Sunday, August 31, 2008

45 Years

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Thinking Allowed

Saying for the Day:

A successful marriage requires falling in love many times, always with the same person. ~Mignon McLaughlin
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The Days Wrap UP
WE went to Church this morning. It was good going with my grandkids and son. The sermon was great. At the coffee afterward they announced our anniversary. Then Pennie took us all out to lunch at Country Buffet. When we got home the kids took over the computer and I spent the day chatting with my two sons and daughter. Peter came down after lunch. Everybody is going home tonight. Now I need a breathing treatment.
News from Pigeon Falls
The little town in my basement where the trains still run, dragons fly, and life is back to normal.
The Liar’s Club met and had an extended shouting match over what to do about the four way tie. It was decided that putting back in the scores that were dropped wouldn’t be fair. They were dropped for a reason.
They also decided it was unfair to ask the finalists to prepare another story. Besides they wanted to be done with the contest.
So Edgar Fellon suggested they take these ten words from an internet sight. Give them to the finalist today. Then tomorrow each one would have to give a paragraph using those ten words. The paragraphs would then be delivered to the entire Liar’s club. They would then pick the winner. The ten words are invincible, falling leaves, surge protector, two-year-old, fusion, grizzly bear, Jamaica, delivery, popsicle stick and caviar.
Late yesterday over a cup of tea Nancy told Tommy UK what she suspected about Mayor Trumble. Tommy UK said that it sounds reasonable but doesn’t answer two questions if it is true. Why did she quit the movies? Why did she come to live in Pigeon Falls? The mystery is as big as ever.
Will Tommy Uk ever discover the truth about Mrs. Trumble? What is the truth about Mrs. Trumble? Will the Liar’s Club ever get a winner to this year’s contest? Can you make a story with a surge protector and a popsicle stick in one paragraph? And of course is Tommy UK really the undertaker’s kid?

Saturday, August 30, 2008

A Bad Zoo

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Flip Chart Fairy Tales
Saying for the Day:
If all the beasts were gone, men would die from a great loneliness of spirit, for whatever happens to the beasts also happens to the man. All things are connected. Whatever befalls the Earth befalls the sons of the Earth. ~Chief Seattle of the Suquamish Tribe,

Picture of the Day:
I Was Born2Cree8's Bridges

The Days Wrap UP
Today's bridge and the last one is from Darby Park in Neenah. Look at the fine stone work.
All my children and grandchildren are here. The grandkids took over the computer room so this is my first chance to get on a computer since early this morning. They are eating. Betty, Alex, and I went grocery shopping. In the afternoon while the kids did their thing Betty and I played Lori and Pennie in Canasta. Betty and I won. Pat grilled and we had a feast. Now I need a breathing treatment.

A Bad Zoo
I took my grandsons to the local zoo on Tuesday. They loved it. I was not happy with it.
It had all kinds of animal, lions, bears, tigers ( two kinds), all kinds of birds, camels, wallabies, and an unbelievable number of animals native to Wisconsin. They also had this wonderful park area where the boys could climb and play when they were tired of looking at animals. I could see why the boys loved it.
But it made me feel sad. The zoo was an old fashioned zoo. All the animals were in very restrictive cages. There was no attempt at natural habitat. As I pointed out to the boys they had more room in the play area than any of the animals had. It just wasn’t right.
I am used to zoos like Disney has or the big zoos now have. The animals are in as close to natural habitat as possible.
There is not much I can do about it. They are breaking no law.
But I won’t ever go back.

News from Pigeon Falls
The little town in my basement where the trains still run, dragons fly, and life is back to normal.
The Liar’s Club has a real problem. They have a four way tie. And have never had one before. In fact in the finals they have never had a tie before. They have to come up with some way short of drawing straws that will allow them to proclaim somebody as the winner.
Buddy East , the Great and Grand Master Liar, has put forth two possible solutions.
1. Go back to the original scores and add in the high and low number that were removed.
2. Have every one of them do another story.
The Liar’s Club will meet this afternoon and come up with some kind of solution.
Tommy TW’s Publisher informed him the new book is about to be released. They think it will be received even better than the first.
Tommy UK still hasn’t gotten up enough never to ask Mrs. Trumble about her past and Nancy still hasn’t shared her information with him.
Both sets of twins are doing well. The Petrovich girls even have their father smiling which some people thought he couldn’t do.
Mayor Trumble told the town council that Pigeon Days was a great success and they should start planning for next year.


Friday, August 29, 2008

An Obituary

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Shamelessly Sassy

Saying for the Day:

Politics is the art of looking for trouble, finding it whether it exists or not, diagnosing it incorrectly, and applying the wrong remedy. ~Ernest Benn

Picture of the Day:
I Was Born2Cree8's Bridges

The Days Wrap UP
The first bridge is the book end bridge not to be confused with the Brooklyn Bridge. It was created because my poor dragons were upset they hadn't gotten in any pictures this week. The bridge is a Lionel model railroad bridge from forty years ago. The next bridge is over a river that runs through Neenah. The last two pictures are of an old railroad bridge that is no longer used over the same river with still another bridge in the background.
Spent the day with the grandsons. Went to lunch at Perkins. Then Pennie, Betty, the boys and I went to the Houdini musem. The boys enjoyed it but I expected more than what they had. Then we went to Toys are Us to shop for Elijah's birthday. Coming home we played canasta. Betty and I against Patrick and Alex. Patrick and Alex won. Now I need a breathing treatment. Will visit linkls in the morning.

An Obituary
I am heartbroken to report the death of an agent of change.
For a brief moment in time he lived upon the American political stage.
He promised only that the government would do what it was supposed to do.
He would be a man of compromise that could bring the nation together.
I am sad to report that Obama died on the campaign trail.
In his place has arisen the political Obama.
Proof of the death and replacement came in the recent Obama commercial.
The old Obama was against tax cuts. The political Obama promises bigger tax cuts than McCane.
Further where McCane sprays his tax cuts out and across the board the new Obama in a politically wise move targets the middle class. ( There are far more of them than the rich).
In the same commercial the new Obama promises limited offshore drilling. The old Obama had other ways to handle the oil crisis.
Because he really wants to be President Obama has surrendered and died. The new Obama may very well get more votes.
He promises more than McCane.
We Americans like our tax cuts.
But still I feel sad at the passing of one for whom truth and reality were more important than winning.

