Saturday, January 21, 2006

Who's reading my blog?

Saying for the day:1st rule of intelligent tinkering - save all the parts.
-----Good night last night.@@@The spin goes on and on and on but the prizes never come. Now our hapless loser has spun 4450 times at without a prize. Does he still believe he can win? Will he keep trying ? Does anyone still care? Tune in again tomorrow to "As the World Spins". ***We called Apria this morning only to have the person who answered say they didn't even know there was a Green Bay office ( To think my life depends on health equipment from this group). I want to welcome those of you who are here for 30 seconds because of bloc explosion. Stay a little while and get to know us. While waiting for Betty to get ready to go to the basement to work I spent some time reading other people's blogs. There sure are a lot of different blogs out there. If your reading mine and would like to get a low cost fun doctor's degree go to

Things I've learned by reading other people's blogs. George Bush is a Saint sent by God. George Bush is a selfish devil who will destroy us. Republicans are the salvation of the nation. Republicans all lie and cheat and don't care about ordinary people. There is no hope for this country. We are moving into the greatest era in our history. One ladies husband is very messy.(Others commented that their husbands were just as messy) Some guy loves his kids and hates to leave them. Rose pedals are good for you ( I think you have to rub them on your skin not eat them.) The weather in New England is too much like spring and the flowers are confused. A soldier in Iraq shared all the good the soldiers are doing ( You won't see that on CNN). The Mine Saftey and Health Administration lies about its record. New Orleans must be rebuilt (It hurt the guys heart to look at it as it is now). One can crochet with spaghetti. One poor lady . who swears a lot, was upset by a negative comment she got on the blog and spent a whole section saying she didn't care.

In cleaning the basement we found George who is seen standing with Betty in the picture. I think we will try to sell George to an antique dealer in town. Right after I wrote this Peter called and said they want George. So I guess George has a new home. He used to stand guard at the parsonage front hallway. Betty brought the rest of the Lionel Christmas train downstairs to be stored until? Then we put the lamp she got for Christmas together. I would like to get a hold of the idiot who wrote the instructions for the lamp. He wrote " Carefully tuck the extra wire into the bottom light pole." You couldn't tuck that wire in with a sledge hammer yet alone carefully. We had to take the top part off and pull the wire up tight. All of this with arthritic fingers. But it is together, Betty is happy, and best of all we are still married.
We went to church. They moved the service upstairs and used the green book. It was long. The sermon was good. We needed to hear it. It was on learning to depend on Jesus rather than our possessions. At a time when we are taking inventory of all we own it was a good reminder. Then we went grocery shopping. Well I need a breathing treatment.


Blogger Sister Chris said...

Oh, too late...if Peter dosen't want George, we would like George. Also, if you come across anything else we might like and decide to get rid of let me know, we might want it--where are we going to put it??
I will post again here soon--when I get around to it.
Chris and George

12:58 PM  

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