Monday, March 06, 2006

1.The Great Contest Begins

Saying for the day: A blog without comments is like a fish without a scuba tank.
It’s leave a comment Monday and I have been busy leaving comments.

I like comments. I need comments. I collect them like little kids collect marbles.

I know they have no real value.

But I like them and want them anyway.

Even the one that says I spell like a fourth grader.(an insult to fourth graders everywhere)

So I am going to run a comment contest.

It will have unbelievable prizes. ( tell your friends)

It will run for a week . That week begins today.

You can enter one comment per daily blog entry.

Now the prizes.

First prize: 150 blog explosion credits (3 hours of blog surfing) or an autographed 8X10 of the good Dr. In his clown costume or his clerics. Your choice.

Second prize: 50 blog explosion credits ( an hour of blog surfing) or a genuine, large, purple, dragon egg. The egg is guaranteed to contain at least one dragon. Note your dragon may not be of the fire breathing variety as only one dragon egg in six has that kind of dragon.

Third prize: 10 blog explosion credits or a small magical dragon egg. Note because of the magical qualities the egg may contain something other than a dragon.

Fourth prize: 5 blog explosion credits or a genuine, digital , Easter, watch. These are very hard to find. In mint condition.

Finally fifth prize: 1 blog explosion credit or your very own Knight to protect you from the dragons of life. Knight carries no guarantee

There will also be a suprise prize for the best comment each day. I can't tell you what it is or it wouldn't be a surprise.

Now the rules:
1. There can be one and only one comment per person per day.

2. Fifty points will be awarded for just making a comment

3. Points will be subtracted on the following basis.
-10 points for comments not related to that days blog entry.
-10 points for positive general comments.
Example “this is a great blog.”
-15 points for a negative general comment .
Example.” This blog stinks”
-15 points for pushing your blog in the comments.
-20 points for this reminds me comments.
Example.” This reminds me of when my old Aunt..”
-11 points because the judge is in a bad mood that day.
(better she takes it out on you than me)

4. Points will be added on the following basis.
25 points for funny comments. I like funny comments.
15 points for identifying the deep philosophical thoughts
hidden in the days blog.
12-30 points if you say something the judge likes.
Trust me I’ve lived with her for forty years and I don’t
know what that means.

At the end of the seven days the points will be totaled up and the prizes awarded. The decision of the judge , no matter how unfair, will be final.

If the judge forgets what I told her and there is a tie then duplicate prizes will be awarded ( and she’ll never judge again)

So it begins . This is your big chance.

Good commenting to you all.

6550 Spins without a win. Why does hapless loser keep spinning when he is almost certain he will never win? 6550 spins should be proof of that. Perhaps he needs a good psychologist. Or just maybe , like his mother before him, he likes the sound the wheels make when they stop. Its sort of a combination boink and bonk. In any case it is a wonderful sound. Hapless loves to hear it. It doesn't matter that the wheels that are boink bonking never come up the same. Its the sound that counts.
Well Uncle Wiggly lovers if old hapless can come up with another lame excuse to play the Iwon wheel so that his wife doesn't take away his computer. We'll be back tomorrow with "As the World Spins"

Another poor start for a day. The Tv announcer said the tempature was going to hover around zero all week. I hate hovering. Things thaw . Then they freeze. One falls down.
I set some kind of record this morning and left a comment on every blog I visited. It was hard but I did it.
Well we moved the table to where it will sit ,we hope, for a long time. Betty built houses. I ordered lots of stuff for the HO layout amd another fantasy train. Otherwise it was a pretty dull day.
According to the stats 33 people visited the blog but only seven left comments.
I need a breathing treatment.



Blogger Maritza said...

I whole heartedly agree that a blog without a comment is like a lady without her unicycle. If Mondays are for leaving comments, what's the rest of the week for?

6:04 AM  
Blogger Peter said...

This is a best blog that I have read since yesterday. I spell like a fouth grader. I would like to see a fish with a scuba tank. The judge is a great mom. Have a great comment Monday.

7:32 AM  
Blogger Lisa said...

You may change my life with this one. I don't like comments, getting them or giving them. Usually I would say, "leave me alone would you please?"

But I need the credits. Plus I can't be grumpy with a fellow Michiganian, Michiganier, Mishmash, whatever........grin

8:12 AM  
Blogger Cat said...

/lurk mode deactivated/

Self-proclaimed credit whore here to remind you that today is Monday, don't spin on Mondays, comment instead!

