Monday, February 20, 2006

Only an 8. Just an 8. Why an 8?

Saying for the day: This has got to be the best blog in the world or my name isn't ......."
--I checked at 100 best blogs this morning and the rating for this blog was an 8.
That’s 8 out of a possible 10.
Hey ! You know and I know it should be at least a 9.5.

This is a great blog. A really great blog.

Of course since I blog every day there is bound to be one or even two blogs that fall a little below great but an 8.
The only thing I can think of is some people poofed in from blog explosion on the day of the Drunken Canary blog. Looking back I know that blog was a mistake. At the time though I thought it was pretty good. It was fairly funny until the bird got squished in the kitchen door and then it was filled with tear jerking pathos.

I showed have known it would fail when I gave it the Betty test. Every day when I finish writing the blog and running it through four different and distinct spell checkers I read the blog to Betty. She has three responses. If she laughs or cries so hard she almost falls off her chair I know it’s a Pulitzer prize winning blog ( if they gave Pulitzer prizes for blogs). If that doesn’t happen I ask her “What did you think” if she responds “yup” then I know it’s a quality blog and I should push the “publish the post “ button.

Sometimes when I ask the question she just sits and stares at me. If I had any sense I would bury that blog somewhere on the D drive and never look at it again.
Well the Drunken Canary blog got the stare. I should have dumped it. I know I should have. Well then why didn’t I?

Hey that blog , like all my blogs was my baby.
It was born in deep thought as I sat in the bathtub. It was shaped as I lay in bed in my breathing mask.
It was brought to life in the morning in the computer. I spell checked it.
You can’t just throw your baby to the D drive.
So despite Betty I pushed the publish the post button.

It was a mistake.

I love comments. I live for comments. But not like the 132 comments I got on that blog. They were all negative. Except of course from the 92 year old, motorbike riding , lady who said “ I like canaries”.

I didn’t know there were that many canary loving people in the world.
They accused me of defaming canaries . They accused me of being uncaring and having no empathy. They used words that can’t be used on a family blog like this one.
They made threats. It was almost as if I had taken a shot at the Prophet Mohammed
(which I would never, never do).
One nice old lady , I assume in real life she is nice, threatened to cut off my...." I didn't know nice old ladies even knew expressions like that.

The reason you can’t find the Drunken Canary blog among all my blogs today is because the comments were so bad I had to delete it.

To this day I still suffer from that blog. There are people who poof in from Blog explosion and see the title Dr. John’s Fortress and say to themselves “Isn’t that the blog that had that drunken canary entry”. Then they poof over to the alternate blog “ Joe’s cooking with Coco”. They would rather read about putting blueberries in Coco than go through the ordeal of another drunken canary.

Of course I haven’t thrown the blog away. I have it stored on my D drive under another name.
I’m going to fix it up and change the canary to a moose. Then if I can get it by Betty I’ll publish it again. Aside from my non President hating, computer loving sister how many moose lovers can there be?

If your wondering what Betty thought of this blog. I’ll let you know as soon as she stops staring at me.

5850 spins without a win. Well hapless loser did not win the $350 million dollars. Some jerk that bought a ticket won. You can't trust free lotto to pick good numbers. You just can't.
On the other hand hapless loser got seven free lotto tickets on a million today and he's not greedy. The odds may be against him but he crawls very fast when blindfolded and he'll make it across that freeway yet.
For all of you Uncle Wiggly lovers out there ,
" If the cat doesn't scare the cow and cause it to give cheese instead of milk we'll be back tomorrow with "As the World Spins"

Well we didn't get much help on the fantasy train yesterday so I'll try one last time. Try to visualize a G scale train where each individual item is a car. For example a plate car or a frog car. Then vote. You don't even have to comment thanks to my son Patrick who told me how to set up a poll. You can help us to decide. Before you leave today's miserable blog first click here to see the six choices.
Its 10:00 and nothing has happened. It just doesn't get any duller than this. I really need to get out of the house, bad lungs an all.
I finally got to do something that doesn't involve the computer. I nailed legs to a sheet of wood that is now the platform for the next mountain. I did it with an electric nailer and I didn't nail a single finger to the board (almost though).
Betty is mountain building again and I have been working on the electric switch tracks. I have them now so they all work. Then I ran the trains to be sure they were working. I did not play with the train . No, I ran it. We model railroad people do not play with trains. This is serious stuff were doing.
I entered my first blog battle today on blog explosion and I got whopped. I was beaten by "Plural of Apocalpse" . I thought I had a chance but she did me in, 9 votes to 6. I think I will go and sit and be depressed or then again I could run the train.
I decided instead to get up off the canvas and start another battle. I'll probably lose this one too. I am up against somebody who has won 158 times. I have one loss to my credit. Why didn't somebody that has one loss like me jump in an take me on. It would have been a fair fight. Now I'm going to lose my 1415 ranking and drop to the bottom while this big winner climbs up another notch. This is the hapless loser meets blog explosion.
Of course I lost. I drop from 1415 to 1998 . If I'm not on the bottom I must be close.
Well I need to sulk and have a breathing treatment.


Blogger Peter said...

I would like to see a weekly poll on the side of the first page. One poll could be on the subject that you plan to write about for instance, "How do you really feel about canaries?Love'em, so-so, hate'em" That way, you would have known not to write about the canary. Another good poll would be 'How often does your wife stare at you when you ask them a question?"...Lori

12:00 PM  
Anonymous Andy Bailey said...

returning your "monday comment" on my blog happy commenting day everyone!

12:43 PM  
Blogger Serpthia said...


I wanted to be different and had decided to wait until Tuesday to leave a comment, but I was unsure of the consequences. I think blogsphere repercussions could be quite severe, so I am going to succumb and add to the "Monday comments." Your blog is delightful with many chuckles to be had. I'm going to bookmark your site.


6:28 PM  
Blogger Pennie said...

I think that everything you do is a 10.


7:32 PM  
Blogger Daily Piglet said...

Comment Monday is new to me. Most often, I am the last to know about the important stuff. Or to catch on to the "latest and greatest music"...

Thanks for visiting the Piglet, I was laughing at your post in the first few sentences!

You got a quality blog, Dr. John and I think rumour has it that if you get negative comments, it means you've hit the "big time" (imagine Mary Tyler Moore throwing her hat into the air--'cept it's you).

Many blessings-
The Piglet

8:26 PM  

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