News from Pigeon Falls
The little town in my basement where the trains still run, dragons fly, and life is back to normal.
Nancy is now trying to decide if she should share the information she has with Tommy UK. Mrs. Trumble could be Mary Maxim but why? There is no answer to that question. Why give up fame and fortune and come and live in Pigeon Falls?
.Yesterday Jon Bergall did his Liar’s Club story and here it is:
How many of you remember the story of Aladdin and the Magic Lamp. You know the one where he rubs the lamp and there is a puff of smoke and out comes a genie . I bet you all thought that was just a fairy story for children. Well I’m here to tell you today that it was more than a children’s story. Like many fairy tales it was based on a long lost truth.
You see there really was a magic lamp. But it wasn’t magic. No it was made out of a very rare material . Now when you rub this material it begins to get warm and when it is warm enough it opens a door to another dimension . Sometimes things come through that door and they have powers that nobody in our world has. That’s where the idea of magic carpets and genies came from.
You are perhaps wondering how I know this. Well my great Uncle Waldo Bergall, the archeologist, found such a lamp– in an ancient tomb. It did not take him long to discover that the lamp was a portal. I wish I had the time to tell you about his adventures with the portal but that’s a story for next year.
He might never have known that it was not the lamp but the metal that opened the portal but he broke the spout off the lamp. He was polishing it getting it ready to glue back on when the portal opened and he realized it was the metal not the lamp.
My great uncle then had belt buckles made for all the men in the family including my father. In the middle of each buckle he placed just a small piece of the metal so one could open the portal by rubbing the buckle.
My father decided a few years ago that he was too old to go running around in other dimensions and so he gave the belt to me.
As you can see I’m wearing it today. If you look closely at the buckle you can see in the center a little magic lantern.
(At this point Jon began to rub the buckle. Tiny wisps of smoke ot fog began to emerge. But then he stopped. )
It is too dangerous too open the portal with all of you people here. You can never tell what might come through. But you know it is true because you saw it start to open.
Jon got a 9.6.
This leaves the poor Liar’s club with a four way tie.
Is Mary Maxim really Mrs. Trumble? Should Nancy share the information? Who will win the Liar’s Club contest? How will they decide? Can you keep Nancy from sharing information> and of course is Tommy UK really the undertaker’s kid?

Thursday, August 28, 2008

From the Mind of Linna

Saying for the Day:

Politics is the gentle art of getting votes from the poor and campaign funds from the rich, by promising to protect each from the other. ~Oscar Ameringer

Picture of the Day:
I Was Born2Cree8's Bridges
The Days Wrap UP
The first bridge was over a little river right next to the zoo we went to visit on Tuesday. The second was over a tiny creek inside the zoo.
This morning we went on the Great Bridge Adventure or as my grandsons called it the parking lot tour of Neenah. We found five bridges so I have a bridge for Friday and Saturday.
Planned on going to the Houdini Museum this afternoon but arrived there too late so the boys ended up riding go-karts and playing miniture golf. But they enjoyed it. Also found another bridge. Now we have too many bridges. I visited all my links but left shorter comments or no comments. Life gets back to normal next week. Now I need a breathing treatment.
From the Mind of Linna
This morning I shook the hose on my breathing machine and out fell one of those ideas I lost the other day. It was a bit bent and dented but otherwise it seemed okay. So I decided to use it today. Here it is one of my great , late, night ideas, aged in my breathing tube.
Recently our two Presidential candidates have accused each other of being so rich that they couldn’t understand the poor. Now this is probably true of both of them. One took in six million last year and the other four. It has to be hard for them to understand the problems of the little guy who has to choose between gas for the car and heat for the house. Or the poor guy who holds off too long on taking his kid to the doctor because he has no health insurance.
So I am proposing Linna’s election laws to be in effect in the election of 2012.
1. Either the Presidential or the Vice Presidential candidate must have had an income in the previous year of less that sixty thousand dollars. That means one or the other will understand and give some guidance.
2. A nationwide website will be set up and people who earn less than fifty thousand a year will be given the opportunity to tell why they should be President. They could do this until June of 2012 and then their names would be voted on on the web. Anyone can vote but only once.
The top five candidates would then appear in a nationally televised debate telling why they would make a good President. Then a national primary would be held. The top vote getter would be the Presidential candidate and the second place the Vice Presidential candidate. The government would then give their ticket $85 million to conduct their campaign.
I’m not saying they would be elected. It’s possible we want the rich to govern us. But we would have a choice.
Choice is good.

News from Pigeon Falls

-The little town in my basement where the trains still run, dragons fly, and life is back to normal.
Mrs. Alicia Groove did her story yesterday and she got a 9.3 and so was eliminated. That leaves only Jon Bergall with a chance to win without some kind of tiebreaker. He will do his story today.
Nancy has been researching the movie star Mary Maxim. It was one fantastic career . She showed up in Hollywood in September of 1984. She entered the head office of MGM and announced that she was the next Marilyn Monroe. They were so moved by her efforts they gave her a bit part in a movie they were making. They liked what they saw and gave her a bigger part in the next movie. Then they decided to go all out and advertised her as the next Marilyn Monroe. They starred her in the “ Tall Man Falls Far” and it was a blockbuster. She was nominated for an Academy Award for her part in it. That same year she made two more movies which did well but were not great. Her acting was great in both of them but the scripts left much to be desired.
But then she stared in “Grandma Raises Rabbits” which many critics maintain is the funniest movie ever made. It grossed unbelievable amounts of money. Mary, herself was now getting a million dollars a picture and that was back when a million was a lot of money.
After that one picture followed after another until in 1993 she made the sequel “ The Tall Man Rises High” and again was nominated for an Oscar.
It was after that picture that she vanished. Nobody seems to know why or where she went. For a time there was speculation in all the fan magazines. They said she had died and the studio didn’t want anyone to know. One said she was kidnapped. Another that she had killed a screen writer and fled. The National Enquirer suggested she was taken by aliens.
But after a time she was forgotten and they moved their attention to other stars.
Could she be Mrs. Trumble?

Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Half Truths

Saying for the Day:

Truth is after all a moving target
Hairs to split,
And pieces that don't fit
How can anybody be enlightened?
Truth is after all so poorly lit.
~Neil Peart, Turn the Page

Picture of the Day:
I Was Born2Cree8's Bridges

The Days Wrap UP
This is a bridge near Norway, Michigan.
Robert Maki said if Aili could do it he could to so he used this week's ten words from the "Views from Raven's Nest". They are in red.In the morning we cut up the two by fours then the boys and I went to the basement and created two new platforms. we pulled all the track and fitted thewm in only to discover one was just too big. But Alex , my engineer, decided we could elevate it and create a tunnel and it looks like that will work.
In the afternoon we went to see " Dark Knight" . That was a mistake. Then we went to eat at Country Buffet. Coming home I visited all my links and left short comments on many of them. I am spending so much time with the boys I have very little time for the computer.
Now I need a breathing treatment.
Half Truths
Truth is hard to determine in life and on the internet even when you try.
For my internet facts I have a source that I consider fairly reliable. But I choose it because it lists a source where I can check out the fact.
On Sunday the fact that “ Finland banned Donald Duck because he didn’t have pants” seemed perfect for my use. So I checked the source which was an American Newspaper. There I found the headline “ Finns Ban Pantless Duck” and an article about how a man running for Parliament was in trouble because he had lead Finland’s ban on Donald Duck for not having pants. That was enough for me. The truth seemed verified and I went with it.
But in the comments on the blog Juliana said it was a myth. So I decided to check it out in a different way. I Blingoed “Donald Duck Banned in Finland” and that’s when I discovered the true story.
Half truths are the hardest things to spot.
In this case the truth was that at a meeting held in Helsinki regarding youth affairs a candidate for Finland's liberal party, Markku Holopainen, proposed that the country save money and promote fitness by replacing the Donald Duck comics it was providing to youth with sports magazines, which were cheaper at the time. His suggestion was followed. So Donald was banned for financial not clothing reasons.
Now what did I learn. I learned two things:
1. Truth is hard to verify.
2. The information is there if you search for it.
Isn’t the internet wonderful?

News from Pigeon Falls
-The little town in my basement where the trains still run, dragons fly, and life is back to normal.
Melvin Jamson won the Potato Farmer of the Year again. This is the fourth year in a row. He is one great farmer.
Robert Maki gave his Liar’s Club story yesterday and here it is:
You all know me. I have a farm out on the edge of town . I grow potatoes. Every year I try for the Potato Farmer of the Year designation and every year I lose. This year I got desperate so I tried something I promised myself I would never try. I called for the Great Turtle. Now the Great Turtle has served my family for years but I always wanted to do things on my own but sometimes one needs a little help.
Let me tell you about the Great Turtle. He is not like any turtle you have ever seen. He showed up on a pogo stick with a surge protector on his back. I asked why and he said it was to ward off the pneumonia caused by the ravages of time. That seemed like a reasonable answer to me so I didn’t even ask why he was holding the ant farm. One thing I know is that he is psychic. He told me what was in the tin box in my wall safe. Even my wife didn’t know that. He is very old he was with Napoleon at Waterloo. But Napoleon was too proud to ask for help.
So I called him. I told him I wanted to win the Potato Farmer of the year award. But he said Melivin Jamson had already asked for that. It seems he also helps the Jamson family.
How unfair is that. All these years Melvin has been defeating me not because of his potatoes but because of the Great Turtle. How crooked is that. He should really be disqualified. It isn’t fair.
But the Great Turtle said I should ask for something else. So I asked for my son Tom to win the potato sculpturing contest and he did. He made that beautiful potato turtle. You remember. It was on a pogo stick. My son is so talented.
Then the Great Turtle left and reminded me to call earlier next year before Marvin and I will.
Now I have two things to show you this story is true. The Great Turtle left me the ant farm and I have it here. I also have the turtle potato carved by son with just a little magic help.
Robert got a 9.6. That gives us a three way tie with only two more stories to go.


Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Good old Aunt Marion

Link of the Day
Red Lobster Blog

Saying for the Day:
Families are like fudge - mostly sweet with a few nuts. ~Author Unknown
Picture of the Day:
I Was Born2Cree8's Bridges

