Friday, January 06, 2006

Better.But not well.

Saying for the day: If you build a better mouse trap nature will make a better mouse.
----Okay night. Woke up with muscle cramps several times and had to walk them off.@@@ Did my fifty losing spins on That's thirty seven hundred without a prize. Am I entitled to a losers party or what?*** Felt a little better this morning. The mouth is not as swollen as it was yesterday. But it is still hard to eat. Betty went to therapy. My sister called and must have a cell phone because she just faded out at the end of the call. I worked at getting the switch tracks operative on the ho layout and got two out of four. One needed a new cord and I've ordered it. Betty came home and was very tired. She has a horrible cold. I had mashed potatoes and pudding again for lunch. Betty took a nap. I went downstairs and painted the tunnel parts. We'll put them together tomorrow. I upgraded the church web site with this Sunday's bulletin. When Betty got up we worked together at getting the bumps out of the HO track until it got too dark to see the track pieces in detail. I ordered one new track. Betty went on the internet and read Peter's blog. They took down their tree while ours is still up and may be till the end of the month. We like it and since it is artificial it doesn't shed. I took a picture of the dragon , Betty gave me for Christmas, on top of a house in her village. Then I posted it to the blog and it is just below this entry. Betty also read my sister Chris's blog. She is beginning to feel more at home on the net. Well I need a breathing treatment an antibiotic.


Blogger Peter said...

Does the dragon have a name? If it makes you feel any better, our tree is still up in the basement. - Lori

7:15 PM  
Blogger Sister Chris said...

That's o.k.--our tree is still up also--don't know when we will get around to taking it down either. George's back is still giving him fits and he did not go to work yet again--he is till witing on the x-ray and test results from the doctor's office, but I wish they would give him some other medicine that dosen't make him ssooo tired--he is still sleeping this morning and it is going on 11:30!! Will you be moving to G.B. permanetly ??(or just seasonaly) Good luck in the house hunt!!

9:22 AM  

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