Wednesday, February 08, 2006

They are goina get me

Theological University Online
Saying for the Day: Just because your paranoid doesn't mean they aren't out to get you.
------After I got up this morning and after I completed the compulsory morning rituals I checked the house for listening devices. We were gone for several hours the other day which is time enough for “Busch’s Fascist Police” to plant a bug in the house. They do things like that you know. I read it on a blog.
I expect the devices because of a telephone call I had with my Busch hating sister the other day. You know the CIA listens to all our calls. I read it on a blog.
In that conversation I said “ that is an explosive idea. Boy was that a mistake. Explosive is one of the words the CIA listens for. I read it on a blog.
Then my sister went on to tell me how she can’t stand President Bush. Wow now the CIA has the explosive word and an attack on the President. And you think they won’t put a listening device in my home.
I am having my wife go through all our garbage before we throw it out just to be sure we don’t have anything there that could be used against us. The FBI has an agent down at the processing plant that goes through your garbage. I know because I read it on a blog.
I also am afraid to leave the house because the President is asserting his right to shoot me without a trial. I know because I read it on a blog.
In any case I didn’t find anything today and I used the device finder I got from a blog on being a detective so it must work. Why with the CIA, the FBI, and the Fascist Bush police all out to get me I better move to Canada. Or maybe I should stop reading left wing blogs.
@@@ There were eight winners yesterday at One got $10,000 and the other seven got those invisible prizes that have no value. Our hapless loser was not one of the eight. Despite that fact he spun away again today. Again he didn't win unless he got one of those invisible prizes but then how would he know. That's 5350 spins without a visible prize. There is of course always tomorrow when you can tune in again to "As the World Spins" ****
No call from the " we really don't give two hoots about you" ELCA. I guess their attitude is " It's our mistake you live with it". I'm going to keep waiting.
Betty has gone to therapy and then she is going to TOPS . First she suffers, then she suffers, then they all go to eat. I am working on a top ten list for the church and I don't have a single idea. I suppose I could write the top ten ways in which the ELCA fails its pastors but I don't think the Pastor would let that get through. It is a thought though. After blogging for awhile ( I need those blog explosion credits) I found a blog with a list of things that cost more than gasoline per gallon and I think I can work that into a top ten list or at least a ten list. Did you know that Vicks Nyquil costs $178.13 a gallon. Try running your car on that. You'd have to go to the bank for a loan before you go to your local Nyquil station. The plus side would be that if you were feeling a little sick you could just siphon a little out. Just after I finished working this into a ten list my sister-in-law sent me two lists of words not in the dictionary. I was able to shake them up and come up with ten church related words not in the dictionary. So now I have two weeks worth of top ten lists. Isn't life wonderful. You can see the top ten lists on the church web page. I will post the first this Friday and the second next Friday. My Busch hating sister called and said it was proper for the Democrats to attack Poor George at the funeral because he deserved it. Even if I was to agree with her that he deserved it a funeral is not the place to give it to him. We have reached a point in this country where the hatred is so deep and the politics so nasty that ordinary civility is gone.Well the ELCA hasn't called and I need a breathing treatment.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Watch your email. I'm sending you something that may help your top ten list.


10:46 AM  
Blogger Pennie said...

Hello Dad,

I would agree that funeral should be about the person who is dead. I also think that it is poor tast to attack someone at a person who wanted peace. I still like the flying dragon.


8:16 PM  

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