there was that little creature from Geico looking up at me. I guess it wanted to sell me some insurance for the car. But I am happy with the insurance I have now so it is wasting floor space. Just over from the dear little thing is a tiny guy who wants me to get a dish that has 250 channels. I haven’t made it through however many channels my cable company provides yet and it provides my phone and my really fast internet so another waste of floor space. To the right of both of them a sweet old lady wants me to join AARP but I’m already a member so more waste. Finally there is just over from the sweet lady an offer from the Lutheran Magazine for the Little Lutheran Magazine for my children. They have all grown up so it is as usless as the others.
What are these things , you may ask , and why are they there?
They are there because my arthritis and bad sense of balance keeps me from bending over and picking them up. Betty’s bad back keeps her from doing the same.
What are they ? They are those annoying cardboard inserts found in most magazines and many catalogues. When you open them they fall out.
Somewhere, somebody, must believe they are going to sell me something or there wouldn’t be so many of them. But all they do for me is irritate me. If I have a choice between a company I’ve seen on a cardboard insert and one I haven’t. I’ll pick the one I haven’t seen every time.
But enough! I am going to get a broom and a long handle dustpan and sweep them up because I just can’t stand that smiling lizard any longer. Then , I suppose, I will throw them in the recycle box. Some poor tree died to make them.
Enjoy your day and may the inserts in your life be few

.@@@@ News from Pigeon Falls-The little town in my basement where the trains still run, dragons fly, and life is back to normal.– All over Pigeon Falls parents are putting the finishing touches on children’s Halloween costumes. There are a multitude of Spider Men and one Spider Girl. There are the usual ghosts and witches. There is even a two person dragon worn by the McGregor twins. They tossed a coin to see who got which end. Kent Johnson is driving his mother nuts. First he wanted to be a Doctor and she started on that. Then he changed his mind because his buddy was going to be a monster so he wanted to be a monster. His mother started on that. Then he found an old comic book of Captain marvel and now he wants to be Captain Marvel. He throws a mean tantrum if he doesn’t get his way so one suspects his mother will give in but there isn’t much time.
Petrovich is going to the adult Halloween party dressed as a Russian Monk. Perhaps, He’ll have a vision or two to share. He told his wife that for most of the evening he will only speak Coptic and stay in character. His wife is going as Katherine the Great Czar of all Russia.
Eino is still waiting to hear from his FBI friend about Petrovich. His friend did tell him that they have a huge file on Petrovich as he has been checked twice for a government agency. The file is, however, marked classified so it will take a little while to get the information.
Will the McGregor dragon win the costume contest? Will it be attacked by the town dragon? Will Petrovich win a prize for his costume? Why was Petrovich investigated by a federal agency? Why is the file classified? And of course is Tommy UK really the Undertaker’s kid?

Today's Link-Propagating ponderances perpetually-Finally an explanation of love.
Good day. WE went in the morning to Holly Hobby and got plaster roll so Betty can finish the mountain. We all so got some special paint and Betty got a few other things. In the afternoon I visited all my links . Then we brought up two circus cars and I photographed them and put them on eBay. We now have six cars up for bids. My grandkids are coming later to show us their Halloween costumes. But now I need a breathing treatment.

Tuesday, October 30, 2007

More Internet Facts

Saying for the Day-The Internet is a shallow and unreliable electronic repository of dirty pictures, inaccurate rumors, bad spelling and worse grammar, inhabited largely by people with no demonstrable social skills. ~Author Unknown

Ten things you would never know if not for the internet.

Nine of the following “facts” I made up this morning. They might be true because I guess well. One of them is true. Can you tell which one.

1. At the time of the dinosaurs men were only three feet tall.
2. Donald Duck was modeled after a cousin of Walt Disney.
3. A lightning bolt generates temperatures five times hotter than those found at the sun's surface!
4. Once the crocodile loses its teeth it never grows new ones.
5. Tablecloths were originally sheets and beds doubled as tables.
6. The most popular first name in the world is John.
7. The Philadelphia Mint no longer produces pennies only nickels, dimes, and dollars as coins.
8. Telephobia is the fear of being stuck on the telephone with a salesman.
9. You are born with 300 bones but by the time you become an adult you have 357.
10. More people use green toothbrushes than yellow ones.

Share these facts with friends. You can tell them they must be true because you read it on the internet.

Last weeks one true fact was number 4. Donkeys kill more people than airplane crashes every year. To see the entire list click HERE.

@@@@ News from Pigeon Falls-The little town in my basement where the trains still run, dragons fly, and life is back to normal.– Wednesday night the local kids go out for Trick or Treat. Marge Maki said last year she gave out candy to over one hundred kids. She didn’t think there were that many kids in Pigeon Falls. Some of them were fussy. They wanted to pick which candy she would give them. Nobody wanted apples. When Marge was a kid you took what they gave and said thank you. That was that. Today’s kids just aren’t the same. In addition to the loot they gather from the homes there is a big party at the school and they get prizes for the best costumes. They didn’t do that when Marge was a kid. Of course, now there are no outhouses to tip over like there used to be. Now that was good clean fun. Except for the year her brother fell in to one they had pushed over. Then again it is possible somebody gave him just a little push. He was a mess and he really smelled. He lost all his candy and her mother was so mad. They both ended up being grounded for a month. Those were the good old days.
Mayor Trumble said that kids should go around in groups and watch out for the big white rabbit which has been known to take candy from a child going by themselves. After all the big white rabbit is a demon and they come out on Halloween. There is also a good chance the dragon will be flying over, as well.
For the adults there is a big Halloween party at the Fly Inn in the hotel ballroom or to be more exact the hotel all purpose room. There will be plenty of beer and prizes for the best costumes. It’s a good job most people in Pigeon Falls can stumble home and don’t need to drive.

Todays Link:-Talk About a Box of Chocolates - A blog about a mother and brand new twins, But don't forget the other three kids.
A nice day. We went to the Credit Union and opened a special account to transfer our Pay Pal money to. Then we worked in the basement. I continued to check G scale cars for sale and Betty used up the last of the plaster cloth on the mountain. Then I choose two cars which we brought up, measured, and placed on eBay for sale. Discovered two more of the listed cars had sold. That was good news. THe table in the basement is still full. Now I need a breathing treatment.

Monday, October 29, 2007

Five things I like

SAying for the day:The best and most beautiful things in the world cannot be seen or even touched - they must be felt with the heart.

I found this meme on Josie's blog .

Five smells I love ~
1) The smell of the woods in the Spring.
2) The smell of roses in the garden..
3)The smell of a Steam Train . You hardly get to smell that any more.
4) The smell of a new car.
5) The smell of saffron buns baking..

Five sights I love ~
1) Snow falling in a blizzard.
2) Movies and pictures of old steam trains..
3) Betty in any light..
4) Janvangogh’s paintings
5) My grandchildren playing.

Five tastes that I love ~
1) Chocolate. Anything chocolate. Dark, rich, chocolate.
2) Hot Cocoa and toast
3) Lemon pie.
4) Roast beef.
5) Saffron buns

Five sounds I love ~
1) The sound of rain pelting on my roof .
2) Anything by Gene Autry or Roy Rogers
3) A train whistle, way off in the distance, late at night.
4) The church choir
5) Betty laughing.

Five things I love to touch ~
1) The dog
2 ) Betty .
3) Model Trains.
4) My computer mouse.
5) Leather.

Now it's your turn. I would love to hear what your favorites are.

