Tuesday, February 14, 2006

Our Right to Know

Saying for the Day: The public has a right to know every time the President sneezes.
------The national news media have been very upset on how long it took the Vice President to report that he had shot somebody.
Because Mr. & Mrs. America wanted to know.

Mr. America:. Ma. Turn on CNN and see if the Vice President shot somebody

Mrs. America: Okay dear. No I don’t think he did.

Darn I thought today would be the day. Did you check the little print on the bottom of the page.

Yes dear but there was just a story about some lady’s daughter falling off a bike.

Well check with ABC. You know how liberal CNN has become.

Nothing on ABC either. Just some stupid story about Iran.

Iran ! Who wants to hear about Iran. We want important news.

I know dear . Like which politician is cheating on his wife.

Well try CBS . I know they ain't worth much but give um a try.

Nope. Just some silly story on Global Warming. Who cares how warm the globe is.

I guess this just isn't a day for real news.

Not like last night when we had two police beatings of innocent people and a mayor caught in bed with a prostitute at the local brothel.

Last night was a good night alright. I hope the Vice President isn’t covering it up. We have a right to know you know.

This is what the Vice President should have done.

Vice President: Woops I’ve shoot you.

Friend. : Well get me to the hospital.

I can’t I have to call CNN and tell them I shot you.

But I could bleed to death.

I know but America’s right to know comes above your personal well being.

Tell em after you get me to the hospital.

What and have them accuse me of not telling the press this important piece of news.

. Hey an hour or two won’t hurt. Git me to the blinking hospital.

If I don’t hurry they won’t be able to start the VP hunting jokes until tomorrow night. The nation will suffer horrible and irreparable harm.

If you don’t get me to the stupid hospital it won’t be the nation that suffers harm.

No I have to call CNN . I can’t be concerned about you.

Well that’s the way it should have gone.
Of course the news media would then have had the following headline.
Vice President Leaves Friend to Die just to Get on National Television.
You can’t win if you’re the Vice President.

5650 spins without a win. But today our hapless loser was all excited because nestled in the very middle of his daily spam was a note that said " You, hapless loser, are a guaranteed winner of cash". Hey, it didn't say you could win some cash . It said guaranteed. Spam wouldn't lie. So with trembling hands hapless hit the link and went to collect his cash. No such luck. Instead he got ten chances at a variety of prizes all of which he took , none of which he won. What kind of world is it when you can't trust a guarantee ? What kind of loser are you when you lose guaranteed cash? He then went on to spin and lose. What will happen tomorrow. Will he get a new guarantee? Will he spin and win? Tune in and see "As the World Spins" nominated for an early morning Clinker.
Slept late today. Didn't get up till 6:30. By the time we got the pills down and ready for breakfast Regis and What's Her Name were on. I turned to the Tony Danza show only to find him interviewing Regis. Regis was both doing his own show and Tony's. Isn't television wonderful. I made a valentine for Betty since I couldn't get out to buy one. On it I wrote " Mina Rakastau Sinnua" and "to my wife who moves mountains" . If you can't guess what the phrase means ask a Finn. Betty is back building a mountain.
Betty went out to get the car gassed up so she can go to the Bible study tonight and came back with a box of chocolates for me. What a wife, am I lucky or what?Mon épouse est la meilleure épouse au monde.
If you like political humor, amd who doesn't, then goto http://iowahawk.typepad.com/
for a shot at the cartoon controversy. Really good if your from Wisconsin or a Packer Fan.
Well it was a dull day. Betty put up with me reading her valentine poems I found on the web. Now she has gone to a Bible study. I need a breathing treatment but it will wait till she comes home. Now I am going to shut down this computer and take a bath.
God Bless You All


Blogger Laurie said...

Interesting perspective on the Cheney incident, Doc - and you're probably right - he's damned if he does, and damned if he doesn't, but the whole thing stinks of a coverup somehow. I don't trust Cheney and BushCo as far as I can spit them.

6:44 AM  

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