The Days Wrap UP
The bridge is the Mackinac Straits bridge at night. We took it on vacation when we were way behind schedule.
Aili Sorry saw a ten word challenge on Melli's blog so she worked the ten words into her Liar's Club story. They are in red.
In the morning Alex and I created two platforms for the layout. Alex saws straighter than I do. He follows the line. Then we took all three boys to the zoo, stopping at McDonald's for lunch. I have to tell you I am proud of my grandsons. They behaved well at the zoo and in McDonald's. At the zoo we found two bridges one near the entrance and one inside. The kids loved the zoo I was not happy because the animals were in cages with no attempt at natural habitat. After the zoo we went to Menard's and got two more 2X4's and two small pieces of plywood for tomorrow. Coming home I visited almost all my links but had time for only short comments. Now I need a breathing treatment.
Good old Aunt Marion
Sometimes when your head is empty you just need a gentle reminder from a friend. One of my friends reminded me of the visit of my great Aunt Marion . That visit had slipped my mind entirely. I suppose it was because Great Aunt Marion was not my favorite aunt or even in the list of aunts I want to have visit me. In fact she was on the top of my “ Lord please don’t let her come” list. I don’t think anybody in the family looked forward to a vist from her but she visited once a year anyway. I really believe she saw it as her task to see to it that for at least a day or two every member of her family was miserable.
She never gave you any warning that she was coming. If she had you might have arranged to be in Australia that day. I know I would have. She just showed up in that big black limousine that looked for all the world like a hearse. She always brought her pet scorpion and that big fat ally cat that she claimed was a purebred something or other. But I know an alley cat when I see one.
In any case, on the day I remember there she was at my front door. She was dressed in black and carried her scorpion cage in one hand and that cat in the other. She had some arm strength to hold that thing. She looked like the host of a late night horror movie and gave me that kind of feeling. But she was my aunt so I welcomed her and ushered her into the house .
That’s when the first of the terrible things happened. She put down the scorpion cage and somehow it jiggled open and the scorpion took off. Just like that it was gone. “Don’t worry” she said “ it will come back. It always does”.
The next thing you know Polly ( our parrot) was screaming. She was in the boy’s room in her cage. I rushed down to protect her but discovered the scorpion was in the guinea pig pen. There it made a terrible mistake. There were not ordinary guinea pigs. These pigs had survived my sons. A little thing like a scorpion couldn’t hurt them. They had trampled it to death. My great aunt was furious. She loved that scorpion. She accused me of raising killer guinea pigs just to hurt her.
That’s when the next thing happened. We were living in the parsonage in Crystal Falls and our dog then was BoBo. Now BoBo was a very nice dog and very well behaved but he hated cats. He didn’t care if the cat belonged to my aunt or the President he hated them all equally. And it was at this time that Betty, without thinking left him in. He went for that cat before Betty even realized she had made a mistake. Before you knew it he had aunt Marion’s cat by the tail. Well that cat pulled itself loose and jumped through the open window landing on my car, made quite a dent. Then it took off down the street and never came back. We never saw it again.
Now great aunt Marion was furious. She told me she was leaving ,was never coming back again, and I was out of the will. She also said something about what kind of horrible people they were leaving in the ministry these days but I ignored that. She took her dead scorpion and still calling for the cat she got into her hearse and drove off. We never saw her again.
You know now that I think of it I don’t have a great aunt Marion. We never had guinea pigs. I wonder where this strange memory came from.
It’s not really important . It filled a blog.

News from Pigeon Falls
-The little town in my basement where the trains still run, dragons fly, and life is back to normal.
Yesterday saw two people give their Liar’s Club stories. Mr. Warren Woodstuck who got a 9.2 and is eliminated. The other was Mrs. Aili Sorry and this is her story:
Now if you have come today to hear a story about dragons, or whales, or fairies or any of that make believe stuff forget it. I have no time for fairy tales or elf tales either. No! I’m going to tell you how my uncle old One-Eyed Johnson lost his eye. Some of you met my uncle. He had a farm up by calumet. He’s been dead now for some twenty years but the story is still as true as when he first told it to me.
It was just after the start of World War II and Uncle One Eye was sitting in a little French cabaret eating some tiramisu. I know it is an Italian desert but that French chef made it as well as it could be made. Besides what he was eating was not that important. For he was transfixed by the dancer billed as the Queen of the Nile doing the dance of the seven veils with just a pillowcase. Boy could she move that pillowcase. You could tell from the rise in his voice inflection and his use of some non grammatical grunts that she was getting to him. He knew it too because despite the microclimate control of the cabaret he felt himself getting hot. He had to find some way to get those emotions pacified because he hadn’t come for her but the Swami. He needed to get the box from him before the Germans came and the evacuation began.
It was the box of power that he wanted . The legendary box that if the rumors could be believed could change the outcome of the war.. All the preparations for this meeting had been made. There was a plane at the local airport ready to take him to England. He could not let some dancer distract him but there she was with her pillowcase. That’s when the funny looking fellow sat down next to him and said “ Le pume de ma tante est sur la table”. The agreed on signal. Uncle one-eye responded “Swami.” Then he remembered the right response and said “ Non! Ma tante est sur la table.” . The man quickly handed him a bag and said this “ If you open the box a power will be let loose and the allies will win. But you will lose an eye”.
Before my uncle could ask anything the lights went out. Shots were fired. He found himself being pushed to the door and someone saying go.
He ran to the airport and the plane took him back to England. All the way he struggled with himself. He wanted to defeat the Germans but he liked having two eyes. What a high price to pay for victory. But then he thought of the soldiers who would loose arms and legs and lives in the battles to come and an eye didn’t seem like such a big sacrifice.
So when they landed he sat with the War Marshal and they opened the box. There was a whooshing sound and the rest is history. The allies won the war. On opening the box a splinter flew into uncle one-eye’s eye. As predicted he lost it. The English government gave him a special glass eye with gold in the back in recognition of his sacrifice.
Now in case you think this story isn’t true. I have here the box and inside is my uncle’s glass eye. I will pass it around. Notice the gold layer on the back of the eye unlike any other glass eye ever made.
Ail got a score of 9.6 which makes her tied for first place with three people to go.

Monday, August 25, 2008

Taking Stock

Link of the Day
Pilot Mom

Saying for the Day:
Every day may not be good, but there's something good in every day. ~Author Unknown

Picture of the Day:
I Was Born2Cree8's Bridges

The Days Wrap UP
A little railroad bridge from an outdoor train lay out Betty and I visited. Spent the morning watching the grandchildren build roller coaster kingdoms on my computer and Betty's Computer. In the afternoon we went to the basement and Alex and I finished the outside wood work for the layout. Alex did the sawing. Then Betty went back to plastering and Alex and I looked for bridge pictures . We went through stacks of pictures with very little luck. The other two boys kept on running their big amusment parks. Now I need a breathing treatment.
Taking Stock
Almost a year and a half ago we moved from Crystal Falls to Neenah. I found this meme which ,with a little tweaking . Lets me share some feelings from the move.

Count Down
Ten things I am thankful for :

My new home
Family close by
St. Mark’s
My new lung doctor
Maggie ( the dog)
Our Roses
New Computer and high speed internet
A new O scale layout in the basement
My mobility scooter
So many stores within a mile of the house

Nine foods I am enjoying:

really good ice cream!
fresh strawberries
Coke Zero
Good homemade bread
Wide variety of hamburgers
Corn on the Cob
Fresh Fruit
Roundy’s raspberry jam!