@@@@ News from Pigeon Falls-The little town in my basement where the trains still run, dragons fly, and life is back to normal. Eino has decided to quietly ask his FBI friend to do a background check on Petrovich. Petrovich showed up in Pigeon Falls a few years ago so he has no local history. He has an office but never seems to work. He has enough money to make trips to Russia and doesn’t seem to need anything. He has been on the edge of most of the strange things that have been happening in Pigeon Falls. So Eino wants to know more about him.
Tommy TW has the proofs for his novel and is going over them. Nancy is excited because soon “Murder in the Sauna” will be published. She has read it and says it is a great novel.
The consolidated school football banquet will be held Wednesday night. It doesn’t promise to be a time of rejoicing. How does one rejoice when you lost all your games and the coach resigned? But the banquet is a tradition so it will go on. Over at the Fly Inn some of the regulars are saying they should just have bread and water at the banquet because that’s all the boys deserve. That really isn’t fair since the boys played hard and really tried. Sometimes small towns forget these are just kids.
What will Eino discover? Does Petrovich have a checkered past? Where does his money come from? Will Tommy TW ever get his book published. Will the boys enjoy the banquet despite the loses? And of course is Tommy UK really the undertaker’s son?

Todays Link-She's Happy in the Sun- A defense of Facebook
A good day today. My oxygen was back up two points into the normal level. I spent most of the day working in the basement. Betty started putting plaster cloth on the mountain. It is coming along well. We tried to take some movies but first we had too little light and then we had so much it washed out. I unpacked HO cars getting them ready to sell. A lot of them seemed to have lost their wheels in storage. I brought up two more G scale cars and listed them on eBay. Little by little it all comes together. Now I need a breathing treatment.

Sunday, October 28, 2007

Goodbye Pastor Joel

Saying for the Day-It's easy to make a buck. It's a lot tougher to make a difference."-- Tom Brokaw, Journalist

I almost don’t want to go to church today. It is going to be one of those sad happy days. We are celebrating Pastor Joel’s ministry on the last Sunday he will be with us. On Wednesday he retires from the active ministry. Then he and his wife will join a different Lutheran Church so that he won’t be in the way of the next pastor. Pastor Joel was and is everything I could want in a pastor. He loved Jesus and preached biblically based sermons. He had respect for liturgy but saw it as a tool for praising God and not a straightjacket . He loves to sing Jesus Loves me and do all the motions. He taught that Jesus called us to a life of service. His confirmands served meals at the shelter, built tables for Habitat for Humanity, and served in other ways as well. He put together what he called a softball team but was really a work group that helped people in a wide variety of ways. He was ecumenical and St. Marks has a great relationship with the nearest Catholic Church. He is one very special Pastor. He will be missed.
So I feel sad and yet I want to be part of the celebration that tells him how much we appreciated his ministry. So I will go to church and rejoice with tears. A sad happy day indeed.

@@@@ News from Pigeon Falls-The little town in my basement where the trains still run, dragons fly, and life is back to normal. Pastor Joan talked about Halloween as a Church holiday so corrupted by American nonsense that it bears no real relationship to its roots. Halloween comes from All Hallows Eve . It was a time of preparation for All Saints day. A time to think of those who died in the faith and await us in heaven. Out of that have come pumpkins, witches, goblins, and all the rest of the nonsense. But she told the congregation, ”We can’t get the original back so we might as well enjoy the nonsense . Just in the middle of all the silliness take a moment and remember all those who died in the faith , all the Saints.”
Petrovich heard what was being said about him down at the Fly Inn Bar and Hotel and he is upset. He told Nancy he has just tried to help Pigeon Falls and the thanks he gets is ridicule. He spent hours translating driblets and looking for solutions. He has worked and worked for the community. They make fun of him. When the next terrible thing happens maybe he won’t share with them the key. Just let them suffer in it. Then we’ll see who is laughing.
At that point Nancy asked if there was another driblet that seemed to center in Pigeon Falls but he didn’t answer her. He just kept saying “ They’ll all be sorry. They’ll all be sorry.” So poor Nancy is left wondering what else can happen to Pigeon Falls.
The football coach for the New Potatoes quit after the terrible season they had. He found a job in a different school system where he can just teach and doesn’t have to coach football. One wonders if they can get one of the men from the Fly Inn as the new coach. Or perhaps Petrovich. He could read the team a driblet before each game. That should inspire them.

Today's Link-Not Alone- Some thoughts about evil.
We went to church and we did cry a little or as my mother used to put it my glasses fogged. We came home and worked in the basement. Betty started on the mountain sides that come down from the upper village. She took a clue from Margaret and thought outside the box. I can not believe what she used as the support for the plaster cloth. Then we came up and Betty, Pennie, and I played canasta. I won. Pennie had a rough day. She was called to the hospital a number of times because of people trying to commit suicide. It might have something to do with Halloween.
Now I need a breathing treatment.

Saturday, October 27, 2007

But It's There

Saying for the Day-Sometimes what you can't see is what you get.

I believe in something that can not be seen. Something that you can not touch or feel. Something you can’t put a test tube in and get under a microscope. How do you know it’s there you might ask. Because it’s the best explanation for the existence of other things that can be seen.
Artists draw pictures based on visions and dreams of this something.
What is this object of belief? I suppose you think that because I am a Pastor I am going too say God but you would be wrong. The object is a black hole. It may or may not exist out there in space . But if it does you can not see it. It doesn’t allow light to escape. You can’t touch it or get stuff out of it because anything that goes in stays in and is never seen again.
What makes us think that black holes exist? Well scientists ( the people who know) tell us that they do. They are an explanation for the creation and destruction of some stars. They are a very usable theory. Without them so many things out there in space would make no sense.
So science believes in what it can not see, touch, feel, or experiment on. Isn’t that interesting.
Have a good day and don’t fall in a black hole.

@@@@ News from Pigeon Falls-The little town in my basement where the trains still run, dragons fly, and life is back to normal.– Bob Maki who heads up the festival and celebration committee for Pigeon Falls visited the blog “Outside My Window” and says he found a whole group of festival and celebrations that could be used in Pigeon Falls.
There are special Christmas events. November 3 is Luminary night , November 10th is Christmas Market Open House .What else would they call an event on November 17th, Hunter's Widow Day .The Festival of Trees is on November 24th and a Artist Reception is scheduled for November 25. They will have wagon rides and refreshments.
Pigeon Falls has always been willing to borrow an event or two from a neighbor. It will, of course, change and receive a distinct Pigeon Falls flavor. It might even be given a new name. But great ideas have to come from someplace .
Over at the Fly Inn somebody suggested that on the coldest day in January they hold a driblet festival and have Petrovich read his latest translations. Perhaps they can even get Petrovich to sing the Pigeon Falls song. Everybody at the bar thought that was pretty funny. Josep Stohan suggested that Petrovich might sing a driblet. They found that even funnier. Poor Petrovich his attempt to help the town he loves have now made him the butt of bar humor.

Today's Link-Quasar9-On black holes he's the expert.
I worked in the basement most of the day. We got the trolley running. It won't work on Fas Track so we had to put in a special trolley track made up of the old O27 track. Betty came and helped. Then we went out to eat lunch ( there was nothing to eat in the house) and grocery shopping.Pennie is on call this weekend. So we saw her coming and going. Lots of people trying to commit suicide today so she spent a lot of time at the hospital. Now I need a breathing treatment.

Friday, October 26, 2007

Friday -Win or Lose

Saying for the Day:

Today's Priceless prize-This beautiful small Dickensville building. It would look great in a little Christmas village.

It's time for the internet contest that requires no postage and handling fee.
The contest that requires no credit card.
The contest that has no cumbersome blanks to fill out.
The contest that is very slow at sending out prizes.
The contest that doesn't even require your correct name.
Every Friday we give away priceless prizes to some lucky person who commented on this blog in the week gone by.

