Monday, February 13, 2006

Dumb Dogs

Saying for the day: A dog is a man's best friend only if he can't find a human being to be friends with.
------ I read on some ladies blog that her dog eats cat poop. This disturbs her but for me it only confirms my contention that global warming is causing us to have dumber and dumber dogs.
When I was a kid I had a dog. It was a genius. It had an IQ of at least 150. It knew where the yard ended. It didn't need one of those invisible electric fences to keep it from running the neighborhood. It protected me. If you raised your hand to hit me you stood the risk of losing your arm. It could do all kinds of tricks and understood both Finnish and English. It came when you called it. It had deep feelings and mourned for a month when my dad's dog died.
The next generation of dogs. The one we got for our kids were not that smart.
Bobo , my kids dog didn't even come when he was called. Never stayed in the yard unless you hooked him to a logging chain (he was very strong) . Despite all our warnings about bad people that picked up dogs and ate them for super he would get in any car that came along. If people came to the house he would snarl at them (scared them half to death) not to protect us but to get them out of the way so he could shoot out the door and look for a car to get into. He was dumb.
But global warming got worse .I know it did I read it on a blog.
Now my son has a dog which has reached the bottom rung of dumb. It doesn't know its name. It has to be on a chain outside. It doesn't come when its called. It can't be trained to do anything ( my granddaughter gave up and got one of those robot dogs to train). And worst of all it eats socks. Socks, it eats socks. It still eats socks even though it had to be operated on to remove one ($1800 no dog insurance). It also eats small child's toys. It is dumb. But it is the fault of global warming.
At least it doesn't eat cat poop but then that's probably because my son doesn't have a cat.

5600 spins without a win. That's 5600 times the wheels have spun and didn't match each other. That's a lot of times. Do you know how many calories you would have consumed if you ate 5600 M&Ms . Neither does our hapless loser. He doesn't care. He just goes merrily along spinning away, day after day. Will nothing ever wake him up to the hopelessness of the task he has set himself? Could his stupidity be caused by global warming. Tune in again tomorrow to "As the World Spins" nominated for an early morning Clinker

Well it's drop it day at the Linna's. Betty dropped the egg that was supposed to go on her muffin and I dropped my morning pills. Getting old is such a pain. Before my kids jump in with a comment on how we dropped things a lot when we were young just let me say that now its because we were old then it was because the kids were driving us nuts.
Betty called her Orthopedic Doctor and the nurse told her that the Doctor wouldn't give the information to her therapist but only to her. Further he wouldn't give it to her on the phone but only in person. That means no therapy for two weeks until her next appointment even though the results of the MRI are already available. Isn't medical practice wonderful?
My computer hating sister who hates Busch called. Since no Busch haters have jumped in to help her find a hotel in New York's theater district she is going to a travel agent. I know I said you have until November but she has no patience.
Betty and I went downstairs to cut the base for the next mountain. She made me wear safety goggles over my glasses and I almost cut my fingers off. I can't see right with both sets of glasses on.
We got a letter from the ELCA pension board. It contained the pinn number I don't need but not the form I do need. Thank you ELCA. They have until Friday to get me the new form. If they don't I may have to tell a Muslim about the cartoon they have on the wall down there at the pension board. Don't tell me they don't have one. If they can make a mistake on my form I can make a mistake about the picture. I might even correct it before the place burns down.
My sister-in-law called to tell me my dragons were eating up my blog name. I checked and though it was alright on the firefox browser it wasn't on explorer. So I had a talk with the dragons and now I think it works on both browsers.
My new dragon awards blog is up and running and I have already awarded 3 red dragons and three 1/2 green ones.Check it out.
Well I need a breathing treatment.


Blogger Peter said...

I am glad to know that it is global warming that is the cause of the dogs getting dumber and not because we people are not training the dogs to behave which is what I thought was the cause of the dumber dogs. (( when I was a kid I had a dog that was so smart, he would only venture into the house where he was not allowed to go only when my father was not home. As soon as he heard the garage door go up, he hightailed it back to the one room he was allowed to be in. )....Lori

12:49 PM  
Blogger Pennie said...


I don't know about global warming but I think the people at the Dog Show this weekend would say that they had smart dogs. I have a friend who's dog rings a bell when it needs to go out. I think that is smart.


5:02 PM  
Blogger Cosmo GRRL! said...

Whoa - those dogs need some serious training - and not just "puppy school" one night a week. We've worked with our dog for about an hour a day for a few years - I wouldn't call her smart - I'd call her obedient - but our hard work has paid off - she now understands hand signals!

5:48 PM  
Blogger Laurie said...

There's something that I've been wanting to ask you: Does that spinning game or whatever it is cost money to play? Jeez, I hope not! Somehow it all seems a little fishy to me, and I'd hate to see you get ripped off.

Just lookin' out for ya, Doc ;-)

7:07 PM  

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