Eight acts of kindness from others:

Help in unloading trucks by St. Mark’s
My sister and her husband bringing us Maggie
Kind comments from internet friends
Hugs and kisses from the grand children
Pennie driving us around on weekends
People who hold doors for me when I’m using the walker
Janvangogh’s invitation to a local art show
All the work done by my two sons

Seven things or people I miss:

My garden railroad
The walk in bathtub ( better than this one)
United Lutheran
The pulpit
Dr. Smith
My Sister Dawn and Husband

Six people I have met here:

Pastor Steve
Pastor Joel
Pete the handyman
Carol Parker ( from the Church)
My Sister Chris’s new husband, Tim
My new Doctor ( Dr. Goldshlack)

Five things I wonder:

Will I live to see the grandkids graduate?
Will I have something to blog about tomorrow?
Who will be the next president of the USA?
Will I ever get a chance to visit United?
Will we ever finish the basement layout?

Four things we need to purchase:

New pair of pants
New pair of shoes
A better wireless USB connector for my computer ( One that doesn’t lose the net)
A Lionel O scale Christmas train

Three things I have learned here so far

Having lots of places to shop is good.
There are lots of kind people in the world
I have the greatest children in the world.

Two foods I miss

Nila’s custard pie

One thing I most look forward to:
Going to Finland ! ( I can look forward to it even if I never get to go)

News from Pigeon Falls
-The little town in my basement where the trains still run, dragons fly, and life is back to normal.
Tommy UK was complaining to Tammy about how hard it was to get information about Mrs. Trumble when suddenly she said “ She’s your good friend why don’t you just ask her? After all you did do the rabbit thing together.
Tommy UK responded “ I don’t know how to ask her. I can’t say ’ excuse me I’m nosey so tell me about your life before you came to Pigeon Falls. ‘ or ‘ I know your only 42 so why have you pretended to be older?’ or ’ Did you murder somebody and are hiding here?’ I just can’t think of a way to ask her that won’t ruin our friendship.”
Tammy replied “ There has to be some way you could ask. Couldn’t you just bring it up in a normal conversation? Why not talk about why somebody else came to Pigeon Falls and give her the opportunity to tell you her story. It’s possible she wants to tell you.”
Tommy UK thought for a minute and then said “ If I’m lucky my uncle will get some information and I won’t have to ask her.”
Pigeon Falls month is almost over. There are just a few things left. The potato farmer of the year is yet to be named, five more people have to do their Liar’s Club thing, and the big community wide picnic is yet to be held.
It was a very good month for Pigeon Falls. They had a great talent show. The Queen contest went well and the local Queen is now entered into the UP Queen contest. There were lots and lots of tourists despite the high price of gasoline ( of course they came in by train). The whale and the dragons cooperated and gave the tourists quite a show. The town didn’t disappear or fall asleep or blow up or get invaded by US. Troops. It was a very good month indeed.
Will Tommy UK figure out how to ask Mrs. Trumble about the missing years? Will Tammy do it instead? Will the same Potato farmer win again this year? Can anybody get a better score than Bob Alder in the Liar’s Club contest? Will Virgina Farthing become the UP Queen and go on to become Miss Ameriuca? What horrible things are yet to come to Pigeon Falls? And of course is Tommy UK really the undertaker’s kid?

Sunday, August 24, 2008


Link of the Day
The Jungle Hut

Saying for the Day:
Poetry is plucking at the heartstrings, and making music with them. ~Dennis Gabor

Picture of the Day:
I Was Born2Cree8's Bridges

The Days Wrap UP
The bridge above is a picture taken by Betty on a childhood trip. I have no information on it.
Yesterdays true facts ended up being invalid. What my source said was true was only half true. Donal Duck was banned in Finland but not because he didn't wear pants. When the man who was responsible for the ban was running for the Finnish parliament his opponents branded him in the press as the one who banned Donal Duck because he had no pants. Foreign papers picked this up. Poor Donald was banned but the rest is wrong so the true facts game is invalid.
Went to Church this morning. The sermon was great. Afterward at coffee Jeff projected the Church web site onto the wall. This gave people a chance to see it who hadn't before . He also had my blog up for a short time> It was a good morning. In the afternoon I brought the Church web site up to date with this morning's pictures. Then I tried to find out how to remove tje background song. Discovered there was no way to remove it as the program is not working correctly but I could replace it so I replaced it with a quick click.I visited most of my links and then my grandchildren arrived. Now there is chaos. I need a breathing treatmewnt.

When I finished the last book I was reading my wife said here look at this. She gave me a book her friend Carol from Bible Study had given here. It was a book of poetry so I just flipped it open to sample and hit this poem. Immediately I wanted to share it with the readers of this blog. The book, however. is copyrighted. But the Carol that gave Betty the book is the author so over coffee last Sunday I got her permission to share this poem with you..

How well I know what you would say,
were I to ask, on cloudy day,
for help in dealing with the rain -
or with distress or grief or pain -
"We'll look for rainbows/' you would say,
"God's promised us a brighter day!"
Just what you'd say, I also know,
if I were feeling mighty low,
or like, in fact, I'd never mend -
You'd say, "Just hangeth in there, friend.
The Lord will guide you, have no doubt,
for that's what faith is all about."
And 1 know, too, what you would say
if I were tempted to betray
my values and behavior code -
"Of course," you'd say, "the higher road
is where I know you'd want to be" -
and then you'd share that path with me.
And I can hear what you would say
if I were tempted to display,
in conversation with a foe,
a practiced, fatal, verbal blow -
you'd say, "It's Jesus' will we seek,
and then, in love, the truth we speak."
I also know just what you'll say
whenever I must be away.
It's "God go with you; in His care
you'll be protected, anywhere."
That blessing echoes in my heart
whenever we must be apart.
And I know well what you will say
on any rather normal day
when I have challenges to meet -
you'll say, and often will repeat,
these simple words: "I'll pray for you."
How well I know you'll do it, too.'
And I know, too, what you will say,
on any ordinary day,
when I may need to feel and hear
that Jesus Christ is very near.
"You need a hug" is what you'll say,
and giving one will change the way
that I will think and act and feel -
through you, His love is much more real.
How well I know what you will say -
how I appreciate your way
of sharing lessons He has taught,
connecting me with what I've sought,
and giving, from so deep within,
the comfort of our God - with skin!