THE RULES:( Very important)
To take part in the contest you must
1: Have commented on at least one entry on this blog in the last week.
2: Be willing to supply your mailing address.

For every day that you left a comment we write your name on a slip of paper that is placed in our rose colored drawing bowl. So if you commented every day you could have 7 slips in the bowl.
( The more slips the higher your chance to win)

Next Betty or her designated replacement draws one of those slips and that person wins the Priceless Prize.

If you don't like porcelain take a chance on a door.
Behind one of our two doors today are the usual pencils and?

Behind the other ...........

@@@@ News from Pigeon Falls-The little town in my basement where the trains still run, dragons fly, and life is back to normal–Tonight the New Potatoes play there last game of the season. If they don’t win it will mean a season of nothing but losses. This is the worst possible tragedy for those who find their self worth in the success of the team. Down at the Fly Inn where every single man know he could do a better hob of coaching there is talk of demanding that the school fire the coach. Every week these leaders have rehashed every play of the last loss. They know just what should have been done. “This coach has made us a laughingstock !” one says, “We can’t hold our heads up” says another. They want a coach that can coach. One like that Kangas guy in Manistique who took his team from a losing season last year to the playoffs this year. “Now that man can coach” Hank McGregoir said just before he left the bar for the night.
Nancy says there were a couple of Fly Inn regulars that stopped in to her place this morning and asked her to circulate a petition to get the coach removed, The honor of the community is at stake. Nancy refused. She says the coach is a good guy who does the best he can with what he has. The two men said they will never come into her pace again. Nancy wasn’t upset. Her place was never where they did their serious drinking. One of the wives stopped in to Nancy’s later and told her not to worry. Her husband always goes a little crazy over sports, He wanted the last Green Bay coach tarred and feathered and run out of town,

Today's Link- Dan's Den- The happy story of a man and his car.

Betty is up and has drawn

The winner is ..........


Congratulations Yummy

It was a great day today. I visited all my links. Now I am a fountain of usless knowledge. Then the track came. Betty and I spent most of the day in the basement laying track. The track for the first module except for the trolley line is laid. We trued an engine and it ran without any trouble after we moved the track a little. I hope to get some pictures and run them on the blog next week. It has begun. Now I see that my railroad car sold on eBay for a bit more than I expected. Now our problem is shipping a 16" long car. Now I need a breathing treatment.

Thursday, October 25, 2007

Dang Dog

Saying for the day:Properly trained, a man can be dog's best friend. ~Corey Ford

Does there come a day when a dog ceases to be a puppy and becomes a responsible dog?

Yesterday we had a terrible day with Maggie, our not yet a year old Springer Spaniel.

First she dug under the fence and found a baby mouse. She played with it like a chew toy tossing it up into the air until Betty made her leave it. But then her feet were covered with dirt and she got dirt all over the rug.

Then she chewed the corner out of a sofa pillow and when we made her stop doing that she went behind the big chair and started chewing on that.

She had a huge number of toys all of which she has destroyed, pulled to pieces.

Now she has discovered another way to annoy us. She barks to go out. Well the yard is fenced so that’s ok. We open the sliding door and she goes half way out. There she stands. The cold air is coming in and she isn’t budging. What she wants is one of us to go out with her. Poor Betty usually ends up doing that.
When does she grow up? Will she? Will we have any furniture left?

@@@@ News from Pigeon Falls-The little town in my basement where the trains still run, dragons fly, and life is back to normal–Yesterday Petrovich shared with Pigeon Falls the first draft of his biography of the great Russian Poet and seer Alexis Grengicoff . This is the rest of that draft.
It was decided on by Alexis and his Monk disciple the Alexis would describe the vision and the monk would wrote them down. His mother, who considered the visions a gift from God supplied the very best writing parchment and pens.The separate visions were called driblets and given a number . It is obvious from the driblets that the visions caused Alexis a great deal of pain. To ease this pain Alexis began to drink extensively but this only seemed to increase the visions and to make them more intense.
Alexis saw and his Monk disciple wrote down visions of World War I and World War II. He saw tanks and planes and even a vision of what had to be an Atomic bomb destroying a city.
The problem is that the driblets were placed in the library of the monastery and forgotten. The events predicted came and went and nobody knew about the driblets.
With the coming of the Soviet Union the Monks hid all the contents of their library and pretended to be peasant farmers. Soviet soldiers ransacked the Monastery and took everything of value.
With the end of the Soviet Union the Monks and their followers returned to the monastery. They brought back the library and then rediscovered the driblets. One of the Monks was Aneras A Petrovich who contacted a relative in America and told him of the driblets.

Today's Link-Lettuce Eating- A sad story but worth a read.
The day started off well enough as my oxygen was two points up into the normal range which meant that for most of the day I didn't have to lug the oxygen bottle around. But then I went to Ebay and discovered that the person who won my train couldn't get through to Pay Pal to pay me because somewhere in the Ebay system my old e-mail address still existed. Now I had corrected that to the new address at both places. This prevented PayPal from crediting my account. It took all morning and calls to PayPal and an online chat with Ebay to get it all straight, It was high stress. But we finally worked it out. Then my sister called with good news that my nephew , the football coach made the front page of the Marquette Mining Journal. I went on line and got the article. Betty and I went to the Post Office and mailed out the Engine. The dog must have read the blog because it was extra good all day. Now I need a breathing treatment.

Wednesday, October 24, 2007

Negative Labels

Saying for the Day-The average man's judgment is so poor he runs a risk every time he uses it. Edgar Watson

The other day I went grocery shopping with Betty. As I browsed the aisles I saw a number of packages that had in big black letters on their labels “ Contains No Trans Fat”. Some of these products I am sure never contained “Trans Fat“ . I understood what we had here was a new kind of negative advertising. If Trans fats are bad and this product doesn’t have any then
the product must be good. It might have a bucket of salt and enough regular fat to kill you but it has no Trans fat so it is good for you.
I began to think of the possibilities of negative label advertising. The
following come to mind.

Contains no radioactive material” on a baby food jar. You wouldn’t want to feed your baby food that was radioactive would you. Well then trust us ours isn’t. We can’t speak for the competition.

No Road Kill used in Product” on ground meat. You don’t want your hamburger to contain part of the neighbor’s dog or bunny now do you?

No Powdered Bat’s Wings” on product to control your cold. Even if powdered bat’s wings can keep you from sneezing would you want them in your cold product?

Contains no Dioxin” on any food product. Everybody knows dioxins cause cancer. So it is good to know there aren’t any in this product. Producing it may have sent piles of dioxins into somebody’s lake but that isn’t your problem.

Contains no Rat or Mouse Droppings” on cakes or cupcakes. You have always been afraid those little black things you found in store bought cakes and cup cakes were rat or mouse droppings. Now you won’t have to worry. We are telling you they aren’t.

Now let your imagination run wild and see all the other possibilities for negative package adds.

