Saturday, February 18, 2006

Long underwear . Yes. But blue!!

Saying for the day: There is nothing as good for cold weather as good old fashioned long underwear.
---It is very cold today so my wife laid out my long underwear and she heated it first in the dryer. What a wife.
I got my long winter underwear from Habands. When I ordered it I thought it would be like the long underwear my grandpa used to wear. You know, heavy, white, with a trap door in the back.
Grandpa used to tell stories about that underwear. You put it on at the start of winter and didn’t take it off until the snow melted. You really needed that trap door. Grandpa never said but I assumed that when you took it off you burned it but perhaps not. Grandma had that good old lye soap that either cleaned or dissolved everything. In any case his underwear was white, wool, and heavy.
That’s what I thought I was ordering from Habband. What I got is blue, light, and definitely not wool. Its made of some space age fabric that NASA developed ( see space exploration is good for something no matter what they tell you on the blogs). It doesn’t look like it can keep you warm but it does.
The only problem is I don’t like blue underwear. It makes me feel funny. Real men and I am a real man only wear white. So I have a choice I can be a real man or be warm. I choose warm. I have to the house is freezing because my President and his cohorts upped the natural gas prices ( I read that on a blog) and so we had to turn the thermostat down. Not down to below zero like my son Peter but below 80.
Once I have developed enough courage to put on blue underwear I am not there yet. Now I have to get it on. The problem is that the bottom has some kind of lock stitch to keep the cold from coming up your leg. I don’t want the cold to come up my leg so that’s good but my big fat foot doesn’t want to go through the self locking loop.
My arthritic fingers scream in pain as I try to pull the foot through and my big toe gets caught. My arthritic knee now comes into play as the leg doubles back and the pain increases. I pull so hard I almost fall off the bed. That would be a disaster. The last time I fell on the floor Betty had to call 911 to get a policeman to help me up. (True story)
I begin to wonder if keeping warm is worth this kind of pain. Before I answer no the leg suddenly pops through.
If you think after all of this I am going to take this off before the snow melts think again. I am going to have my wife cut a trap door just like grandpa. When the snow melts I’ll take it off and she can burn it.
Then I’ll buy a new pair, only it will be white .

5750 spins without a prize and our hapless loser doesn't care because he has done the impossible. For the third day in a row he was the millionth visiter to the Iwon. com website. He didn't think he could do it. The odds against him had to be greater than those against having your cigar lit by a lightning bolt on a day with no clouds in the sky. But he timed it perfectly. Now he is wondering if he should contact the Guiness book of world records and let them know. This has to be some kind of earth shaking event. He was so excited he forgot to check and see what he got for being the millonth visitor. It must have been something great. He'll probably never know because what are the odds against it ever happening to him again. Tune in again tomorrow and see if he can find out on "As the World Spins" nominated for an early morning Clinker

When I got up this morning according to weather bug it was -21 degrees in Crystal Falls with a wind chill factor of -45 degrees. Do you think I am venturing out today? Think again. Of course weather bug says its going to get up to four degrees but it also says the low will be -12 when we started off at -21 .How does that work out?
Ever since we saw our first fantasy train at the national large scale convention we have been planning to make one of our own. It is winter . We are stuck inside. This is a good time to build such a train. First , of course, you need some fantasy material. we have narrowed ours down to six possibilities , all on sale from Collections for $ 14.99. You can help us to decide. first click here to see the six choices. Then try to visualize a G scale train where each individual item is a car. For example a plate car or a frog car. Then drop us a comment telling us which number you think would make the best train. Before we spend an entire $14.99 we need help.
I took a picture of Betty's latest mountain and posted it for you to see.
My sister that hates computers and the President called to see if my other sister had contacted me. She had. In fact she left two of yesterday's five comments. So I read them to the calling sister.Who said it sounded just like Chris. Of course it did . She wrote them.
Betty spent most of the day doing housework. I blogged and made comments. I am going to have to stop doing that. I got one lady so mad that she sent me a note telling me in no uncertain terms what she thought of me and it wasn't that I was a great person. Another wanted to know why I wasn't a Pastor any more. I hope she didn't think the Bishop threw me out. I just have to stop leaving comments but sometimes I can't help myself.
Well everything else was so dull I won't even bother to put it here. I really, really need a breathing treatment for my old intolerant lungs.


Anonymous anna30 said...

It's a hard choice but I pick number 2 because my grandfather was Irish.

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