Thursday, March 16, 2006

100 things about me!!!!

Saying for the Day: If my life flashed before me it would be interrupted by commercial breaks.

—I saw several blogs where people listed 100 things about themselves so I thought I would try it.
Here Are 100 sort of true (given my memory) things about me.
1. I was a really great child.
2. I was not so great a teen.
3. I was a pain in the butt college student.
4. My one sister and I have had a love/hate relationship since she was born.
5. My other sister is ok. (Different but ok)
6. I have never been drunk.
7. I have never smoked a cigarette.
8. I have never done any drugs. ( in other words dull, dull, dull)
9. I can’t dance.
10. I have been too heavy most of my life.
11. I worked as a Santa Claus for Montgomery Ward.
12. I worked as a sailor on an ore boat.
13. I was a counselor at a health camp.
14. I taught mathematics at a technical college.
15. I taught mathematics at a private school.
16. I taught high school debate. (took a team to the state championships)
17. I was elected to the school board with the largest vote in the town's history.
18. For thirty five years I was Pastor in the same church.
19. I like some Bishops but hate the office.
20. I make great bread and potato pancakes.
21. I am a terrible speller. Not much good at English either.
22. People said I was a good preacher.
23. I had the worlds greatest grandmother. (Mom’s mother)
24. I had the world’s greatest grandfather. ( Dad’s father)
25. I had a fantastic mom and dad. ( I miss them)
26. I took two years of high school French.
27. I took two years of college French.
28. I can’t speak or read French.
29. I have an advanced degree in mathematics
30. I have taken graduate courses in Psychology.
31. I have an earned Doctor’s degree. ( whoopee)
32. I am married to an angel sent to me by God.
33. I have three wonderful, fantastic children.
34. I have five wonderful grandchildren.
35. I have a grand daughter that won’t let me win at Canasta.
36. I have been almost dead three times.
37. I have seen more than my share of personal miracles.
38. One of my best friends is a Catholic Priest. He anointed me the first time I was dying.
39. I have to have oxygen every night.
40. I sleep with a machine that helps me breath.
41. I walk with a walker. Really helps with Hetico’s laws
42. I played with one o27 train when I was a kid.
43. I played with an Ho and an 027 train when my kids were growing up.
44. I play with Ho, 027, N, and G scale trains now.
45. My wife and I built a fantasy train.
46. I once visited England.
47. I once went to Disney World.
48. I liked England better.
49. I once grew a beard. The angel didn’t like it.
50. I had the world’s greatest dog when I was a kid.
51. I have never loved anyone as much as I love Betty.
52. Seminary was a shock and I almost quit.
53. I quit every other day the first year of my ministry.
54. My wife kept me from quitting.
55. I once was pastor in three churches and vice pastor in five more.
56. I learned how to do a lot of things by doing them wrong the first time.
57. Sometimes I did them wrong the second time too.
58. I have tried very hard to serve people.
59. I was into computers when my kids were young.
60. I paid part of their way through college with money made by selling computer programs.
61. I don’t sell programs any more.
62. My son Patrick started me blogging.
63. I started my son Peter, his wife, my granddaughter and one sister.
64. I have a huge G scale layout in my back yard.
65. I have a bathtub with a door.
66. I once had a full photo lab in the basement.
67. I was chairman of the Upper Michigan Council on Aging
68. I have an English muffin almost every day for breakfast.
69. One of my grandfathers came from Finland.
70. One of my grandfathers came from England.
71. I don’t speak or understand Finnish (neither does Babel Fish)
72. I love Jesus.( Just a word about my sponsor)
73. I drink a can of orange pop every morning when I get up.
74. I was investigated by the Michigan State Police during the Viet Nam War.
75. I was investigated by the Ontonogan health department.
76. I buy far too many toys for my grand kids.
77. I really like banana splits.
78. I have far too many credit cards.
79. I was called a Vulture on the front page of the Reporter by the head of the Community Action Agency.
80. I have been to almost every amusement park in the country.
81. Now I go only to Greater America (they have a motorized thing for me to get around on)
82. I have been to two large scale train shows.
83. I like hot tubs.
84. I can be very stubborn.
85. I trained seven interns.
86. I hate instant Ralston. (I used to feed it to the chickens when mom wasn’t watching)
87. I needed instant Ralston to get my Tom Mix decoder ring.
88. The hair I have left has not turned gray.
89. I had two associate pastors. (both women)
90. I once had a parishioner make a pass at me.
91. I had two of the greatest secretaries a pastor could have.
92. I was not a very good confirmation teacher.
93. My high school had two all school reunions and I lead the worship service for both of them. ( Don’t tell the ACLU)
94. I was Citizen of the Year in Crystal Falls
95. I had a service of clowns every summer for ten years.
96. I was a pretty good clown.
97. My secretary and I put together a polka service my church still uses.
98. I gave up preaching in the box ( pulpit ).I liked to move around.
99. My choir director asked me not to sing in the choir.
100. I wouldn’t change a thing about my life .(except , maybe, almost dying three times)

