Sunday, February 05, 2006

And the world is ???????

Theological University Online
Saying for the day:Don't wait for six strong men to take you to church.
----- I will never watch CNN again. Now this is true not because they are too liberal in their coverage (conservative blogs say they are). Nor because they are too conservative in their coverage ( liberal blogs say they are). No I really don't care about their political position or lack of it. I won't watch them because their timing stinks. I usually don't pay attention to what they are saying but just read the stuff on the bottom of the screen (lots of interesting stuff there). Anyway I am reading along and the screen tells me that "according to experts the world is" when suddenly a singing beer bottle appears and the information line disappears. Now I have nothing against singing beer bottles. Some of my best friends drink beer ( I don't know if it sings or not but they do after a few bottles ). But I want to know what the experts are saying about the world. Is it going to end on Thursday? Is it going to get better and better ( a guy can hope)? Is it going to be mostly flooded by global warming? Is it in for a new ice age?What about the world. I shout at the singing beer bottle but it pays no attention and doesn't answer my question. Singing beer bottles don't care about the end of the world only that you drink the beer they are singing about. Finally it stops singing. We go back to the message at the bottom. Now I will know about the world. No now it tells me all about some girl falling off of a bike and how her mother is suing for a lost tooth. They don't seem to care about what is happening to the world. I watch for another hour but it never gets back to the world. So I am never going to watch CNN again it causes too much stress. Besides the world may end on Thursday.
@@@ 5200 spins without a win. Our hapless loser checks and there were, according to Iwon two winners yesterday. Again according to Iwon's numbers they won nothing. How can you win if you get nothing. What kind of strange prize did they get? Sixty Minutes hasn't followed up on hapless losers call for an investigation but then CBS owns Perhaps he should try Dateline. Tune in again tomorrow to "As the World Spins"***
We started on our income tax preparation.( I couldn't avoid it any longer) The best I can say after thrashing through miles of paper is that Betty and I are still speaking and the taxes aren't done yet. We stopped because the form I got from the ELCA doesn't make any sense so I have to call them tomorrow. In the mean time we looked for the material that came with the check I drew from the pension fund in May. You will not believe how many things we threw away that we had no reason to save in the first place but we didn't find the material. According to the form they sent they withheld around $2000 on the $35,000 I withdrew. The law requires that they withhold 20% . You do the math. Further the check we got totaled around $25,000 so where did the other $8000 go? If I used the figures they sent me I would owe the government around $4000 . I am almost paranoid enough to think there is some one in the ELCA out to get me. Well I'll know tomorrow. Now I really, really need a breathing treatment.


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