If only each of us could be like Hazel what a wonderful world it would be.

News from Pigeon Falls

-The little town in my basement where the trains still run, dragons fly, and life is back to normal.
It was a very impressive parade yesterday. Mrs. Trumble looked like a Queen sitting in the fancy chair on the back of the lead truck. It was so well decorated you could hardly tell it was a truck. It looked like she was riding on a cloud. All the usual Pigeon Falls Day floats were in the parade. The Liar’s Club this year had a float with a great big mouth on it, that was different. The Pigeon Queen and runner up looked beautiful. The Liar’s Club Sixty Five Piece Band rode on the back of a pickup and added some parade music. In the middle of the parade the high school band marched. They of course were fabulous. Pigeon Falls has always had great bands. To make the parade a little longer they put the fire truck in it as well. The kids loved it when it blew the siren. The Fly Inn Float had people dressed as birds throwing out candy for the kids to fight over. There is nothing like a parade to bring out juvenile greed. One little boy knocked his younger sister down so he could get to the candy first. His mother made him give the candy he got to his sister. He was not happy. Last Lutheran had a float based on their Vacation Bible School. It had cut outs of a big bear ,a silly looking porcupine, and seven kids singing the songs from the VBS. As small town parades go it wasn’t bad.
Nancy had a weird experience after the parade. Some tourist from Idaho stopped in for a saffron bun and coffee and asked how a small town like Pigeon Falls got a movie star to lead the parade. Nancy told him that it was no movie star but the Mayor. Then the guy said “ She looked just like Mary Maximus the movie star. You remember her don’t you. She was very popular ten, fifteen, maybe twenty years ago. She was touted as the next Marilyn Monroe. She stared in “ The Tall Man Falls Far” . I saw that movie fifteen times. She was just great. Then she was in the comedy “Grandma Raises Rabbits”. I never laughed so hard in all my life. She could play any part. She was getting a million a movie back when a million was a lot of money. Then she just vanished. Poof and she was gone. There were rumors that she died of a drug overdose and the studio covered it up but I never believed them. I swear your mayor looks just like she did in “Grandma Raises Rabbits”. How odd is that?” Nancy figures the man had had a bit to much to drink.

Saturday, August 23, 2008

True Facts-Internet Style

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Loose Ends

Saying for the Day:
If an article is attractive, or useful, or inexpensive, they'll stop making it tomorrow; if it's all three, they stopped making it yesterday. ~Mignon McLaughlin, The Neurotic's Notebook, 1960

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  • Quilly's Just Reflecting

    The Days Wrap UP
    I started the day after blogging by cleaning the study. I didn't want to clean the study but I couldn't find a disk i really needed. In the process I found ten 3 1/2 inch program disks. Neither Betty's computer or mine can take a 3 1/2 disk besides the programs were for for Dos. So I dumped them all. By the time I finished I had a full wastebasket and it was time for lunch. Betty , Pennie, and I went to I-Hop for lunch. Then we went to Hobby Lobby to get some more plaster cloth. From there to Menards to pick up two 2X4's for bracing. Then we came home. I got to ride my scooter. Once home I visited all my links. now I need a breathing treatment.
    True Facts -Internet Style
    It is time to make it possible to win another of my priceless prizes. The prizes that must be great because nobody that has received them has complained.( I’m assuming the prizes got to them). These are the prizes that give new meaning to the word priceless.
    Here are fifteen internet “ facts”. One is verifiable. The other fourteen I made up this morning. They might be true because I make up good stuff. Leave your guess in the comments. First one with the right answer wins.

    1. The shortest war in history was between France and England in 1896. France surrendered after 38 minutes.

    2. The strangest reason for going to war was between two tribes each claiming to grow a bigger pineapple than the other. Causing the Great Pineapple War of 1752.

    3. A snail never sleeps for more than three hours.

    4. Donald Duck comics were banned in Finland because he doesn't wear pants.

    5. Mickey Mouse and all animal comics were once banned in India for religious reasons.

    6. The scissors was invented by an ordinary housewife who tired of cutting cloth with a knife got her husband to put two knives together making a scissors.

