Monday, January 23, 2006

Not one left a note !!!!!!
Saying for the Day:Friends come and go, enemies accumulate.
-----Restless night. Since I joined blog explosion I have been thinking about people reading this blog. According to blog explosion 47 new people visited this blog. That is supposed to be a good thing but why. These people don't know me. They don't care about the day to day happenings of an old man. They are just putting in their required 30 seconds to earn credits so other people will read their blog. I bet half the time they don't even read the blog they have gone to. They just wait their 30 seconds and go on. What a DUMB SYSTEM. AS evidence of this I call your attention to the fact that of the 47 visitors not one, not one, left a note. My regular readers at least know who I am. They have a frame of reference into which they place the blog. The regular readers include my children, my sister, my sisterinlaw, my college roommate, his brother, and some former parishioners. They at least have some reason to look in on what's happening in my life now. I'm not even sure why I joined blog explosion. It has given me the opportunity to read some very interesting blogs and I left notes. Oh well my otherwise dull life goes on and I have a half a Christmas tree that needs taking down. @@@ Now its 4550 losing spins for our hapless loser at IWON.COM. After yesterdays games he's thinking of inviting Denver to the losers party. Perhaps he'll hold the party when he reaches the 5000 th spin. Tune in again tomorrow for " As the World Spins"***Betty took the garbage out (wow what excitement). Then she went to the church office and grocery store (more excitement) . I played on the computer all morning. I fixed my computer problem by taking Betty off of the net. Now she has no internet and mine works fine. We went back to work in the living room just as Donna Ahlberg stopped in. It was good to have company. She has changed churches and now goes to First Lutheran. Then we finished taking down the tree.(hooray)Just when I thought Apria couldn't get any weirder a letter came from a collection agency that said we owed Apria $141 . Our practice is to pay every bill as soon as it comes but of course we might have misplaced one. So we called Apria and the secretary said that according to their records we owed them nothing. She said she would contact the collection agency. But if we owed them nothing how did the bill get to the collection agency in the first place? And this is the company I rely on for my life support equipment. Well the living room is back to normal and we are ready for company. Betty hauled all the Christmas stuff upstairs for another year. Well I need a breathing treatment.


Blogger Carol said...

Greetings from another iWon loser! I've been a member for several years, and have yet to win anything - not a monthly bonus prize, not a daily prize, not even $5. Nada, zip, zilch.

I also agree with you about the blogexplosion traffic. I've noticed the same thing with my blogs. Lots of 30-second obligatory traffic, but not much else. But, at least now, you've received a comment:)

6:07 AM  
Blogger Peter said...

Congrats on getting your first comment and it's from another loser!...Lori

10:30 AM  
Blogger Celena said...

You JUST took down your tree? Wow! (Here from Blog Explosion-which I joined so I could rent on other people's blogs once I had enough credits)

1:25 PM  
Blogger Sister Chris said...

ok, you haven't won on spins, but George and I win on whose tree is still up!! yes, our tree is still up--maybe we will get it down next weekend as I have off Thursday, Fri and Sat!! We'll see.
Have a good day!
Chris and George

2:53 PM  
Anonymous terry said...

"Ask and you shall receive". Well, it seems that there are a few other bloggers who have been reading what you have written and have responded. You win at that point anyway!! The spins; well that's another story. Glad to hear that you are not moving in the near future. I want to see that outside train village this coming summer. I have heard there are some collection agencies that will "cut of your oxygen", so to speak. If they give you a hard time just sic "George" on them. Let's see how many more bloggers respond to your call - and how many sign up for their "doctorates". Oh yes, I'm also glad to hear that you're not giving the bishop any reason to get on your case!! Take care.

7:00 PM  
Blogger Laurie said...

Hey Doc :-)

Found you thru Celena's blog, nice to meet another Michigan blogger!

(I linked ya!)

10:02 PM  
Anonymous RisibleGirl said...

I'll leave a comment! Thanks for stopping by MY blog and commenting. It's always nice to see a new face. :)

7:40 AM  
Blogger Nicki said...

Well, that is definitely one of the benefits of having an artificial tree. We get real trees and live with the fear of them not making it to Christmas Day. As a matter of fact, our tree this year got so bad, it was down by 7pm...on Christmas Day!

When I stop in from now on, I'll make sure to leave a comment! :)

9:23 AM  
Anonymous Matt said...

While I tend to agree that most BlogExplosion folks just stay the 30 seconds, that is ok. I don't want just anyone reading my blog, I want people who will find my blog interesting/helpful/useful/entertaining/whatever to read my blog. So if 1 our of 50 visitors like it, great! At least BE give the exposure to those 50 so I can find the 1 that will actually stay a while.

I think...


4:57 PM  

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