Friday, February 03, 2006

Left of Right

Theological University Online
Saying for the Day:I never let the facts wreck my fantasy.
------Yesterday I went blogging through conservative or right wing blogs. Now the conservatives have a problem since the President is Republican and conservative there is no power person to demonize. This does not stop them. They have three favorite targets Hillary Clinton, Ted Kennedy, and John Kerry ( easy targets I might add). According to the right these three never do anything because of conviction but only for political gain. If they were to gain control bad nations would be rewarded, and it wouldn't be safe to walk on the street because there would be suicide bombers everywhere. They are out of step with real America.(Please note that's the same thing the left is saying about President Busch) Anything these three say can and will be quoted or misquoted and used against them in the court of public opinion (context doesn't matter). The right , like the left, is able to read the mind of these people and know what they were thinking when they said something that sounded reasonable. Like President Busch these three are human beings who make mistakes but who also have some important things to contribute to the national debate. To demonize them, to impute motives to them, keeps one from hearing those things. This is a time when we need to listen to one another and strive for common goals. Well you can see I'm left of the right and right of the left (that's why nobody loves me)
@@@ Fifty more losing spins for our hapless loser (5100 without a prize) . According to there were three winners yesterday out of the thousands of people who spun the stupid wheel. This does not bode well for our hapless loser. Tune in again tomorrow to see if he is one of tomorrow's three on "As the World Spins" ****
Betty went to therapy ( she calls it the torture chamber) . I worked on the link buttons for this page. I still may make them smaller. When I finished and checked the blog when you clicked on pdiatribes you ended up on Chris and George's blog. I went back and fixed that. Betty cleaned both bathrooms ( more than you want to know isn't it?) She even figured out how to get that unremovable blop off( is there such a word? I bet the spelling checker doesn't think so it doesn't even like blog). Pastor Ness (Ernie) dropped by and we had a nice long chat. He reminded me that Norwegians like to argue. I discovered he also has a collection of trains including some very rare standard gauge.His mother just died and he is still hurting so pray for him. When he left I continued working on this blog and made the buttons smaller. I think I am done fooling with the layout for a while. Well I need a breathing treatment.


Blogger Peter said...

I also have had some good luck with the Wal-Mart employees lately(did not in the past). When I grocery shop there, I pull the cart behind me and this allows me to use my cane. Before I would try to push the cart and ended up bumping into too many things and knocking things over. Now, the employees see my cane and immediately ask if I need help in a very nice manner. It is unusual to get pleasant help these days...Lori

11:05 AM  
Blogger Pennie said...

Hello Dad,

I still think the box to the degree could be smaller because it blocks the words on your page. I think it would be interesting to take away the name of the web page and send it to a democrate and a republican and remove any identification of the party and see if they agree because it is funny that they say the same thing about the other side.
Well mom gets a break from the toture chamber for two days.


3:56 PM  

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