    7. The strongest muscle in the body controls your little finger.

    8. Two-thirds of the world's eggplant is grown in California.

    9. In England the Speaker of the House gets the most speaking time.

    10. In a warm climate a dragonfly has a life span of three years.

    11. The Tiger has more taste buds than any other animal.( 27,000)

    12. Slugs have no nose.

    13. Bubble gum was invented by Hershey who sold the rights to another company thinking it would never catch on.

    14. Dogs can make more vocal sounds than cats.( about ninety more)

    15. The animal that can last longest without water is a camel.

    News from Pigeon Falls
    -The little town in my basement where the trains still run, dragons fly, and life is back to normal. Today is the day of the big Pigeon Falls Parade. As you know by now this year’s movie star canceled out at the last minute so Mrs. Trumble will ride in her place in the lead car . Of course, it really isn’t a car it’s a truck all decorated up with a fancy chair in back..
    Yesterday the first Liar’s Club story of the final six was given. Bob Alder ‘s named was drawn and he got to go first . Here is his story:
    Before I start I have to tell you two important things. First of all listen carefully because I will never tell this story again and I will deny I told it now. Second ignore the man with the shotgun over by the sauna that’s my cousin Edgar and he is there to protect me.
    Now then, let me begin. I know who the man in black is. Well to be more exact I know what he is. You see I met him out at my –place on day this summer. I was sitting on the back porch enjoying the sunset when this three headed thing showed up eating my cow. Immediately I tried to remember where I put my shotgun after the last hunting season. I think it was in the cabinet in the basement but it might have been in the closet upstairs. In any case I knew it wouldn’t save me.
    That’s when the man in black showed up. He called the creature by name and it lunged at him. He had a strange weapon he fired at it and poof it was gone. Just like that , poof it was gone.
    I said to the guy “You wouldn’t happen to have an extra one of those would you?” He laughed and said they wouldn’t do me any good. It didn’t hurt the creature it just pushed him back into his own dimension where he belonged. You shoot anything else with it it won’t have any effect.
    You see our world shares almost the same space with other worlds that exist in other dimensions.
    He went on to tell me he was part of a top secret government agency that polices the barrier between dimensions. It is his job to keep the dimensions secret while protecting people when the barriers break down.
    Further it seems that Pigeon Falls is on what amounts to a barrier fault. That‘s why we have the whale and the dragons neither of which is from this dimension. At this point neither is a threat to us so they are bring ignored. But the barrier is constantly monitored and when a break occurs he follows up.
    Then he told me he was going to have to wipe any memory I have of the event out of my memory. He aimed a funny looking device at me and pushed two buttons. My head began to get warm and then I passed out. But when I woke up he was gone but I still remembered almost everything. O! I forgot the name of the man and the three headed beast and where the headquarters were but everything else I remembered.
    Why wasn’t my memory wiped? I think it was because I was wearing the hat I got from Crazy Charlie . It was lined with aluminum foil to protect me from evil rays he says but it was also the coolest hat I had. I think the foil absorbed the rays from the device and most didn’t get through. That’s why my head felt warm.
    When I examined the hat I found some discoloration in the foil like it had been used for cooking
    Now if you don‘t believe this story. Here is the hart you can look at it for yourself.
    One other thing, you can tell people about this because they need to know but don’t tell them I told you.
    Bob got four tens, two nines and a six. Throwing out the high and low he ended up with a 9.6 which will be a hard score to beat.

    Friday, August 22, 2008

    Empty head

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    Stuff in My Brain

    Saying for the Day:
    My mind contains many good ideas, but it's not always easy to squeeze one out. ~Ashleigh Brilliant

    Picture of the Day:

    Quilly's Just Reflecting

    The Days Wrap UP
    Not a bad day. In the morning I bloged.Then I read. After lunch wew went to the basement and nailed and plastered until we ran out of plaster cloth. We will go and get some more tomorrow. My sister Dawn called to tell me my sister Chris called her. Then I visited all my links or most of them. Now I need a breathing treatment.
    News from Pigeon Falls

    -The little town in my basement where the trains still run, dragons fly, and life is back to normal.
    They had to take Bruce Curman to the hospital in Iron Mountain yesterday. He tried to carry his wife in the spouse carrying contest and something went in his back. He just couldn’t straighten up. Mrs. Curman really needs to go on a diet but she pestered him until he agreed to try. He was doing well until he got to the part where he had to climb the little ladder over the small fence. When he tried to turn on the top whatever it was gave way and they both ended up on the air mattress designed to catch those who fell. Then he couldn’t get up. There are some people who just shouldn’t run in some races.
    The winner of the race was Charles M. Geiser from Hidden Park, Georgia. His wife was one of those skinny little things that you can hardly see. They should have made him carry a couple of flour sacks as well or perhaps some bags of potatoes to make things equal.
    The event itself was very popular it had forty entries this year. Of the forty thirty six finished the race. For one couple it may be the end of th marriage as the wife is convinced he dropped her in the muddle puddle near the end on purpose.
    The Pigeon calling contest was also held yesterday but there was no winner. The pigeons come close but never close enough. Too bad because the prize is so high.
    The first of this year’s Liars Club finalists will do his story this afternoon. These are usually such good stories there is sure to be a large crowd at the gazebo.

    Empty Head

    You probably noticed that News from Pigeon Falls came before my deep thoughts today. If you are very perceptive you guessed that the reason was that I had nothing to say today. This is very sad indeed.
    You see last night I had twenty seven great ideas for a blog and one terrific story. Well, maybe only seventeen of them were great. But I think I was ready to solve some of the world’s problems , give some guidance for the election, and confound the scientific community with a new discovery. I am fairly sure the story would have been my greatest Elf Tale ever.
    But this morning they were all gone. My head was empty. My mind was blank. First I though they spilled out during the night so I looked in the bed and on the floor but they weren’t there. I even checked the bathroom but no luck. My head was empty and the ideas were gone.
    Then it occurred to me they were probably sucked out by my breathing machine and they are somewhere in the hose that attaches my face mask to the machine. So I shook it and shook it but they didn’t come out. I am fairly certain they are in there . When the man comes to check the machine in six months he’ll ask if I knew the hose was partly clogged by bad ideas. You see by then they will be moldy and corrupted.
    Please come back tomorrow. Tonight I have a little book by the bed to write the ideas down so I will have at least one tomorrow, as long as I don’t lose the book.

    Thursday, August 21, 2008

    Canada has a Crazy

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    A Feather Adrift

    Saying for the Day:
    Cabbage: a familiar kitchen-garden vegetable about as large and wise as a man's head. ~Ambrose Bierce Dictionary

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    Quilly's Just Reflecting

    The Days Wrap UP
    It has been an interesting day. I started out after my blog with some reflection pictures. Then Betty and I went grocery shopping.My grandsons are coming for a week so we tried to plan for that as we shopped. In the afternoon Betty went to Bible Study and I did some reading. The dog was in the back yard and then just sort of disappeared, My COPD kept me from going out to look for him. Then the phone rang and my daughter wanted me to know she was home and the dog was there. I was very relieved. I spent the afternoon reading. I finished the book. Then I visited links. Now I need a breathing treatment.
    Canada has a Crazy
    If you think all the crazies are in the United States let me assure you it is not so. I just read the story of a mother and her autistic daughter who were subjected to intense questioning by the Children’s Aid Society because they suspected the girl was being abused. The Society began the investigation at the request of the Barrie, Ontario School Board. As the investigation proceeded it became obvious that not only had the child not been abused but the mother had gone to extraordinary lengths to protect the girl because of her autism. Further investigation was to reveal that the School Board acted on the advice of a teaching assistant. When questioned the teaching assistant said that it had to be the girl because her psychic told her that a girl with a V in her name was being abused. The girl was the only one in the class whose name , Victoria, started with a V. The mother now refuses to send her daughter to public school less some teacher take out a Ouija board or hold a séance.
    Now this happened in Canada so it should be clear the crazies population gets around.

