Thursday, January 05, 2006

Shut my mouth-a trip to the doctor!

Saying for the day:Don't Take Life Seriously, It Is Not Permanent.
------Okay night-several coughing spells. Woke up with a really painful mouth. It hurt to eat breakfast.@@@ I did my fifty, painful spins on That's 3650 without a prize.*** Betty and I worked on the HO layout by trying to get the bumps out of the track. It will take another day. Betty took the cardboard to the dump. I cut the boards for the tunnel in the living room. The parts are ready to be painted. I couldn't eat lunch because my mouth hurt to open.(That also kept me quiet) So it was back to the doctor who said I had an inflamed salivary gland. He prescribed an antibiotic so Betty went to Iron River to get it. I also took an Aleve. I then took a nap. Changed the control in the living room so I can turn on the houses or either of the trains separately. Betty also has a bad cold so we didn't get the tunnel pieces painted. I had mashed potatoes and pudding for super. My mouth is feeling a little better. My sister called to check up on me. She wondered what I will catch next. Well I need a breathing treatment, cough medicine, and an antibiotic.


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