Sunday, January 29, 2006

Forget the genie be thankful

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Saying for the day: Better to have blogged and been unread than never to have blogged at all.
----Good night. After all that nonsense with the genie yesterday I got to thinking about the things in my life I'm thankful for and wouldn't change. I'm thankful for Betty who loves me as I am (and that takes a lot of love). For my three children all of whom have made me proud. For my five grandchildren who couldn't be more special.I am thankful for a n unbelievably special daughterinlaw. I am thankful for my sisters Dawn and Chris even though we haven't always gotten along (usually my fault). I am thankful for the years God let me be Pastor to His people ( they were good years). I am thankful for all the people God sent to affirm that ministry. I am thankful that despite my failure to care for myself God has taken care of me ( I should be dead ). I am thankful for each new day and the chance to share Christ with somebody.I am thankful for my Baptism when God called me to be his own (I haven't always lived as a baptized child should live) So many, many things and people to be thankful for I can't begin to list them all. I guess the genie is back in the bottle.
@@@ After doing his fifty losing spins (the 4850 th) our hapless loser again turned his attention to the losers party and who is entitled to be invited. The question is does winning anything in your life disqualify you. For example if you were a Packer fan in 2005 but won a stuffed Santa Claus are you off the list. It depends on when you won and what that win meant to you. If it was along time ago and winning didn't mean much your still eligible to be considered a loser if you fit the other qualifications.(Yes Detroit Lions fans in 2005 and 2004 are eligible as well) Our loser will keep working on the rules (he has time because the party now is slated for the 6000th losing spin) Tune in again tomorrow for "As the World Spins"***
We went to church for the luncheon in honor of Charles and Anita's visit. It was good to visit with people we hadn't seen for a long time ( the food wasn't bad either). In the afternoon Charles and Anita pushed through the snow on our front walk and visited for an hour or so. We talked about the Church in Kenya and the United States. We reminisced about the time when Charles was the intern and we had a chance to pray together. It was a very special time.
After Charles left we spent a quiet afternoon. Betty did some housework and I worked on the February web page for the church ( It is almost done) . Well I need a breathing treatment.


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