    News from Pigeon Falls
    -The little town in my basement where the trains still run, dragons fly, and life is back to normal.
    Tammy wants Tommy UK to tell her why he is trying to get information about Mrs. Trumble. He told her there is no good reason. Just that he thought , because of the talent show, that she was younger than she seemed to be . He also noted hat she had only lived in Pigeon Falls for the last ten or eleven years. So far he has no new information on Mrs. Trumble. His internet search has information on her until she leaves home at eighteen and then again when she marries Mr. Trumble but in between she vanishes. He has discovered that she is only forty two years old. So why has she gone our of her way to look older ? What is she hiding ? Or perhaps who is she hiding from? Tommy UK is afraid if he pushes too hard he might get her into some kind of trouble. But he is really curious.
    There was a bit of excitement in Pigeon Falls yesterday. While Elmer was talking to his dad the buckboard with a full load of tourists took off. Something spooked the horses and they lit out of there fast. The tourists hats ( the cowboy ones) flew off. One lady fell from the seat to the floor of the wagon. They were sure the wagon was going to overturn and they would all be killed. Some of them expected some kind of heroic rescuer where a cowboy rides up and jumps onto the horse but that didn’t happen. Instead, unlike a Hollywood movie the horses just quir running stopped and waited for Elmer. Elmer came quickly not on a horse but a four wheeler. The tourists thought it was all part of the tour and Elmer certainly didn’t tell them otherwise.
    Tommy TW has decided to title his latest book “ The Spirit of a Murder” which was suggested by a friend who gave it to Nancy at the coffee shop.
    Will Tommy UK find out Mrs. Trumble’s Secret? Does Mrs. Trumble have a secret? What happened in the missing years? Will Elmer get sued. Did they find the hats? And of course is Tommy UK really the undertaker’s kid?

    Wednesday, August 20, 2008

    Brown County Fair

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    Road Sage

    Saying for the Day:
    I like pigs. Dogs look up to us. Cats look down on us. Pigs treat us as equals. ~Winston Churchill

    Picture of the Day:

    Quilly's Just Reflecting

    The Days Wrap UP
    It was a good day. I started by doing some more dragon reflection pictures. Then I had trouble with the computer. A program took control of all the windows functions. It wouldn't let me change wallpaper or do a lot of other things so I spent the morning trying to figure out how to get rid of it. I couldn't uninstall it because it controlled that function and wouldn't allow its use. Its help screen was not written for Vista so it didn't work. Finally I called the company an was piut on hold for half an hour. Finally I got a service person. He e-mailed me the url for a program that was supposed to remove it but it wouldn't load so he e-mailed another. Thus at lunch I had my computer back. In the afternoon Betty and I went to the basement. She plastered while I did a little touch up sawing ( rounded some corners) and nailing. Little by little it is coming together.
    then I visited my links. Now I need a breathing treatment.
    My Time at the Fair

  • Sunday I went to the Brown County Fair. I probably shouldn’t have gone since it was a rough breathing day. I started off with the lowest blood oxygen level in a long time. I used almost a full bottle of oxygen at Church with the stress of the Children’s sermon. In addition to that it was ninety degrees. I should have stayed at home with air conditioning and the oxygen concentrator.
    But I hadn’t been to a fair in two years and I missed going. I had gone to the UP state fair every year since I was a boy. I took my kids and grandkids there. I just love fairs. So, since it looked like it was this fair or wait another year I decided to go.
    My daughter Pennie drove us the thirty miles and my son Peter and children met us there.
    We started our tour with the poultry barn. This gave me a chance to tell my grandson about my raising pigeons and chickens when I was his age and how I entered them in the UP fair. I didn’t tell him my birds never won. Luke enjoyed the chicken barn . He really liked the baby chicks. He also liked the rabbits. I raised those as a kid as well but never entered them in the fair. But I think my grandfather status went up one point for rabbits.
    I suppose for somebody with COPD the air quality in the animal barns left something to be desired but I had my trusty oxygen bottle so it was ok.
    I rode around the fairgrounds on my three wheeled scooter. I discovered that the fairground wasn’t always level and twice I almost tipped over. That was a bit of excitement I didn’t need.
    Then came the big choice funnel cake or french fries. In the good old days I would have had both but my stomach no longer works that way so I had to make a choice. I choose french fries. You can’t beat fair french fries. Yes they are a little pricey but the flavor.
    WE were almost through and my oxygen was running low when Peter decided to go on a very fast ride with his daughter. The same ride he always went on when we went to the fair. Afterwards he confessed he was no longer young and thought he was going to die on the ride. After the ride he had trouble walking for a little while.
    By the time I got home the oxygen bottle was empty and I was wiped out. But it was worth every minute of it.
    I went to the fair hurrah!

    -The little town in my basement where the trains still run, dragons fly, and life is back to normal. Tommy UK has begun to wonder about his friend Mrs. Trumble. He doesn’t think she is as old as she appears to be. He doesn’t think anybody that old could do what she did in the talent show. He knows she is very rich. He knows her parents lived in Texas and they were very rich. He knows because she used to fly down to visit them four or five times a year. They both outlived Mr. Trumble. Then her mother died of a stroke and soon after her father died as well . He just sort of pined away. That is all Tommy UK knows. Now the question is how can he find out more. Most of his usual sources are friends of Mrs. Trumble and in fact she found them for him.
    So what should Tommy UK do? He is going to ask his uncle in Iron Mountain to help. The uncle has friends in the State Police and Tommy UK hopes they don’t know Mrs. Trumble. Then he is going to try one of the internet tracing services. It will cost him a couple of months allowance but now he really wants to know.
    Tommy TW’s book is just about ready to be published and it still doesn’t have a title. Right now he is leaning toward “ A Ghost of a Murder” or “ Murder by Ghost”. Nancy is not wild about either title. But he has to pick one fairly soon.
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