Tuesday, January 17, 2006

Well this is home again.!

Saying for the day:A truly wise man never plays leapfrog with a unicorn.
-----Good night last night.@@@He came, he spun, he lost again!With 4250 losing spins behind him will our hapless loser now quit? Will he spin tomorrow? Why ,O why, doesn't he stop? **** I started the morning by getting the pictures of the two houses we were looking at onto the family web page. Having finished that we decided not to continue our search at this time but to get our finances in order. We need to discover if we can sell this house for enough to make the move possible. So for now this is home and we are not talking about moving very soon. Betty's sister called and knew we had decided to postpone our buying a home as she read it on Peter's blog. Lori blogged right after Betty called to tell her that Peter didn't have to check out that last place tonight. I read my sister Chris's blog. Poor George is having a lot of back problems. My sister called and said she thought it was a good idea for us to wait. Anybody else out there want to throw in an idea or two? Betty's therapy got canceled. She went to the Credit Union and the grocery store. I went back to the basement and worked at stripping the old train table. I worked until my hands were too cold and I had to come upstairs. Betty worked on a Top's project then took a nap. I made two more trips to the basement and the table is almost clear. The forms for the ELCA withdrawal came and I ordered forms from Thrivent, so some things continue. It feels good to have that pressure off. Betty decided not to go to Bible study and put the car in the garage. Well I need a breathing treatment.


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I am an early blogger....Lori

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