Tuesday, February 07, 2006

Just a dream !!!!

Theological University Online
Saying for the Day:I dreamed I could trust a politician. Alas it was only a dream.
-----I had a bad dream last night. An extra large polar bear was eating up the world.
Now don'’t jump in an tell me that there are no extra large polar bears that can eat up the world so I should have known right away it was dream.
Hey this was a mutant Polar Bear caused by Busch nuking Iran. Left leaning blogs told me he wants to and right leaning blogs told me he ought to so the dream is reasonable.
Anyway this extra large polar bear is eating up the world. Hey don'’t jump in and ask silly questions like where would he get the air or what can he stand on. This is after all a dream.
I am standing on the street hollering that the polar bear is coming. The polar bear is coming. Sort of like a Northern Paul Revere. But nobody pays attention to me.
See my dreams reflect real life. Nobody pays attention there either but of course I don'’t holler (Ignore what my daughter says in her blog).
I go back in the house and CNN , now you know it'’s a dream because in real life I don'’t watch CNN , announces they have lost the feed from New York and have switched to their Los Angeles Headquarters. Of course they lost New York, the stupid bear ate it.
I call CNN but the lady at the desk tells me there is no polar bear and to sober up.
Now I know that the Busch administration has ordered a cover up. It must be them. I know because the left leaning blogs I read say that he covers up everything.
What should I do. What should I do. Can I save what is left of the world or should I give up and get drunk.
I hear this buzz. Its six o'’clock. I am saved and I have to get up.
See what CNN can do to you.
@@@ Encouraged by the fact that four people won yesterday, one won 10,000 the others got those invisible prizes, hapless loser rushed to today's spins. He spun and spun and spun and he lost and lost and lost. He didn't even win one of invisible prizes. He lost again.(That's 5300 without a prize). Is there no justice in the world. Will he ever win.Will he even win a prize of so little worth it doesn't show in the totals? Tune in again tomorrow to "As the World Spins"****
Well it's a new day and I'm still waiting for that call from the ELCA. I did get a nice e-mail from my Bishop detailing all of his problems but no offer to help solve mine.I almost posted that e-mail here but the tiny little bit of kindness I have left prevented me. Betty went for her MRI today. She said she had to wear earphones because it was so noisy. The guy who ran the machine told her she was a good patient. While she had her MRI I read the Pope's book " On the Way To Jesus " in the waiting room. The more I read the more I like the writer. He even credits Lutheran scholars at various points and tells you on which pages in their books you can find the information. After Betty's MRI I got to drive. She usually doesn't let me drive but she is a legalist and the letter that came with the directions instructed her to have someone drive her home. This makes no sense unless the magnetic waves upset your sense of direction. So I drove to Storheims for lunch. If I could be a fast food critic for a moment let me say that
1. Their hamburgers are way too big unless your a hungry football player. Bigger than Dairy Queen's and more expensive.
2. Their French fries are not as good as Dairy Queen's but a cut above McDonald's.
3. They don't give refills for free.
4. They take credit cards.
So unless your a hungry football player with a credit card I still recommend Dairy Queen.
Then we went to Wal Mart. Betty needed some calcium pills and I needed a razor. I almost bought one of those new five blade jobs. You know the kind you hold in front of your face and the face gets so scared it throws the beard out. But they were $8.40 for one. I got the old fashioned four blade kind. Betty had to choose between calcium pills you swallow and one's you chew. She choose chew. We also got some fluorescent light bulbs to replace the regular ones because AARP told us we should do that. I drove home. My Busch hating sister called .We checked the caller ID and there was no call from the ELCA. There was a call from my old Bishop Dr. Harry Andersen. So I called him back and we chatted for a bit. He said he had as much trouble getting support for his computer as I did getting the Pension Board. Then I checked the E-mail and found another letter from my Bishop (glad I didn't post the last one). He said that one was supposed to be funny. I guess when you are potentially out $4000 because the Church makes a mistake you aren't able to see the humor in things. He also promised to help if the ELCA doesn't get it corrected, I'm still waiting for the call from the ELCA.
Well I suppose they could call tomorrow. First they make a mistake and then they care so little they don't even keep you informed as to how that mistake is being corrected, if it is. Well I need a breathing treatment.


Blogger Peter said...

We feel the same way about Storheim's. Did you know it was started from a couple here in Green Bay after the woman's maiden name which is Norwegian? The guy recently passed away and it was in the paper. I think he used to be a football player....Lori

7:41 PM  

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