@@@@ News from Pigeon Falls-The little town in my basement where the trains still run, dragons fly, and life is back to normal– Petrovich shared with Pigeon Falls the first draft of his biography of the great Russian Poet and seer Alexis Grengicoff .
Alexis Grengicoff was born into a rich Russian family. His father was a relative of the Czar Ivan IV and often visited at the palace. His mother was a deeply religious woman of the Orthodox Faith. The home was filled with religious Icons. His father was a heavy drinker and a cruel man when drunk. He beat both his wife and young Alexis. As a relative of the Czar he wielded tremendous power and used it to terrorize the peasants and small landowners. When Alexis was twelve his father was found dead on the road to the palace. His throat had been cut but the killer took nothing.
From that time on Alexis was under the influence of his mother who convinced him that God wanted him to be a priest. At fourteen he began to have visions. He saw things that didn’t exist like flying machines and wagons that moved without horses. These early visions were not recorded and so are lost forever. It is known that they contained a lot of birds.
At age twenty one Alexis was ordained to the Orthodox Priesthood but choose not to Pastor a Church. Instead he joined a monastery that was part of the Little Brothers of Truth . There he served as the Monastery's priest most of the other Monks not being ordained .
Soon his visions became worse and he began to drink to get relief from them. This lead some to believe that his drinking was causing the visions but they had it backwards. His visions were causing the drinking.
It was at this time that one of the other Monks decided that Alexis had a gift from God and was having visions of the future which should be written down.
To be continued:

Today's Link-The User Pool- How bad bosses try to appear good.
A great breathing day. I started two degrees higher in the normal range than the last few days. I visited all the links and left comments on most of the new entries. I worked in the basement getting G scale items ready to sell on E-Bay. Our dog decided to be a cat and caught a field mouse. It was tossing it in the air when Betty made it quit.My sister called. Her son Todd coaches a football team at a UP high school. Last year his team lost most of their games. This year they are in the play-offs and have home field advantage. I sold my engine on E-Bay for a fairly good price. I listed another car. Now I need a breathing treatment.

Tuesday, October 23, 2007

Ten More Internet Facts

Saying for the Day: Warning: the Internet may contain traces of nuts. ~Author Unknown

Ten Internet Facts
Things you wouldn’t know without the internet

1. A dead cat is a sign of good luck in many primitive societies.

2. You can make a pie that looks and tastes like apple by using steamed peaches and a little cinnamon.

3. Lionel sold more electric trains than any American manufacturer.

4. Donkeys kill more people than airplane crashes every year.

5. Ground bat wings can keep you from sneezing.

6. So called “ Yellow Fever” actually causes people to turn a sort of bluish color.

7. Ink for Ink Jet Printers which costs $.23 an ounce to make is sold to the printer owner at the cost of $50.00 an ounce or more.

8. There are more people killed by animals in zoos than in the wild.

9. In some African societies bald people are seen as cursed by the gods and are shunned.

10. Eating an apple a day has no real effect on your health.

The above ten facts are as accurate as any “internet facts”. They have not been researched but that doesn’t keep them from being true. I made nine of them up this morning but that doesn’t keep them from being true as I am very perceptive. One really is true. I checked. Can you guess which one?

@@@@ News from Pigeon Falls-The little town in my basement where the trains still run, dragons fly, and life is back to normal– Despite the funny weather the New Potatoes , the consolidated High School foot ball team went right on playing and losing. They have now lost seven games in a row. Local people are saying by the end of the season they will be able to change their name to Mashed Potatoes . Last year’s great season by the basketball team has been forgotten and the call to change the name is back. Every night at the Fly Inn the argument rages. “ What this team needs is a stronger name, like Big Wolves or Mountain Lions’ says Hank Barclate while he can still stand up. “Nah! They need a faster name like Running Deer or The Antelopes, Says Gerhard Maki who by the end of the night can hardly move. A bar, is of course, the place to decide on sports names. All the experts are there.
Nancy also hears her share of possible names but the people drinking her coffee are sober. In her shop names like “The Pioneers” or the “Lumberjacks” are suggested. They want non-Indian, non animal, non violent names.
So for the moment there is no community consensus and the team remains “New Potatoes”. The players have gotten used to it. What they need is not a new name but a new football coach. The only teacher willing to take the job and that after much arm twisting was Mr. Joshua Hicks who teaches history. He never played football in his life. Perhaps, he could get one of the experts from the Fly Inn to help him.

Today's Link-Yummy Down on This-Another person trying to lose weight.
Good breathing day. I went early to the basement and started laying track but then we couldn't find the last box of straight track so we are stalled. Betty went back to working upstairs and I started sorting G scale stuff for E-Bay. I posted two more railroad cars today. I had enough time to visit all my links but I had to skip my soaps. Now I need a breathing treatment.

Monday, October 22, 2007

Greatest Family in the World

SAying for the Day: When you look at your life, the greatest happinesses are family happinesses. ~Joyce Brothers

I have the most wonderful family in the world. I do!
First of all there is my wife Betty who is and has been my lover, my friend, my nurse, my driver, my cook, mother of my children and an inspiration in the faith. She is the closest thing to angel that a human being can be. Over all these years she has put up with my foolishness, my temper, and all my other failings ( too many to detail here). I can not imagine life without her.
Then there is my daughter Pennie. She lives in the other half of this duplex. She sold her house so we could buy this one because she knew we wanted to be near her and the boys. When we were in Crystal Falls she often drove up to give her mother a hand. Now she cuts the grass and goes shopping with Betty to those stores I would rather not go. There is no better daughter.
My sons Peter and Patrick visit often and do all the things that Betty and I can’t do. They never complain about the things we ask of them. Like Pennie they used to make the long drive up to Crystal Falls often. They celebrate their holidays with us . One could not ask for better sons.
My oldest sister calls every week to see how I am despite the fact that I haven’t always been nice to her. She is something special.
The only bad part of this family is me. That’s what makes it so wonderful. They still love me.
Imagine that. They love me.

@@@@ News from Pigeon Falls-The little town in my basement where the trains still run, dragons fly, and life is back to normal.– The only reminder of the strange cold spell in Pigeon Falls is that there is still ice on the Lake of the Loons. It froze so deep during that time that it has only begun to thaw. If you go there you might see the strangest sight. There a couple of deer that seem to like sliding on the ice. They run as fast as they can onto the lake the stop short and slide. The thin layer of water on top of the ice makes it really slippery. The deer really seem to be enjoying the activity.
Jack’s Sauna is now back in operation and being well used. Jack figures business will even be better when Tommy TW’s book comes out. If “Murder in the Sauna” is a big seller Jack figures people will want to come and see the Sauna that was the inspiration for the book. He might even see if he can get Tommy TW to hold a book signing session in the Sauna ( well not the heated part).
Eino is still trying to find a reasonable explanation for Pigeon Falls little Fall Winter. Why did all the pigeons leave? Where did the deer go? These are questions he would like to get answered. None of it makes any sense. There has to be a rational explanation for all of it. So Eino is spending time doing research on the internet.

Today's Link-Part of the Process- A good guy with my gag reflex.
Aside from doing my blog entry this morning I spent the rest of the day in the basement. I finished three little tables so the base for the new layout is done. I began sorting my G scale cars to sell on E-Bay, every car a memory. Bertty went to the dentist. So I missed my soaps. I missed reading blogs, I missed playing with the dog. But I finished the tables. Now I need a breathing treatment.

Sunday, October 21, 2007

A log or two

Saying for the day: Luke 6:41 “And why worry about a speck in your friend’s eye when you have a log in your own?
This is becoming one of my favorite verses. I have always been good at seeing the speck in my brother’s eye. I saw their sin. It was always clear when that sin was directed at me. It would make me angry. I have a Finnish, Cousin Jack ( Cornish) temper. The Finnish part flares and the Cousin Jack part hangs on and nurtures the anger. Over the years it has caused me a great deal of pain.
But God in His goodness is helping me to see the log. I am learning that nobody makes me angry . The anger comes from me. I choose to be angry. I choose to be hurt. The one who I am angry at may have no idea why I’m upset. The speck in their eye is small. They probable never intended to hurt me at all. But the log in my eye (sin) caused me to see things as if they were intended to hurt me. Then I caused myself pain.
This wonderful gift of seeing the log means that I no longer fester on things. I still flare up now and then. People still do things that irritate me. But just after I begin to get angry I see the log. It ends. I don’t have to suffer. Sometimes I even see how my sin is hurting somebody else and I can say I’m sorry.
That verse is becoming a favorite.

