Monday, February 11, 2008

My Book

Saying for the day- If there's a book you really want to read but it hasn't been written yet, then you must write it. ~Toni Morrison

The other day when I visited kat’s blog I found this meme, “10 Signs a book has been written by me:” I left here a comment with ten signs off the top of my head but since then I have given it much thought and here is my revised list.
10 Signs a book has been written by me:
1. It is set in a small town
2. There is an infestation of elves ( I like elves)
3. There is a talking dog . ( I like dogs)
4. One character is a wise old man. ( Like me)
5. Another character is a clever kid.
6. It can easily be read by elementary children.
7. It has easily forgotten never quoted dialogue.
8. Only my relatives read it . ( They get free copies)
9. My grandchildren say it is the greatest book ever. ( They lie)
10. It is self published.( Nobody else will do it)

####News from Pigeon Falls-The little town in my basement where the trains still run, dragons fly, and life is back to normal. Old Doc Simpson whent out to visit Russel and Bonnie McGregor this morning with the results of her latest tests. You remember Bonnie Bonnie. She is the fifty two year old lady who is having a baby. Well , according to Doc, everything is going well. There even seems to be a possibility she could have twins. Next month he will send her to Iron Mountain for an ultra sound and they should know.
Here daughter Tracy has promised to give her mother a crib if she has twins. The children are being very supportive. They almost seem to be looking forward to having a little brother or sister or both.
Bonnie is still overwhelmed by it all. She was looking forward to a quiet period of life. She was even thinking of going back to college and then Russel does this to her. It is, of course, Russel’s fault. It has nothing to do with her having thought she was too old to get pregnant and quitting her birth control pills. No God was punishing them because Russel never went to Church.
Pastor Joan has tried to explain to her that the child is a blessing not a punishment but she sees her college possibilities going down the drain along with a loss of planned visits to Roy in Florida as anything but a blessing.
Her seventy five year old mother has offered to come and help out like she did when Roy was born. But Bonnie thinks her mother is too old to be of much help. She might end up having to care for her as well as the baby.
Then there is Petrovich and his cursed driblets. He is saying he thinks there might be a driblet about an older lady in the city of the birds giving birth. He is going through the untranslated driblets looking for it. All this does is scare her. Wonder if she is giving birth to a monster or something.
Poor Bonnie.

Today's Link-Cest La Vie- Our old friend Josie just happens to have a blog about books. Well worth reading.
It was a rough breathing day. I went through two bottles of oxygen. I haven't done tht in a long time. Plus I didn't feel good. So I spent the day on the computer. I visited all my links. I worked on Thursday's elf tale. I played games. Now I need a breathing treatment.


Blogger Janvangogh said...

I think I would be more upset with Petrovich thinking I was an OLDER lady. Like he is a spring chicken.

5:39 AM  
Blogger Lone Grey Squirrel said...

I think your grandchildren will remember these stories for their entire life. It will be a very precious thing for them. :)

8:02 AM  
Blogger Dorlana said...

I Love the list. #3 makes me very curious.
I'll have to come up with my own list. I'll post it next month and give you a shout.

8:48 AM  
Anonymous Kat said...

I certainly love elves and talking dogs. You should definately write a book (and quit being such a pessimist! All your blogging buddies would buy it too.)
Poor Bonnie Bonnie. Nobody should have to have a baby at 52.

4:46 PM  
Blogger Louisiana said...

i/we are so sorry to read about today's breathing. i wish we could do something, so i shall ask Our Lord to make your lungs healthy and strong. forgive me if i sound selfish/self centered but when i read you don't feel well, my heart sinks in an instant. i feel the sadness for you and for yours and for me/us here.
you are such a great part of our lives and i don't ever want you to forget that. you and Betty are such wonderful people and we are so grateful for you both.

here is hoping that as i type the angels are guarding your sleep and you are resting soundly. and here is to a great new breathing day.

much love..

1:57 AM  
Anonymous loisontheweb said...

Your breathing ... what a cross to bear! You inspire so many people. You & your blog are like a bright, cozy room where we know that we can come to visit a dear friend. ISN'T THE INTERNET WONDERFUL?

5:02 AM  

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