Saturday, January 14, 2006

Another day .Another bed.

Saying for the day: Seen one house seen em all.
-----Pretty good night. Peter put the half inflated bed on top of the pull out bed and it worked for the night.*** We left our hapless loser having failed day on his 4050 spin. Today he talked his two grandchildren into spinning for him in the hope they would be luckier than him. But 50 spins later it was obvious his bad luck was contagious. Will he now finally give up? Will he spin again tomorrow. Will he have his grand children spin again? Tune in again tomorrow for another adventure of "As the world spins"*** We went house hunting again today. we saw some really nice homes but they weren't just right. We need a main floor bedroom and a main floor laundry room. Finding a place with both is not easy. We did get to see a lot of Green Bay. Coming back to Peter's I got to spend some time playing computer games with our granddaughter. It reminded me of why we want to move to Green Bay. Peter and Pennie patched the blow up bed and we will try it tonight. I could end up sleeping on the floor. Well I need a breathing treatment.


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