@@@@ News from Pigeon Falls-The little town in my basement where the trains still run, dragons fly, and life is back to normal.– There were a few less people at services in Last Lutheran Church this morning. The missing ones stayed up too late at the big street dance and celebration. They were just too tired to go to church. It’s too bad because Pastor Joan had a terrific sermon. She jumped around in the pulpit so much it looked like she was going to fly. She preached on forgiveness and letting go of our anger. Told people that choosing to be angry hurt not only themselves but the one’s who love them. But it seldom hurt the person you were angry at. She talked about God’s forgiveness as a basis for ours. It was one great sermon. People went home and talked about it over lunch so you know it had to be good.
The town dragon made several flights over the street dance last night . People waved and cheered when he appeared. It was like welcoming back an old friend despite what Mrs. Trumble says. There was a moment when they thought the dragon’s fire was going to set the big banner on fire but it just singed it.
Dragon and Pigeons all part of normal life in Pigeon Falls.
Today's Link-Dr. Denis Says- Be sure to scroll down below all the Irish nonsense to the entry.
Very good day today. There was so much going on at church. The recently Confirmed youth were introduced , new members were received, and two children were baptized. Pastor Joel's widfe sang twice and people had tears in their eyes since next Sunday he retires and they will leaver the congregation. Pennie and I did a children's sermon on Baptism that went very well. Pennie does a great job wit Margaret our puppet. We came home and Pennie cut the grass. She came over early in the morning and cut wood for me. I spent the afternoon putting two little table tops together. Tomorrow I will do the third and put legs on them. Then I will have the tables ready for the new layout. We finished the day with Betty, Pennie, and I playing canasta and I won. Now I need a breathing treatment.

Saturday, October 20, 2007

Good By old fri4ends

Saying for the Day:So comes snow after fire, and even dragons have their ending.” J.R.R. Tolkien

I feel a little down this morning. I have begun the process of selling my Garden Railroad collection on E-Bay. It is like losing some old friends. For years in Crystal Falls I built that collection. I had a great Garden Railroad. It was the original Pigeon Falls. Now the people who bought the house have torn down the raised garden and there is no sign that a garden railroad used to be there. I am left with all the engines and cars and some track that never gor put down. Every piece is filled with memories. But it is time to let go. It is time to move forward. The end of one adventure and the start of another.
So I am selling off the Garden Railroad pieces one by one.
First to go was this beautiful little engine. I fell in love with it when I first saw it. I never got to run it because we moved . I never took it out of the box but the entire winter it sat on my end table and I enjoyed looking at it. Now somebody will be running it on their layout. It will be missed.
Next I am selling this Coca Cola car. It was a fun piece. Most of the time it was parked on my one siding next to the loading dock at Wink’s Woods. That was because I had a little figure of a man unloading Coca Cola cases so it looked perfect. I hope whoever gets it treats it well.
I haven’t decided on the next piece yet. The choice is so hard. But in the end they all have to go.
There is a time to leave go of the old and embrace the new.
So I begin an 0 gauge layout in my basement. Betty is already planning where the buildings will go and the base is almost built.

@@@@ News from Pigeon Falls-The little town in my basement where the trains still run, dragons fly, and life is back to normal.– The town is getting ready for the big street dance tonight. The Dorothy Heralds are expected on the afternoon train and will provide the music. There is a big banner across main street that says “ LOOK NO SNOW”. The Methodist ladies will be selling pasties from noon until they are all gone. The temperature is expected to reach sixty five today. Everything is clearly back to normal.
Petrovich is busy working on the biography of his fifteenth century Russian Seer. He feels its important for people to know as much as possible about the one who wrote the driblets.
People coming in on the milk train this morning swear they saw a six foot white rabbit in a pink sweater that waved at them. It was out on Temple’s Grade where the train slows down as it goes up hill. One of the passengers said that it must have been real because it was too early in the morning to be drunk.
Everything is back to normal.
Nancy no sooner came to work this morning than the teacups began to pile themselves into a V shape. Her poltergeist was back and feeling frisky. The cups returned to the shelf and the teapot floated by, The first customer to ask for tea was treated to a floating tea pot doing the pouring.
Everything is back to normal.
Somebody says they saw the dragon fly up and down main street this morning. He just missed the new banner.
Everything is back to normal.
Yep! Everything is back to normal in the little normal town of Pigeon Falls.

Today's Link-Comments from the Peanut Gallery- Thoughts about professional development.
A had a good day. My G scale train is doing well on E-Bay. Peter and family came. Peter and I went to Menards and got most of what I need to finish the train tables. Then Betty and I played Lori and Pennie in Canasta. They won. Now I need a breathing treatment.

Friday, October 19, 2007

Friday- Win or Lose

Saying for the Day:It's time for the internet contest that requires no postage and handling fee.
The contest that requires no credit card.
The contest that has no cumbersome blanks to fill out.
The contest that is very slow at sending out prizes.
The contest that doesn't even require your correct name.
Every Friday we give away priceless prizes to some lucky person who commented on this blog in the week gone by.

THE RULES:( Very important)
To take part in the contest you must
1: Have commented on at least one entry on this blog in the last week.
2: Be willing to supply your mailing address.

For every day that you left a comment we write your name on a slip of paper that is placed in our rose colored drawing bowl. So if you commented every day you could have 7 slips in the bowl.
( The more slips the higher your chance to win)

Next Betty or her designated replacement draws one of those slips and that person wins the Priceless Prize.

Today's Priceless Prize consists of three hand crafted glass candle holders with candles. These are hand-made pieces. Produced by skilled glassmakers trained in the intricate art of glassmaking.

If you don't like candles take a chance on a door.
Behind one of our two doors today are the usual pencils and?

Behind the other ...........

@@@@ News from Pigeon Falls-The little town in my basement where the trains still run, dragons fly, and life is back to normal.– Tommy TW , Nancy’s husband. Is still waiting for a publishing date for his novel “ Murder in the Sauna” . That’s the book that was originally entitled “Murder in a Small Town”. His editor says that Tommy TW needs to get a new spell checker. He is a very good writer but a very bad speller. He also is a little sloppy on details so that the same person shows up with a different first name in a couple of places. This was a minor character but editors are paid to find mistakes like that. In a few more days he should have the proofs and then the publishing.
Nancy says that next he should write a contemporary history of Pigeon Falls, Tommy TW says it would be too unbelievable. Who would believe that there is a town that has a dragon fly in on a regular basis? Or where a six foot white rabbit in a pink sweater hops by when it feels like it? Or that has a poltergeist that likes to pile dishes? Or a place where the whole community dreams the same dream and it almost kills them? Or where people turn to stone and back to people again? Or where the government sends in troops and quarantines the town for no discernable reason? Or where it is freezing cold while the countryside around it has a heat wave? Or where a little old lady is Mayor, calls herself dragon slayer, and defeats a professional wrestler? Or where some long dead Russian monk seems to have predicted much of what is going to happen? Nobody would believe it so he is not going to write it.
Tomorrow the big snow is gone celebration with the big street dance. One can almost bet the dragon will show up.

Today's Link-Atravovi-- A look at college life.

Betty has drawn

And the winner is

Dum Ta Da Tum


Congratulations Nessa- Now let us know if you want the Priceless Prize or a door.
Well I had another good day. I finished the fourth table. The staging for the layout is almost done. Betty and I cleared up another couple of boxes. I listed a Coca-Cola G Scale car on E-Bay. I hope my son Peter comes tomorrow and we can go to Menards to get the rest of what I need.
Now I need a breathing treatment.

