Thursday, February 02, 2006

Right of the Left

Theological University Online
Saying for the day: I know the truth and I will gather, twist, and make up the facts to support it.
------------- This is the Bush Police State today.--This is a quote from a blog with a view. All facts are twisted to support that view and facts that don't and can't be twisted are ignored. This quote had to do with the removal of Cindy Sheehan from the President's State of the Union Address. It did not matter that the rule that removed her wasn't made by President Busch. It didn't matter that a Busch supporter was also removed because she had on a message T shirt. It was to him still evidence of the Bush Police State. I suppose every restaurant with a dress code is part of the "Bush Police State" as well. The problem with this kind of thinking which forces all facts into one distorted view of the world is that it gets in the way of rational solutions of our very real problems. Seeing the President as a monster, evil, capitalist, who desires to be dictator keeps one from hearing any good ideas he has and leads one to reject everything he does (not rational). I even saw a blog this morning that went through the President's speech and told us what he was really thinking at that point ( the left has mind readers ). From where I sit the President is not the greatest President we have ever had, he makes mistakes and doesn't like to admit to them but he does have some good ideas and they need to be heard and considered. Making fun of him and demonizing him simply prevents that. Well as you can see I am far to the right of the left. Tomorrow I will comment on a few conservative blogs.
@@@ Well our hapless loser has now completed 5050 spins without a prize. adds to his pain with a little notice above their slot machine that says there have been 268,880 winners , who have won a total of $65,482,000. That sure is adding insult to injury. Will our hapless loser ever join that list of winners? Tune in again tomorrow for "As the World Spins"***
Well I went with Betty to her Doctor's appointment in Iron Mountain, While she was at the Doctor's Office I walked around Wal Mart. I did pretty well since all I bought were some cup cakes, Turbo Tax, a computer game, and computer labels. For me in Wal Mart that's pretty good. You can say what you want about the way Wal Mart treats its employees but its employees treat you well. Betty wanted a new belt for a vacuum cleaner and asked a clerk where they were and instead of the clerk grunting out something like at the end of aisle nine she took us there and helped Betty find the right belt. She even said your welcome when we said thank you. All of this with a big smile. Betty's doctor said she needs an MRI and set up an appointment for one next week. That meant I probably will wander around Wal Marts again. Misread Lori's blog and thought Pat had called Peter yesterday to wish him happy birthday but a second reading showed it was her brother and not Pete's.. Well I need a breathing treatment and then I'm going to try my new game. The taxes can wait until tomorrow.


Blogger Pennie said...


Good to know that you also agree that when we take on only one side and insult the other person we stop progress. Thanks for you comment on my blog.

5:48 PM  
Blogger Peter said...

It was Lee who called me not Pat.
Sorry to her mom needs an mri but maybe they can find out what's going on.

7:13 PM  
Blogger Free at Last! said...

I wanted to thank you for the wonderful comment you left for me at AND FROM THE ASHES ,and I was just wondering if you also had a chance to read the previous posting I entitled Phoenix,as it speaks of the first Miracle granted me and includes how God came into my life while I too was hospitalized.(hope all my coding works,I am a newbie to this html stuff!

12:59 PM  
Blogger Free at Last! said...

Phoenix This one had better work! if not sorry,you will please forgive the mess i made of your comments,feel free to delete.You can find the entry "Phoenix"atAND FROM THE ASHES

1:03 PM  

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