Thursday, January 12, 2006

Tomorrow it begins

Saying for the day:Any fool can criticize, condemn, & complain. And most do.
------Restless night .Lots of sleep interruptions. Betty had a bad night lots of shoulder pain.@@@We find our hapless hero now going for his 4000 th spin. He has great expectations. Surely this is the day for a prize. How can it be other. Today the sun will shine. But alas the 4000 th spins comes without a prize. Our hero is crushed. Will he still spin again tomorrow? Tune in again to find out.***Betty spent the morning washing clothes. I packed up the Marx Christmas train. That's two boxes done for our moving. In the afternoon Betty's sister called . She was interested in our possible move to Green Bay. My sister called . She was interested in my health. My mouth has healed up so well that we canceled the Dr.'s appointment for today. I still have one for the end of the month. I went downstairs and started cleaning off the scenery from the old train table. That's the one we had in the living room in the old parsonage. It was so cold that I worked for half an hour and then came up and got warm. I then went down and worked for another half hour. It is hard to get old scenery off since we used plaster cloth. I tried to save the trees. Betty went to the Post Office. David Holmes came and got the blowup bed into the car. It was too heavy for Betty to lift. Betty continued to get things ready for the trip. I made one last trip, for the day, to the basement and cleared one of the two tables. I harvested a box of trees. Betty went down and loaded the plaster stuff into a big garbage bag. She also salvaged a lot of usable Styrofoam. I sent sister Chris an e-mail. George has a really bad back .You can read about it on her blog. There is a link on this one. The new train layout with lots of pictures is now at
Tomorrow our move to Green Bay begins as we go and look at houses. I am not sure there is any turning back now. We have started on a new journey and we may be moving too fast to stop.
Well I need a breathing treatment.


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