Sunday, January 22, 2006

A bloging we will go

Saying for the day:We don't change God's message -- His message changes us.
------Good night last night.@@@No Million, no 1/2 million, no 100 thousand, no camera, no dvd player, no Ipod, and not even $10 or $5 . Our hapless losers trip to got him nothing, again! That's 4500 spins without a prize. Do you think he'll keep going to 5000? Will he ever win anything? Tune in again tomorrow for "as the World Spins".**** Because of the weird state of my computer I am changing the way I blog. Instead of bloging at the end of the day when my computer has trouble getting on the internet I will blog whenever I happen to be in the computer room. I will simply edit that days blog so I can keep adding to it. Since I am now visiting many more blogs through blogexplosion I am going to review some of them on my other web page.
Some of these blogs are really good and worth your time.Betty went to church again this morning. They are having a fellowship coffee after the service and she needs to serve.I cut up the last of the boxes for recycling. Then I went visiting blogs. My sister Dawn called to find out what we were doing so I told her we were blogging. She is the one that gave us George in the first place and was glad George is going to Peter's house. All afternoon Betty and I began taking down the tree. We are not very fast. We have all the lights off and all the ornaments and the top half. We will do the rest tomorrow. There is nothing that can compare with having half a tree in your living room. Well at least its not in the bathroom. Four people have requested pictures of the furniture we are trying to get rid of but none have offered to take it. Pat sent an email, the first in a long time. He brought the air cleaner back to Harry. He tried to help with the computer but I don't think his solution will work. Well I need a breathing treatment.


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