Sunday, February 19, 2006

Bumper blogging ! From cave to cave

Saying for the Day:If my blog doesn't have what you need try Fred over at "I got it all"
-----I am waiting for a group of anthropologists to interpret the drawings in a very ancient cave only to find out they say. “ If you want a really good recipe for baked mastodon try the cave wall over at Joe’s Cave beyond the waterfall.
That tradition is being carried on today by what I call bumper blogging. What is bumper blogging you may ask . Well Its where the person with a blog doesn’t feel like blogging that day so he bumps you to another blog. You know it goes like this:
Joe over at I hate Conservatives really kicks that Fascist George Busch today . Give it a look. ( You know you have to click on the blue to see what Joe said don’t you)
Then he asks for comments. How in the world do you comment. Do you say something like , “ Wow Joe really gave it to George didn’t he? Which is really a comment on Joe’s blog. Or do you say “ I really don’t know why you bumped us to Joe . He never says anything worth reading. Shame on you.” At least that’s a comment on the blog your at.
Blog bumping is becoming an art form in itself with people now learning to do a double bump and even a triple bump. It goes like this.
You go to “All Liberals are Dogs” and get this message “ Joe over at “Hillary looks like an Ape” has an important word for us today. So you slog over to Joe’s blog. There you get the message Crying Nancy over at “Untying Hillary’s Shoelaces really gives it to her today. Now you’ve been double bumped. Isn’t this fun.
The ultimate bump of course is the “round and round bump” when you finish your back at the blog you started with and still know nothing. But what a ride.(This was done several times with the ultimate blonde joke)
I found one blog where the writer I think it was Half witted Bob hasn’t had an original thought since he started blogging. Every day he just bumps you to somebody else. Of course he still wants a comment.
If you want to pursue this further you might try Pete over at “ Blog Blog Blog and Blog Again”. I understand he has a list.

5800 spins without a prize but our hapless loser doesn't care. He has 100 tickets on a 350 million lotto and he didn't pay a cent. That's $100 worth of tickets and not one penny spent on them. The rest of you poor fools can lose money not winning $350 million but old hapless is losing his $350 million for free. How did he do this you ask. (And why wouldn't you ask after you just threw away $10 on lottery tickets)
Well he went to "Free Lotto" and they bought the 100 tickets on the $350 million. Then they gave old hapless six tickets . Now if free lotto has the winning tickets and hapless has the winning number from free lotto he has $350 million. A bit convoluted but the odds against his winning are only a bit worse than if he bought a ticket.
You know if he bought a ticket the chance of his winning is the same as those of not being hit by a car while trying to run across the freeway blindfolded while carrying 80 pounds of lead weights ( I read that on a blog) .Well for hapless to win you can add forty pounds and have him crawl.
The point is he gets to lose the $350 million just like the guy that bought the ticket and he didn't spend a cent. But then you know if the guy crawls fast he just might make it. Tune in again tomorrow to "As the World Spins" and see how rich hapless is.

I turned on the TV this morning and there was an announcer with an impossible job. He had to make Olympic Curling seem exciting. He failed. The US lost what has to be the most the most boring Olympic sport ever. That is except for the participants.
Well we dared to venture into the cold depth of the house and cut another base for the last mountain module. I t was cold down there not that it is warm up here. I am so cold that my skin almost matches my underwear.
Betty has laid out the track and all for the next module. She is good at that. Patrick told me to put a poll in the blog for the fantasy train so I searched on Google for a way to do that. Then like a kid with a new toy I put in two. One on the fantasy train and one over on the left (unless it moved on your browser. I only check firefox). Now you can tell me what you think without having to comment or reveal who you are. Progress is wonderful isn't it.
Patrick called again to tell me something so good I have to share with somebody. But he's calling all the people I share with. Here I am bursting to tell and I can't. I can't put it on the blog because as my sister-in- law said of my blue underwear then everybody in the world could read it and that's just too many so I'm stuck with it.
Well enough of my dull life I need a breathing treatment.


Anonymous Anna30 said...

Wow. When you click on the blogs in today's blog they really come up. where did you find them?

7:59 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

You are one sarcastic SOB.

8:07 AM  
Blogger Peter said...

I tried to comment yesterday but for some reason it did not work. I vote for number five, have Betty bleach your blue underwear so it is white and I totally agree with the boring curling comment.....Lori

8:25 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

I vote for #1.


10:27 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

I would have to say
#5 The frog. Alex Elijah and Caleb agree with me. Go figure

Somone called you sarcastic. I just cant believe it. LOL


12:27 PM  
Anonymous terry said...

So people think your blog is going to the dogs? Here's one story about dogs I think you will really like.

There was a hunting guide who had the best hunting dog around. The dog's name was Pastor. He worked very hard, was an excellent companion, and was really friendly to all of the people that hired him. He was just great! One year one of the hunters started to complain about the dog. The guide agreed about the change in the dog. Since the dog had been so great in the past he decided to change its name to Bishop. Now all the dog does is sit around on it's rear end and bark at everyone.

As for the long underwear - I wouldn't like blue either. You might try camo though, that way in case the Bishop is out looking for you it would make it a little more difficult to find you. And then a lady once told me panty hose are very good at keeping your legs warm. The only problem is that if you fart your ankles will bulge!!

Whatever you decide, just keep warm!!

1:38 PM  

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