Thursday, October 18, 2007

Real Honey

Saying for the Day:Honey is sweet! but the bee stings” old proverb

Every year at this time I buy candy shaped like corn and pumpkins. The pumpkins are orange with green stems and the corn looks like the stuff you feed to chickens ( I know that because I’m and old chicken feeder. )The candy has a great taste and I really like it. But this year when I bought my annual bag ( at Menard’s of all places) I noticed something new on the bag. On the corner was a picture of a beehive and the words “Made with Real Honey”.
This set me to wondering if other companies that made candy pumpkins and corn used fake honey. Instead of honey made by friendly little bees that are real and fly around a real hive there is honey made by fake bees that hive in a fake hive. Or perhaps its honey made by some other kind of bug like roach honey. Ick! It could be honey made in a chemistry lab out of chemicals that aren’t good for my health. But I don’t have to worry because my candy contains not just honey but “real honey”. The kind that come from a hive like the one on the candy package.
Of course, the “real” isn’t really necessary. If the honey wasn’t real they would have to list made with pretend honey or synthetic honey or artificial honey on the package. We have laws that require that. It would be in very small print but it would be there.
My theory is that the Bee’s union requires the label “real honey”. You do not want the bees to go out on strike. You try to cross their picket line your going to get stung.
So if you are buying Halloween candy make sure you check for the “Real Honey” label. Just look for the hive. You can’t miss it.

@@@@ News from Pigeon Falls-The little town in my basement where the trains still run, dragons fly, and the snow is gone. There was a big “snow gone” party at the Fly Inn last night. Men who usually didn’t need a reason to drink drank to the melting of the snow. Men who usually only had a drink on the weekends joined them. It was a wild and noisy party.
It’s a good job that the cold weather was over because when Emil Leppinen got home he discovered that his wife Miranda had locked all the doors and wouldn’t let him in. She told him he could go live at the Fly Inn. She warned him the last time he came home drunk that she would not put up with it. He could freeze to death as far as she was concerned. Poor Emil staggered over to his mother’s and spent the night there. This morning Miranda wouldn’t let him in. He told her he was sorry and it would never happen again. She didn’t believe him. He always says that. It was sad to see him begging on the front porch of his house. But then he might be lucky . The last time he came home drunk they got into a terrible fight and she hit him in the head with a frying pan. He took seven stitches.
Jack’s Sauna is back up and doing great business. People who love saunas but don’t have one of their own really missed it. Henry Tolofsaonn says it the first time he has been really warm since the cold event hit Pigeon Falls.
Mayor Trumble has declared this coming Saturday to be a public day of celebration of the end of the bad weather. There will be a big street dance and The Dorothy Heralds from Madison will play. They are a favorite in Pigeon Falls though their music defies description. People are ready for a celebration.

Today's Link:Idocrasies Of the English Language- Some environmental poetry.
I had another good day. My oxygen was in the low normal range in the morning. Betty and I finished the framework for the shelving. Then Pennie came and helped us put it all together. Now all the Christmas stuff is nicely shelved. In the afternoon I got three legs on another small table then ran out of legs. I then did some planning on the train layout. I checked my E-Bay account and found I had one bid so far on my train engine. Betty has agreed that everything I get in selling The G train stuff can be used to buy things for the O layout. Now I need a breathing treatment.

Wednesday, October 17, 2007

Fast Forward from Ralph

Saying for the day: Half the modern drugs could well be thrown out the window except that the birds might eat them. ~Martin H. Fischer

As I took my morning pills I thought of this bit of poetry that Ralph sent me.


A row of bottles on my shelf
Caused me to analyze myself.
One yellow pill I have to pop
Goes to my heart so it won't stop.
A little white one that I take
Goes to my hands so they won't shake.
The blue ones that I use a lot
Tell me I'm happy when I'm not.
The purple pill goes to my brain
And tells me that I have no pain.
The capsules tell me not to wheeze
Or cough or choke or even sneeze.
The red ones, smallest of them all
Go to my blood so I won't fall.
The orange ones, very big and bright
Prevent my leg cramps in the night.
Such an array of brilliant pills
Helping to cure all kinds of ills.
But what I'd really like to know...........
Is what tells each one where to go!

There's always a lot to be thankful for if
you take time to look for it. For example
I am sitting here thinking how nice it is
that wrinkles don't hurt..

@@@@ News from Pigeon Falls-The little town in my basement where the trains still run, dragons fly, and the snow is going.– It is forty degrees in Pigeon Falls this morning. Almost all of the snow is gone. The Lake of the Loons has begun to melt but there is a lot of ice there it may take two or three weeks unless the temperature really goes up. In any case the early winter has come to an end. The pigeons and deer are back in time for deer season. Life is back to normal.
Well not quite normal. Jack doesn’t have his Sauna up and running again yet. Wink’s Woods has a supply of Dragon Slayer bobble heads and sweaters. Mrs. Tumble has become an authentic folk hero. There are bits and pieces to remind the town of its long , early winter.
Yesterday another sign of normalcy as our friendly , local dragon flew up and down main street. People seemed happy to see it. But Mrs. Trumble, the Dragon Slayer herself, reminded them that the History channel said that Dragons for the most part were demonic.
People are still having mixed feelings about Petrovich. Is he the one who somehow made the long early winter happen or is he the one who saved them from it. Without him and his driblets there would have been no singer and no song. The town might still be freezing.
Tommy UK says he thinks there is a secret government research facility that is using Pigeon Falls as an experiment. They have chosen to end right at the moment it would look like the singing did it. Eino finds that to be a reasonable explanation.

Today's Link-THe Greatest Blog in the Entire World- With a title like this it had better be good.
I had a great day today. The oxygen level was up again. I worked all day in the basement. I finished another small table and Betty and I got the framework done for another shelf which Pennie will help us put together tomorrow. Then I took a picture of one of my G scale engines and listed it on E-Bay. I also made a loaf od bread which turned out great. Now I need a breathing treatment.

Tuesday, October 16, 2007

Christmas before Haloween

Saying for the Day- From a commercial point of view, if Christmas did not exist it would be necessary to invent it. Katharine Whitehorn

It used to be that Christmas displays showed up in stores around Thanksgiving. Then it moved slowly toward Halloween. It would seem that just after the fake pumpkins were removed the fake Christmas trees would be on display. It is on the move again.
Yesterday I was in Menards looking for some lumber and there was a whole section of fake Christmas trees and Christmas tree lights ( the lights weren’t fake). They were right next to the tulip bulbs , my wife wouldn’t let me purchase, which were being cleared out at half price. I haven’t even bought the candy for the trick or treaters yet. They were selling that at Menards too. You can buy two by fours, tiny chocolate bars, tulip bulbs, and Christmas lights all at the same place and at the same time of year.
I , of course, didn’t need to get a tree because I bought one last year in December when they cleared them out for the big Valentine’s Day display.
Isn’t life wonderful ?

