Saturday, February 04, 2006

Don't mess with my rituals!!!

Theological University Online
Saying for the Day: I have a place for everything and nothing is in its place.
-----Everybody has rituals by which they live. Rituals are the things that keep the universe from falling apart. They provide structure and order to an otherwise messed up world. Rituals like getting up, then you shave, brush your teeth and comb your hair. You know you can't brush your teeth first or they might fall out (not a problem for me I don't have any). It has to be shave first or the whole day is ruined. Well my ritual is to get up at 6:00 or shortly after (if I awaken before 6:00 I just lie there until 6:00 ). I throw the breathing mask over my right shoulder. If I threw it over my left shoulder I would trip over the oxygen hose when I get up.(See rituals have meaning) Then I get a can of orange pop. I used to get a can of cola but my wife said I'd be better off with orange juice so I compromised and get orange pop (Please don't write and tell me orange juice is better for me. This is my ritual) I am so thirsty after a night on the breathing machine. Next I turn on the computer and get my E-mail. Well this morning when I turned on the computer I got these little error messages ( I don't speak Microsoft so I have no idea what they meant). I click on my thunderbird icon and nothing happens, I click again and the bird still doesn't fly ( I just had to say that) . Now I am on the edge of panic. I need my e-mail. I wonder if the Queen of England or the Prime Minister of Finland are trying to get in touch with me. I could call my computer literate sons but they are probably sleeping (who gets up at 6:00). My wife is still sleeping but she would be no help anyway. I try other programs and they all work. So I do what any rational person would do. I turn off the computer. I sit in silence. I offer a short prayer asking God to send the angel in charge of computers to help me. I turn the computer back on. This time no error messages. This time Thunderbird opens the way its supposed to. This time I get my seven e-mail messages. Nope nothing from The Queen or the Prime minister today. In fact nothing of any value at all but the ritual is complete. The universe is saved. I can go on with the day.
@@@ 5150 spins without a win. According to three more people won yesterday. Ah but the amount won hasn't changed from the day before. What did those three people win? Amounts so small that IWon just rounded them away. Some kind of imaginary prize? What did they win. Enquiring minds want to know. Perhaps our hapless loser can get 60 minutes to run an investigation. Andy Rooney would be just right for the job. Well tune in again tomorrow and see if it happens on "As the World Spins"****
We wasted the morning . That is I wasted the morning Betty cleaned. My sister called but I didn't tell her I wasted the morning. I told her I was trying to increase the number of people that read my blog. She changed the subject because she hates computers. I think she would like to go back to candles and kerosene if she could. That's why she has a camp on a lake with no electricity. I wasted the rest of the afternoon and Betty kept cleaning. Then we went to church and grocery shopping.
then things got very bad and the universe started to shake. Blogspot was down. Blogger lost my post for the day. It was there earlier and I saved and checked it but it disappeared when I went to finish it in the evening. Blogger wasn't holding my saved gems and blogspot was gone. The world was coming to and end. Turning off the computer wouldn't bring blogspot back or fix blogger. I would get my own web page if I wasn't so poor but I'm stuck with blogger because its free. Besides if I had my own web page I wouldn't have the foggiest idea of how to do a blog. So despite the threat to the universe its blogger or nothing. I did the rest of the ritual which is to have a breathing treatment and go to bed. My dreams , however, were filled with horrible images of the world ending. So I had to (right after I checked my e-mail) redo yesterdays blog and publish it (I hope this holds the universe together) Now its time for my morning breathing treatment. One ritual I can not afford to miss.


Blogger Peter said...

We noticed blogspot was down as well but it seems to be working today. Pat called Pete last night to wish him a Happy Birthday so we know he is still alive.

7:33 AM  

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