Like I just did...I'm not off spinning and losing I'm commenting. It's much safer here.

Don't like to play it safe? Try doing the visit the renter game on Monday's too. Click click click and sometimes they all link up in a circle and you end up right back where you started. How fitting is THAT for a Monday?

/lurk mode reactivated/

9:18 AM  
Blogger Peter said...

Personally, I do not care about winning for the best comments...I care about losing! I want to know what the prizes are for being the loser in the blog contest I am hoping the prize for losing is better than the prises for winning. A good one would be never having to leave a comment again or I get to send you a picture of you in the clown costume which my daughter won in the last contest. I am not commenting because it is comment Monday because I do not do things people tell me to do,as you know.

Now that I am thinking about it, I would like a purple egg.....Lori

11:52 AM  
Anonymous Matt said...

This remind me of the time...

I kid, I kid!

This is a cool idea. Help to make the blogosphere feel like a community.

You should look into using coComment (no, it isn't my blog, it isn't even a blog, and it definitely isn't mine!). It is a great way to keep track of comments you have made on other blogs.


12:17 PM  
Blogger Southie said...

Thanks for the comment!

3:06 PM  
Blogger Maritza said...

Wait a second! This is a contest, no? Here goes my comment:

Dr. John's Fortress is by far the most handsome, intelligent, kindhearted and witty blog in the universe - no, make it the stratosphere. Deep intellectual and thought provoking articles keeps this blogger coming back time and again to read this awe inspiring blog and to ask herself, "who do I think I am? I am nothing! Nothing I tell you, compared to the masterful genius of Dr. John".

How's that?

3:56 PM  
Blogger moze said...

like a ship without a rudder. what a great day to boot up and see that someone thought enough to give a bit of info to your thoughts. I don't care about the points but traffic and reader base is quite nice.


4:13 PM  
Anonymous Tricia said...

I don't like temperatures that hover either. Come to think of it - I don't like temperatures that drop or fall. That just seems so dangerous! On the other hand rising and soaring temperatures are just my thing. I'm so very glad it's almost Spring!

BTW I'm interested in either the large purple dragon egg or the smaller magical egg. I am after all the dragon lady, and my former dragons have expired. I'm in need of a replacement.

6:18 PM  
Anonymous shilo said...

Hellooooooooooo from another Yooper!! :D
Was very surprised to see another yooper on BE.

Sounds like a fun contest for sure.

6:25 PM  
Blogger Mimi said...

Saw your comment on Stranded in Suburbia and thought I would stop by! I love your wit! You have a great blog! I will have to start stopping by and leaving comments! Maybe I will be the contest winner! WOOT!

6:38 PM  
Blogger Laurie said...

Look! You're getting comments from my commenters! ;-)

Ok, it's 1230am, so it's not technically Monday, but it is to me because I work midnites and my "day" started at 7pm, so hopefully my comment still counts.

I want that autographed picture of you because then I can sell it on eBay for a lot of money someday when you become famous (but hopefully not infamous!)


9:30 PM  
Blogger Pennie said...

Hello Dad,

What you can do, What can do with all those comments.

I like owl, am wise in many ways...somehow I go all to pieces over delicate words like Your blog moves me to tears.

It is said the polite words open iron gates. I hope these words move the most open heart in all the world the judges.

I understand wanting to have comments it is like having someone go "MMM" or shaking there in agreement when you are talking. It is a way to know that you have been heard.

Other thoughts on the blog. The judge is a good carpenter with all the houses she builds. The author of the blog is wise as he gives individuals opportunities to vote for things.

Well that is all for my thoughts on this blog.

I tried to be funny but like other things in life I have failed. I have tried to win the spin of the comments.

Happy day after Comment Monday.

May the force be with you


10:46 PM  
Anonymous TC said...

Dr. John - how are you? Missed Monday, I'm afraid, but I claim special dispensation for the dratted time difference. Most bloggers on your side of the pond are ony just gearing up as I'm going back to my hotel (where I have no Blogosphere lifeline).

As a blogger who receives sporadic (if any) comments himself, I am glad to see that you are shaming bloggers into responding - even if this does result in some shamelessly sycophantic behaviour on the part of some of our blogging compadres. I personally would never indulge in such behaviour, preferring to pathetically check my blog each hour in the vain hope that someone has left a golden nugget of wisdom.

Still I'm none the wiser!

1:05 AM  

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