@@@@ News from Pigeon Falls-The little town in my basement where the trains still run, dragons fly, and change is in the air.– Well the Lightning Lady sang last night. She sang both songs. She has a pretty good voice for a wrestler. As she was singing one could feel a warm breeze blowing across the town square and by the time she finished the temperature was up to five above zero. People were so happy to feel the warm air they cried.
This morning the temperature in Pigeon Falls is up to thirty two degrees and it didn’t snow. The first pigeon has returned and the morning milk train reported seeing a couple of deer. Pigeon Falls may well be on its way back to normal. The expectation is that the temperature should reach that of the surrounding area by noon today. That means they will be at forty five of fifty degrees.
Eino says that the singing had nothing to do with the change. Whatever conditions had caused the strange weather ended and it was just a coincidence that she was singing at that time. It is not reasonable to think that a song as bad as that one could influence the weather.
Mrs. Trumble thanked the Lighting Lady whose real name is Doris Wilson . The entire incident made the national news as filler. This is good for Lightning Lady’s wrestling career. You can be sure that it will be exploited in future adds.
The odd thing is that Mrs. Trumble has a niece called Doris Wilson, her sister’s kid. But that, of course, is just a coincidence.
Petrovich says it proves that Alexis Grengicoff was a real prophet. His driblets really did foresee the future. He has gone back to working on his biography of Alexis Grengicoff . People are hopeful he will find no more driblets that apply to Pigeon Falls.
Today's Link-Uncle Funk's Corner- More than you could ever want to know about DNA.
Very good breathing day. I worked in the basement most of the day. I finished getting legs on two little tables. Betty and Pennie came and helped and we rearranged thew train table setup. It is coming closer to the vision. Most of the day Betty and Pennie worked at Pennie’s side cleaning. Pennie works tomorrow. We finished up with a game of canasta and I won again. Now I need a breathing treatment.

Monday, October 15, 2007


Saying for the Day-Fairy Tales are more than true; not because they tell us that dragons exist, but because they tell us that dragons can be beaten. G. K. Chesterton

Yesterday I saw a History Channel presentation on dragons. I thought of that as I sat down to type this morning and my little dragon looked down on me. It was as if he was saying, “See how important I am !”
In the earliest writing that has been discovered there was a dragon story.
Every society around this globe has some kind of dragon myth.
Some civilizations believed that dragons created the earth.
The Church of the Middle Ages believed dragons to be in league with the devil.
Dragons were more often seen as evil than as good.
Dragons were very fussy and wanted only beautiful women to eat and if possible a princess.
Dragons collected gold and jewels because they liked them.
Some dragons could morph into the shape of humans so there may be dragons among us.
Dragons could be writing blogs.
In any case I love dragons.

@@@@ News from Pigeon Falls-The little town in my basement where the trains still run, dragons fly, and life may be about to change.-Today at 5:00 the wrestler known as Lightning Lady will step up into the Pigeon Falls gazebo and sing first the new Pigeon Falls song and then the old. At that point if the driblet is correct and if this is the right singer and if this is the right song then things should start to warm up. It did snow this morning and the temperature is still zero.
Eino says it’s all nonsense. Having some fake wrestler sing is not going to change the weather. It is unreasonable to even think so. He still can’t understand how old Mrs. Trumble won in the first place.
But for most of Pigeon Falls old Dragon Slayer is the new hero. They expect that when the wrestler sings things will begin to change.
Wink’s Woods has ordered Dragon Slayer bobble heads and Dragon Slayer sweaters. The Sweaters say “Pigeon Falls home of Dragon Slayer“. Nancy is now offering Dragon soup but your not allowed to ask what’s in it. It tastes a bit like chicken soup though.
This is such a big even that the Liar’s Club 64 piece band may play this evening. But only if all three members are willing to brave the cold. You could freeze your lips to a trumpet in this cold.
Is this the turning point? Can a wrestler sing? Will the weather change ? Will Eino ever stop being reasonable ? Will we lose a member of the Liar’s Club Band to the cold? Can Mrs. Trumble handle her new found fame? Will Petrovich give her the $1000 he promised to anyone who stayed in the ring with Lightning Lady? And of course is Tommy UK really the undertaker’s kid? Some of these questions will be answered tomorrow.
Today's Link-The Dragon Slayer's Guide to Life-I just like the title though the advice isn't bad.
I had a good breathing day nut a bad arthritis day. We went to Menard in the morning. I bought two by fours to make legs out of for the little train tables we brought from Crystal since we misplaced the legs. I also got a new drill witha cord and bolts. Of course I forgot to get nuts. Pennie and Betty got a mantel for our fireplace. In the afternoon they went shopping and I built table legs. Then we played canasta and I won for a change. Now I need a breathing treatment.

Sunday, October 14, 2007

953 entries

Saying for the Day:Nobody can go back and start a new beginning, but anyone can start today and make a new ending. Maria Robinson

I searched my data bank and it seems that nobody picked this day.
Nessa came close. She had yesterday.
Now I could be wrong. I have been before. If you think you entered the 14th let me know and I will go back and read all of your comments from the time the contest started.
My problem now is I have a train to give away. Perhaps I will put it behind a Friday door. Or give it to anybody who wins two weeks in a row. I will have to think on it.
Right now I am going to church.

@@@@ News from Pigeon Falls-The little town in my basement where the trains still run, dragons fly, and hero‘s rise up as needed.. The big winter carnival went well yesterday except for the drunk that fell into one of the DNR bubbler holes at the Lake of the Loons. They got him out of the lake and into some of Eino’s dry clothes . He spent the rest of the day in Eino’s cabin , in front of a roaring fire, trying to get warm. The DNR had the hole fenced in but the gate wasn’t locked . Other than that the day went very well. Some people won, lots of people lost. Everybody had a good time.
The real event yesterday was in Marquette where wrestling held center stage. There was an overflow crowd many of whom had come to see the lightning lady take on all comers. It had been highly advertised. The TV announcer had said that the fate of a small town may rest on tonight’s match.
The first Pigeon Falls contender was Towner Maki. Lightning Lady had him dowhn and out in two minutes. Next came Fred Lehtinen. He tried running rather than wrestling but the ring is a small place and she caught him. He was gone in less time than Towner. Then there were no contenders. Lightning Lady looked at the Pigeon Falls people and shouted “ Come on fight me! You miserable cowards.” Nobody moved an inch. ‘Then you deserve to freeze forever “ she shouted.
It was at that point that the place went dark just like on the Raw wrestling program. The aisle was spotlighted and powerful music played. Down that Aisle came Pigeon Fall’s own hero. Dressed in a green jumpsuit with a cartoon of a knight slaying a dragon on the front came the dragon slayer. She moved quickly and soon stood face to face with the lightning lady. The house lights came up. The lightning lady laughed and said “ Is this your best and old lady . She needs help crossing the street. “ It was at that point that Mr. Trumble grabbed her , lifted her up into the air and threw her to the canvas. The referee gave a fast three count and declared Mrs. Trumble the winner. Lighting Lady screamed foul.” I wasn’t ready”. But the match was over she would be coming to Pigeon Falls to sing.
Somebody said they saw Mrs. Trumble at Applebee’s that night after the match having coffee with the Lightning Lady. They swear Mrs. Trumble said something like “ Thank your mother for me. Now I owe her one”. Mrs. Trumble says they did have coffee but what they discussed was when Lightning Lady would come to Pigeon Falls and some of the arrangements for that visit.
In any case when Mrs. Trumble returned to Pigeon Falls there were welcome home Dragon Slayer banners. If it wasn’t so cold there might have been a large crowd as well.

Today's Link- Not Alone- Cute Baby
a good day. My oxygen level was down a bit so I took the oxygen with me to church. Pastor Joel was out of town so we had a guest Pastor. The Choir sounded like I imagine angels to sound. Came home to watch the Packers squeek out a win.It was as if both teams were trying to lose and the other team tried harder. But a win is a win and is better than a loss. After the game we went to the basement and finished the shelf. Piled as much Christmas stuff on it as we could but we will need another one. Now I need a breathing treatment.

Saturday, October 13, 2007

Saying for the day:A piece of bread in your sack is better than a feather in your hat."Old Swiss saying.

