Saturday, January 07, 2006

Down and up. Or up and down.

Saying for the day:

-----Good night last night-slept till 7:00 this morning. @@@ Did my fifty losing spins at Iwon.c0m. That's 3750 without a prize. Perhaps, tomorrow I'll do them in the afternoon.*** In the morning we went to the basement to see what Ho stuff was down there. After that it was up and down and down and up. We brought up the pieces for the living room tunnel and some more ho stuff. We found some things that are identical to things I just bought. They have been on the shelf since we moved and we forgot. My mouth is still sore so it was mashed potatoes again. I hope this doesn't last much longer. In the afternoon Betty worked on the tunnel entrance and I got the first prize winners prizes ready to mail out. ( We decided not to break the tie so there was more than one winner in the annual Linna contest.)We were going to start assembling the tunnel but we couldn't find the electric nail gun. So Betty went grocery shopping and I played on the computer. When she got back she decided to wait until tomorrow to assemble the tunnel. Well I need a breathing treatment.


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