7000 spins without a prize. Despite the fact that this is a celebration day (7000 spins) hapless has decided to ignore the day. Instead he wants to put out some facts about his losing. It all started when he was a kid going to the carnival. He always bet on which mouse would go in which color hole. He always lost. He even tried to dream up systems . They didn't work. His parents tried to control him but couldn't. Next he went to bingo with grandma. She never won either. Well that's not fully true. She once won a riding lawn mower. She had a lawn the size of a postage stamp. And since we are into truth telling hapless has won a stuffed Santa, a stuffed duck, and a bun warmer. These were mixed in with hundreds of lottery tickets that won nothing, Publisher's Clearing House entries that got nothing, and more losing contests than we have room to list.
Well Uncle Wiggly lovers if old hapless doesn't goof up and win something causing his children to remind him of what a wonderful parent he is . Thus causing his head to swell and preventing his getting through the small doorway into the computer room. We will be back tomorrow with "As the World Spins"

Its been a wonderful day today. My son and grand sons built the Ferris Wheel for the Amusment park that will be on the G scale layout this summer. I built another fantasy train. This one has frogs and flower pots. Now if the plants will grow. Last summer's layout can be seen by clicking here. I can hardly wait for the snow to melt so we can start laying out the new Pigeon Falls. Well I need a breathing treatment.


Blogger Raivyn said...

You seem like a great, very interesting person. :)

And I have never seen a bathtub with a door.

5:57 AM  
Blogger Laurie said...

Wow, you have had a very interesting life - not dull at all! (Just because you never got drunk or did drugs doesn't mean that you're dull - more like smart, I'd say.) I'm very impressed :-) And it's sweet how you and Betty are still so much in love :-)

Remind me never to debate you - I would definitely lose, haha.

Thanks for sharing all of that, and the pictures - I feel like I know you a lot better now!

And you really should post some pics of your train layouts - I would love to see them!

Loveya, Doc :-)

6:49 AM  
Blogger Mimi said...

I liked seeing the pictures. You are not missing anything but not having been drunk, believe me. I don't think your life has been dull at all. I think it has been very fulfilling and meaningful! BYW, I like the beard! I have always liked facial hair. When I was a kid all the men I knew had it. I would cry in the grocery store if I saw a man without it. My mom would have to explain to a stranger why I was screaming and crying at the sight of him! LOL! It seems like you really found your soulmate too! And I just saw a commercial for the bathtubs w/ doors! :)Why in the world did the police investigate you during Vietnam?

7:55 AM  
Blogger Peter said...

You forgot to mention you went to South America (at least if you did, I missed it), that you almost took your eye out during a fireworks show and that you lost a grandma in Las Vegas....sorry to rat you out!...Lori

4:02 PM  
Anonymous TC said...

Yes, that's all very well. But what I'd like to know is why you were called a vulture on the front page of the Reporter. Is this some dark secret you're not telling us about, Doc?

2:55 AM  
Anonymous TC said...

Blogger seems to be behaving itself today!

2:56 AM  

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