I love fresh bread. Not only does it taste good but it smells good. The taste and the smell bring back memories of my childhood. My grandmother was a great bread maker. Her kitchen was filled with that special smell of baking bread. I can still see her at the kitchen table kneading dough, her hands and are all white, Sometimes she let me help. Those were special times. Those are special memories. The bread was special too there is no “store bought” ( gram’s term) bread that even comes close to it in taste and of course “store bought” has no odor.
So yesterday I decided to bake some bread. I wanted my house filled with that special smell and I wanted bread that tasted like bread ought to taste and not like the “ store bought” kind. But I didn’t bring out the big bowl gram used. I didn’t cover myself with flour. I didn’t do any kneading. I simply measured out 12 ounces of Diet Pepsi Wild Cherry into my bread machine. I added the contents of the bread mix box and a package of yeast. Four hours later ( it’s an old machine) I had a loaf of wonderful fresh bread. While it cooked my house filled with the aroma of baking bread. I had a piece for super and it was all I expected it to be. What a wonderful age we live in that I can bake bread.
I remember as a Pastor visiting a nursing home where that wonderful aroma filled the commons room. Usually when I visited there was an aroma but it wasn’t that of baking bread. It was rather a depressing aroma. But on this day the nurses and other staff all brought their bread makers and bread was baking all around the room. You could see the difference on the face of the patients. Afterwards they got to eat the bread, all kinds of home made bread.
We live in a fantastic age and some things in it like bread machines make life better.
You might ask if it was as good as grandmother’s bread. The answer is NO!. But it was far superior to the “store bought “ stuff. And gram never made Diet Pepsi Wild Cherry bread.

@@@@ News from Pigeon Falls-The little town in my basement where the trains still run, dragons fly, and life goes on. Today is a never to be forgoten day in the life of Pigeon Falls. This morning at 10:00 the snowmobile race to and back from the Lake of the Looms will be run. There are so many entries that it hass to be run in heats. This afternoon there will be races around the Lake of the Loons. Again there is a fantastic number of entries. Money is pouring in to Pigeon Falls in the form of tourist dollars. This afternoon there will be skating on the main street, a once in a life time event. The ski hill will run late into the night. It is an October winter wonderland. The Methodist ladies will be serving hot pasties to warm people up and Last Lutheran is providing hot soup . Nancy will sell a lot of coffee and saffron buns. It is a great day for the town.
Tonight at least two people will wrestle the lightning lady in Marquette and a couple of van loads are going down to watch them try. The song is ready, right from Vicki East’s dream. Now they need to get the singer. Perhaps extraordinary times will produce an extraordinary man.
What of those who don’t profit from the tourists but suffer from the cold? Can they be helped? Will the carnival go the way it’s supposed to ? Can anybody stay five minutes with the lightning lady? Will somebody choke on a Methodist pasty or get burned with Lutheran Soup? Is Vicki’s song really the right song? And of course is Tommy UK ( whom we haven’t seen lately) really the undertaker’s kid?

Today's link-Easy and Tasty Recipes- Everybody can use a new recipe every once in a while.
t was a great day today. I started with the best oxygen reading I have had in a year.Spent some time designing the new layout. Then Betty, Pennie, and I started building a wooden shelf in the basement. Tomorrow we will add the shelfs. We had three drills but only one had a cord and we couldn't find the chargers for the other two. That slowed things down a bit. Then Pennie got called to the hospital and that left just Betty and I. We did the best we could, Now I need a breathing treatment.

Friday, October 12, 2007

Friday-Win or Lose

Saying for the Day:

It's time for the internet contest that requires no postage and handling fee.
The contest that requires no credit card.
The contest that is very slow at sending out prizes.
The contest that doesn't even require your correct name.
Every Friday we give away priceless prizes to some lucky person who commented on this blog in the week gone by.

THE RULES:( Very important)
To take part in the contest you must
1: Have commented on at least one entry on this blog in the last week.
2: Be willing to supply your mailing address.

For every day that you left a comment we write your name on a slip of paper that is placed in our rose colored drawing bowl. So if you commented every day you could have 7 slips in the bowl.
( The more slips the higher your chance to win)

Next Betty or her designated replacement draws one of those slips and that person wins the Priceless Prize.

Today's Priceless Prize is a beautiful round memo pad & an unbelievable magnetic memo pad that allows you to leave notes on the refrigerator . What could be better than that ?

If you don't like memo pads take a chance on a door.
Behind one of our two doors today are the usual pencils and?

Behind the other ...........

Don't forget the 953 contest. Guess when I will make my 953 entry. Put the date in the comment. One entry per day. First one with the right date wins.

@@@@ News from Pigeon Falls-The little town in my basement where the trains still run, dragons fly, and life goes on. Vicki East has finished the song that came to her in a dream. It is ready for the power lady to sing. But Eino says it is the worst song he has ever heard. Here it is.

Chorous: Come all my children and you will hear
Of the pigeons returning with the deer.
As sure as the World turns everyday.
All things were meant to be this way.

We have one life to live so they say.
Into that life comes a brighter day.
We are lead now by a guiding light
Soon soon all comes out right


The young and the restless hate to wait
The return of the pigeons to the gate
The Bold and the beautiful like the snow
But even so it will have to go.


We will remember all the days of our lives
Like bees remember the way to the hives.
The general hospital has patients broken
Falling on the ice was not a token



Today's Link:Reading in the Dark- Another person with piles of unsent Christmas cards.

Betty has drawn today's slip and the winner is


Congratulations Jill. Leave you choice of priceless prize or a door in a comment.
Very good breathing day. We , who procrastinate, got out the prizes from today as well as two weeks ago. Also got out a package with August blogs and two picture plates to my sister.This ment a teip to the Post Office. Then we did some work in the basement until my daughter who has been on call,forever, came home early. Now I ne4ed a breathing treatment.

Thursday, October 11, 2007

Saying for the Day: Information on the Internet is subject to the same rules and regulations as conversation at a bar. ~George Lundberg

Ten things we would not know without the internet.

1. The DNA of the American housecat is closer to the DNA of the American Skunk than the African Lion.
2. Coors Beer was originally imported from Denmark.
3. Jack the Riper was a son of the King of England.
4. Dorothy in the Wizard of Oz wore silver slippers not ruby in the original book.
5. The Roman and Greek Gods were copied from the Egyptians.
6. American Indians migrated here from what is now Mexico.( The original wetbacks)
7. Gravel got its name because it was often used to fill graves.
8. Allah is a corruption of the term “All The” which meant “everything” and hence came to be the name of God.
9. Pottery found at American Indian gravesites has symbols on it that look like Chinese.
10. The first American serial killer came over on the Mayflower.
What would we do without our internet ?

@@@@ News from Pigeon Falls-The little town in my basement where the trains still run, dragons fly, and life goes on. It snowed in Pigeon Falls last night and the temperature is still zero.
Tommy Lorry, Captain of the New Potatoes football team, says that if they would let him he would wrestle the lightning lady. He is tired of playing football in the snow. Age requirements prevent him from entering the match in Marquette but he wants to know where the men are.
Vicki East is working on a new song. She says it came to her in a dream in which this man in a long robe talked to her in a language she couldn’t understand. But somehow she knew he wanted her to write a song. So she is spending all her free time working on it.
The DNR plan to save the fish in the Lake of the Loons seems to be working. The ice stopped freezing and the fish they have caught seem healthy.
Tourists continue to flood in and spend money. The milk train has put on three extra passenger cars and called it ride to Winter. People love it. Dr. Fortress, owner of the Money Pit and Cash Loss railroad says a few more weeks like this and the railroad could break even for a change. He’ll even bring in your snow mobile.

Today's Link- Up in Alaska- It was time for something from Alaska besides she likes winter.
Hard breathing day today.Got some things done on the computer. Went downstairs and did some planning for the new layout. Betty and I put up another shelf. Now I need to build some more substructure for the new layout. I guess its time for a breathing treatment.